2012 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale Ticket Information

It’s that time of year again — the 2012 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale is just around the corner! Tickets for those who want to attend the first three days of the sale (April 11, 12 & 13) will be available starting February 1, 2012. Not much has changed since last year. Tickets are once again $5.00 per session and will be available through Ticketmaster.com, as well as the Allen County Coliseum ticket office.

As a side note, if you purchase your passes through Ticketmaster, be prepared for their fees! Last year Ticketmaster’s convenience charges and processing fees practically doubled the price of the tickets that I purchased. (UPDATE: I have now purchased my ticket for the Wednesday session, and Ticketmaster’s “convenience” and processing charges added $7.00 to the price of the ticket – Ugh!)

If you do not want to purchase tickets, you can still attend during the weekend hours on Saturday and Sunday (April 14 & 15).

Tickets are required to attend the sale on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (April 11-13, 2011). There are four session times on each day, with 4000 tickets available for each session. Last year, there were 3000 tickets for each session, so expect slightly larger crowds this year.

Session times are as follows:

(Tickets Required)

7:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
3:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Session end times are enforced. You will be told to go to the checkouts, so that those working at the sale can re-stock and prepare for the next group of shoppers.

No tickets are needed to attend during the weekend portion of the sale. Hours on Saturday, April 14th, are 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., and on Sunday, April 15th, are 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

In addition to attending on the first day, I also attended the Sunday session last year, and did not have to wait to get into or out of the sale. Patterns and styles are much more limited during the final days, but the prices are usually better. You can read my post from last year here regarding the styles and prices that were available: http://www.thequiltedbag.com/final-markdowns-at-the-2011-vera-bradley-outlet-sale/

No matter what day you attend the sale, you must register in order to make purchases. Registration can be done at the sale or online at verabradley.com beginning February 1st. Registration is free, and is how the company enforces purchase spending limits. Last year, the purchase limit was $3000. I’m not sure what it is this year, but I will be providing more updates here about the 2012 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, and I will let you know when I get more details. (UPDATE: This year’s limit is $3500. This is not a daily spending limit – this cap is the amount that you are allowed to spend over the five days of the sale.)


  1. Thanks for the update!

  2. Julie Kellough says:

    I cannot find the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale Tickets on Ticketmaster.com. Will it be there on Feb. 1? Just need to know how to find it. Do they go on sale at 9:00 Feb. 1? Thanks. Julie

  3. In your opinion what day would you recommend?? We are not too particular about a pattern, but would love to get in on the day they really start markdowns. We used to always go on Sunday, but it seems like they are out of many styles by then. Would Friday or Saturday be better? Thanks!

  4. YAY!!!! Can’t wait… Thank you for your updates and notices…. I always watch to see the latest info!

  5. Hi everyone – thanks for your comments!

    Julie, I’m getting to your question a little late, so you probably already found the tickets, but if not, here’s the link:

    Vera Bradley Outlet Sale on Ticketmaster

    Cindy, I used to like to go on Fridays, because that seemed like the best day for markdowns and selection. However, last year they did not mark things down as quickly (probably because they have so many outlet stores now), so I’m not sure what to tell you. Also, during last year’s sale, Friday was the first general admission day. This year it’s not until Saturday, which really makes me wonder if they will keep the prices high for the entire event – however, Saturday might be a good day, if they don’t sell as much as they want to during the first three days and still have a lot of stock left. I wish I knew what to tell you! :)

  6. Dawn:

    Thanks so much for the info.

  7. Hi Dawn,
    I plan on bringing my 9 year old daughter to the Friday event. Do you know if she would need a ticket too? Thank you for this blog!

    • Hi Julia, I just looked this up on the Vera Bradley site. I thought that you would need to have a ticket for your daughter, but according to the FAQ about the sale:

      Q. Does my child need a ticket? Should they register?
      A. Children age 14 and older will need a ticket to attend the Ticketed Sessions. Likewise, if they plant to purchase anything during the Sale they will need a registration and photo ID.

      Based on that, I do not think you will need to have a ticket! :)

  8. Any ideas what may be coming to the sale and what patterns?

  9. Dawn:
    By any chance would you know any of the patterns they may have this year???

    • Hi Steph and Joy, The styles and patterns vary every year – you can usually count on seeing a lot of the recently retired colors. Blue Lagoon, Lemon Parfait, and Folkloric were just retired this month, so they will probably have a lot available in those patterns. Also, English Meadow, Versailles, Twirly Birds Navy & Pink, Buttercup, Barcelona, Hello Dahlia, Slate Blooms, Simply Violet, Call Me Coral, Make Me Blush, and Night & Day were retired in 2011, so I also anticipate seeing a lot of those also. They will also have current patterns, but it’s always hard to predict without knowing what they have in overstock. Hope that helps!

  10. Hello Dawn,

    A friend and I have purchased tickets for the 2012 sale for Friday. We are traveling from NY just for the sale. We are very excited and are working on our travel plans and we are wondering how early we should arrive at the Colliseum before our session time. Our assumption is that there will be a line to get into the sale before our session actually begins…..

    Thank you for any help that you can give.

    • Hi Pam, It’s awesome that you are coming all the way from New York! The nice things about the ticket sessions are that even if the lines are long, they move very quickly, so it’s really up to you how early you want to get there. Personally, I plan to get there right at the start time stated on my ticket. There have been problems with lines at the past sales, but that is because only a limited number of people are allowed into the sale area for fire safety reasons, so when there is a big turnout, which can happen when there is general admission, it becomes a waiting game. I hope that helps — enjoy your trip!

  11. I am very much interested to attend this sale and would like to know where is the sale!! which place and address…

  12. If you go on a ticketed day how soon should you get there before your alloted time?

    • Hi Kelly, I usually get there right at the time stated on my ticket. When the doors open, the line moves very quickly, unless it’s a general admission day, when no tickets are needed.

  13. Dawn,

    I was also wondering if you know will they have any of the purses in the brand new patterns they just came out with for spring?

    • Hi Steph,

      If you go on Wednesday morning, they may have a limited selection of the brand new patterns. However, these usually are sold very quickly. Also, if you do come across any new patterns, be sure to check the quality carefully. Many times these are available because they are factory seconds and did not pass quality control – i.e. broken zippers or snaps, bad seams, etc.

  14. When will the price list for this year come out so we will know what will be there.

  15. I went to teh sale last year. The colors you listed were mainly the ones they had last year. Surely they would have something else.

    Any ideas?

    who is going wednesday so they can give us a preview and prices.

  16. I will be attending the 11:00 a.m. session on Wednesday. As soon as I get home, I will provide an update regarding the colors available and post the price list.

    Joy, as far as colors, I am basing it on their newly retired colors. They may also have overstock in current patterns, but I probably won’t know what those are until I go to the sale.

    If I come across the price list before I go, or get any information regarding the patterns that will be available, I will provide an update here. Can’t wait! :)

  17. Hi Dawn

    I am newbie going to the outlet sale and i am huge Vera Bradley fan. I was wondering do they sell any fabric at the sale of the patterns. I am going the day that has free admission. What else can you tell us about the outlet sale?

  18. Hi Rachel, The sale is a lot of fun! Unfortunately, they do not normally sell any of their fabric remnants at the sale. Here’s a link to another page on my site that gives more details about the outlet sale, including price lists and pictures from prior years: (removed)

    Let me know if you have any specific questions. Hope you have a great time!

  19. Hi Dawn,
    Going to the sale for the first time this year and have been reading everyone’s questions and your answers. Thanks so much for doing this. Is it really helpful! My question is about parking. Last year, I read on someone’s blog, that the parking lot filled up and they were turned away. I don’t know Fort Wayne at all, so do you ever have trouble parking and if so, where do you park? I read they were having a shuttle from Jefferson mall and considered that, but I am worried that we might wait forever to get back on the shuttle to get back to the mall if we park our car there. I have tickets for the Thursday 11:00 group.

  20. Hi Robin, Since you are going during a ticketed time, you should have no problem finding parking at the Coliseum. The lot there is very big! Two years ago they were turning cars away, but I think it had more to do with the lines and waiting times to get into the sale than with the parking situation. I hope you have fun at the sale! :)

  21. Dawn,

    My Grandmother is planning on going with us in a wheelchair, will she be able to get around?

  22. Patrice says:

    Hi Dawn,
    I have tickets for the first two time slots on Wednesday. The first one starts at 7:30 am. What time do you suggest I get there? Also, I am looking for Night & Day travel pieces. Do you think I will have a problem obtaining them?

  23. Hi Dawn,
    I’ve never been to the sale before and was wondering if we needed to bring our own shopping bags or carts? We’ve been to other outlet sales and you had to bring your own wheeled dolly.

    Any information about once you are in the sale would be very helpful. We are so looking forward to attending.

    Liz in Akron,

  24. Hi everyone! It looks like there are a few questions to answer, so here goes…

    Alex, The sale is wheelchair accessible. However, your grandmother may need some assistance maneuvering through the crowd and also reaching products piled on the tables. As long as she has help, however, I think she will be okay! :)

    Patrice, For ticketed times, I always personally get there at the time listed on my ticket stub. There may be a short wait as the line filters into the sale, but it shouldn’t be a problem. The Night & Day pattern was retired in 2011, so if I had to guess, I would think there will be a lot available in it. However, the selection of travel items (and especially luggage) is usually limited – last year they had a few styles in only a handful of patterns, so it’s really hard to say.

    Liz, Unfortunately, we are not allowed to bring any types of carts into the sale (although I have often wanted one!). If it’s like previous years, they will hand you a pink garbage bag at the door, to use to put your purchases in. The pink bag is always hard to hang on to, so a lot of people will pick out a Super Tote and fill it up with products! :)

  25. A little tip — Last year we had a little extra time to kill so we walked around the perimeter where they had the boxes for people to put what they didn’t want in. We found TONS of awesome stuff in that area so if you’re not in a rush go do a little “dumpster diving” and see if you can find some goodies that other people decided not to buy!!!

  26. Looking forward to seeing this years price list, Dawn Going to the sale this week, cannot wait! Thank you for your informational site!!

  27. I have a friend who cannot attend the sale, can I use her ticket that she already purchased?

  28. Hi Kim, Thanks for sharing your great tip! It’s unbelievable how much merchandise ends up in the carts and bins until the workers can get it put back, and you’re right, you can find some real treasures if you have the patience to look through it all! :)

    Brooke, I plan to have the price list posted as soon as I get home from the sale tomorrow. I am also keeping on eye of Facebook and some other places in case it gets leaked before I go. Can’t wait!

    Becky, You should have no problem using your friend’s ticket. I just took a look at mine, and it doesn’t even have my name on it. However, you will need to provide your own registration, which can do either online or at the sale, because they will match your registration to your photo ID. Have a great time!

  29. Dawn..thanks for the information!!!

  30. This will be my third year going to the outlet sale. This year I will be attending on Friday, is their a steadfast rule to how much things get additionally marked down each day? I went on Saturday last year and while I was there certain items got marked down throughout the day. I’m just wandering if their will be dramatic discounts from Friday to Saturday?

  31. Hi Jessie, Friday used to be my favorite day to go, but the discounts on Fridays for the past year or two have not been as deep as they were in prior years. Saturday is the first general admission day, so personally, I think prices on Friday and Saturday will be similar. Sunday, of course, will have the best markdowns. Now that Vera Bradley has the outlet stores, the prices at the annual outlet sale don’t seem to drop as quickly as they used to.

  32. Bonnie Lange says:

    How long will they continue to sell tickets? I’m going on Saturday for sure but am thinking about going Friday nite as well. I wondered if I need to make my mind up now or if I can wail until Thursday.

  33. Hi Bonnie, I heard on the radio that they still have tickets, but it’s hard to say if they will have the ones you want – it’s always a gamble!

  34. Did anyone see luggage tags? Have a trip coming up and would love some “stand out” tags!! Last year was my 1st Vera experience. The bargain hunter in me LOVED it!!

  35. Lois Sage says:

    Hi friends…had a great day with my daughter and two sisters at the 11am session. Got there at 9:30 and there were only 100 people ahead of us. Great selecton of items and more patterns than I’ve seen before. My problem is, I bought a laptop portfolio for a friend and when I got it home, I noticed the zipper was defective. I live 3 hours from Fort Wayne and didn’t plan on coming back. Does anyone know about returns or exchanges in this circumstance? Is it better to do a return in person? Thanks for any help!! Next time, I’ll check every zipper!