2010 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale Sneak Peeks

Well, the 2010 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale officially kicks off tomorrow!  I plan on going as soon as I drop my sixth grader off at school.  Unfortunately, I will be bringing my preschooler along for this first round.  I’m sure he won’t be too happy about it, but maybe I can bribe him into helping me carry a few things!

Vera Bradley has shared some sneak peeks that I thought I would pass along to all of you.  First, here’s a picture of the ladies setting up at the sale on Tuesday night…


As you can see, they are all wearing Vera Bradley aprons.  If you are at the sale and need assistance, look for people wearing these aprons.  I guess you could call it their “uniform”.

I also received an email this morning with some of the prices.  Here they are…

  • Libby – $19
  • Mailbag – $25
  • On the Go – $22
  • Let’s Do Lunch – $18
  • All Sunglasses – $35
  • Mini Zip Wallet – $10
  • Clutch Wallet – $15

It’s always hard to predict what patterns and styles will be available at the sale, but you can usually count on seeing recently retired items.  This year, I predict we will see…

Cupcakes Pink and Green
Mediterranean Blue and White
Mod Floral Pink and Blue
Caffe Latte
Night Owl
Frankly Scarlet
Yellow Bird
Raspberry Fizz

Of course, these are just predictions!  I really have no idea until I walk through the door, and even then, the selection is usually so overwhelming, that I have a hard time remembering everything that I did see!

Anyway, while we wait for tomorrow, does anyone else have a prediction for the 2010 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale?  If so, leave a comment below…


  1. I talked to someone yesterday that works at Vera Bradley and she says that this will not likely be the last sale, hooray! I also heard that there are 30 semis so far so there will be lots to buy!! :-) That is more than past sales have had. I am going tonight as I got a friends and family ticket from a friend, I am excited!!

  2. Sure would be fun to see the list of items like they handed out last year!

    A little pre-shopping?!!


  3. How would I do that? I will copy and paste it somewhere if you can direct me someplace to do that here? Can you just paste it in the box here?

  4. Debbie-
    Please post the list here if you can!! or can you scan/email it to me? PLEASE – traveling from TN and SO excited!!

  5. Posting the list here would so be appreciated for a first timer like me! Thanks!

  6. I will see what I can do, I am leaving soon, I live about 30 miles from the sale and I can go in about 5:00 so when I get back home I will post something.

    Get your checkbooks ready girls! :-)

  7. Hi Debbie, Thirty semis – I can’t even imagine! You’re a lucky girl getting to go to the Friends and Family Sale! I would love it if you posted the price list here, although it does take a little while to type all that up (I know from typing it up previous years). If you want, you could scan it in and email it to me, and I will post it for you. My email is dawn (at) discountfabrichandbags.com. If you don’t get to it tonight, no problem. I will be going to the sale tomorrow morning, and should have it posted by early afternoon. Have fun tonight!

    Hey everyone! Here’s another sneak peek pic…


    Can’t wait!

  8. Christina says:

    Just saw the photo album on Facebook… I saw some Sitting in a Tree and some Loves Me…

  9. Just got home and the sale was fun! Lots of people there and lots of product, many colors were available as well. T-shirts were only 2.00, belts 1.00 and note cubes were 1.00, tape measures 2.00, pencils 4.00 ( love those! ) journals 3.00, mirrors 2.00, these were little extra things set up outside the main sale room as you exit to the lower level to checkout. I’m going to try and post the price list, I had to photograph it as the scanner here doesn’t work but hopefully you can read it, it is photographed half page at a time.

  10. I hope this comes out o.k. :-)

  11. Oh no, none of the links posted! :-(

  12. verabradleyforsale (at) yahoo.com

    If anyone wants the list please email me and I’ll send it that way.

    • Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for all the info! I’m not sure why the price lists didn’t post. I checked through the comments awaiting moderation and the ones that end up getting filtered out for spam, and I didn’t see the price lists in either one.

      Anyway, it sounds like there are some great deals! I can’t wait until tomorrow. I have to get the kiddos to bed (it’s way past their bedtime), so I guess I won’t be checking in again until tomorrow morning. Thanks again for the updates – I know what I will be dreaming about tonight!

  13. Hey Debbie
    would you mind to send me the list I am at dberryfive (at) yahoo.com
    thanks so much we are heading to the sale on friday, my fav day of the whole year.
    Thanks again

  14. Can anyone advise me which day might be least crowded — Friday, Sat. or Sunday? Last year I went on Sunday — great bargains, kind of picked over, but still a long wait (two hours) to check out. I failed to preregister in time this year, so didn’t get the coupon for Friday. Would going Saturday be a huge mistake? I have a two hour drive each way. Are certain times of the day more crowded than others? When do the last markdowns happen? Only on Sunday? Thanks so much for any advice.

  15. I would love a list if you could email me. I will be going for first time Friday..2Hour drive one way.Thanks

  16. I too have a 2 hr drive one way, and have never been to the sale either. I would love to know best days and times to go, I’m off both Saturday and Sunday. Also I would love to know what patterns are there if anyone can remember what they saw. I would so love a Sittin in a Tree clutch wallet, but I’m thinking by the weekend they might be gone. :/

  17. Sunday will be CRAZY, it always is on the last day. You will wait to check out about 2 1/2 hours. If you want to go when there is the least amount of people I would go Friday between noon and 4:00. If you can’t go Friday go Saturday between those times.

    They mark down as the sale progresses, some items on Friday, more on Saturday and of course Sunday is the lowest price day with almost everything marked down.

    I hope everyone has a great time! :-)

  18. I also wanted to add that this is NOT the last sale, one is scheduled for the first week in May 2011, hooray!! :-)

  19. Hey everyone,

    I couldn’t sleep (too excited, I guess!). Anyway, I just put up another post with the price list:

  20. Thanks for the advice, Debbie. I think I’ll try to go Friday afternoon.

  21. Okay girls everyone wants to know….what patterns will we see this year? Not that it matters because they are all fabulous!

  22. tracy mitchamoore says:

    any update on patterns?

  23. thanks for the advice Debbie! :)

  24. Teresa Stauffer says:

    I would love to see a preview of what is to be on sale this year 2011..please soon this is my first time to go shopping at the outlet..cant wait..thanks

    • Hi Teresa, I will be attending the sale on Wednesday morning. As soon as I get back, I plan to add a post here with the price list and other information.