A Little More About the Fall 2008 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

With a little more than a month to go until the Fall 2008 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale in Fort Wayne, I thought I would talk a little more about what you can expect to find there.  I remember the first sale I attended – I had absolutely no idea what to expect.  This is surprising, considering that I live in the Fort Wayne area, and each sale receives a lot of media coverage by our local newspapers, television news, and even radio stations.  However, none of these media outlets covered the questions I really wanted answered.

So, for this post, I’m going back in time, and remembering back to the questions that I had before I attended my first Vera Bradley outlet sale.  With any luck, hopefully these questions are some of the same ones that you may have, and you will be able to find your answers here.  If not, feel free to leave a comment below. 

Here goes…

How crowded (and crazy) is the sale?

It is crowded, but the space reserved for the sale is huge, and there is plenty of parking at the Memorial Coliseum.  Before I attended my first sale, I envisioned a day after Thanksgiving/Black Friday type of scene, with crazy shoppers running into the building and throwing punches to wrestle over the limited selection.  To my relief, there were plenty of tables, and they were all generously laden with Vera Bradley products.  There was no one throwing punches, and employees were continuously restocking the tables.

Checking out was not a problem either.  To purchase items, I was directed to another huge room, filled with cash registers.  I don’t think I have ever spent more than twenty minutes in line, which is surprising, considering the number of shoppers.

What types of products are available?

For some reason, I thought I would find a lot of factory seconds and products with minor flaws at the outlet sale.  In reality, most of the items that you will find at the sale are not seconds, but rather recently retired products.  For this coming sale (fall 2008), you can expect to find the following:

Recently Retired Vera Bradley Patterns:

Mesa Red
Capri Blue
Pink Elephants

Recently Retired Vera Bradley Bags:

Regular Totes (they have been redesigned for fall)
Hipster (also redesigned)

What are the prices like?

Before attending the sale, I think I had heard that prices were in the range of 30% to 75% off.  For the most part, items are usually about 40% off.  However, once in awhile, you will run across an amazing deal.

Have any more questions?  Feel free to post them below, and I will see if I can answer them.  Also, would love to hear who out there is also going to the Fall 2008 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale – so be sure to leave a quick note!


  1. Hi! Love your site!

    I live over in Ohio, and I am thinking about making the 150+ mile trek that way to go to the sale. I have a couple of friends that are coming with me, and we’re thinking about staying a day or two. Can you recommend any good local eats? I’m always afraid to try restaurants that I know nothing about, so I was hoping you could provide me with some recommendations. THANKS!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I hope you do make it to the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale! It is a lot of fun! Fort Wayne does have its share of franchise style restaurants, but most of my favorites are locally owned. However, it kind of depends on what you are in the mood to eat…

    For Mexican food, I recommend Bandido’s Restaurants. They are locally-owned (come to think of it, I believe there is one in Ohio). Anyway, they have the BEST chips and salsa, and the prices on their menu items are affordable.

    For Italian, I love the Casa D’Angelo Restaurants. I think some of them are just called “Casa”. But anyway, they have really good Italian. If you do eat there, make sure you order a Casaburo salad. Toscani’s is another good Italian place, especially if you like pizza.

    If you are looking for something a little nicer, both Cork ‘n Cleaver and Club Soda are great places to get a good steak. Chappell’s is tops for seafood.

    I love coffee, so I have to plug my favorite coffee place – Higher Grounds. Everything there is good, but if you are looking for something extra special (and you’re not counting calories), try their White Mocha Chocolate Latte (YUM-O!).

    Speaking of calories, if you are a chocoholic, then you must pick up some DeBrand’s Chocolates! And, if you like ice cream desserts, make sure you check out one of the Atz’s Restaurants (they also have a good breakfast menu).

    I hope this helps! If you do make it to the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, make sure you check back in when you get home, and let us know what you thought about it!

  3. do you need a ticket or does it cost the first day of the sale? Also do you have directions.
    Thank You

  4. Hi Mary Sue,

    Nope, no ticket is needed for the fall 2008 sale. During the spring outlet sale, Vera Bradley did sell tickets for the first day to support its breast cancer charity work, but they are not having a preview day for this sale. I am not very good with directions, so I have included a link to the Allen County Memorial Coliseum’s website. The Coliseum is fairly simple to get to, and it’s big enough, you shouldn’t miss it. Sometimes they do charge for parking, although the last time I attended the sale I did not have to pay. If they do charge for parking, it normally is $4.00 (flat rate, not hourly). Hope this helps!

  5. I am making the trip for the Sale from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. My mother and mother-in-law ( all addicts)are joining me. I made the decision because I am starting a new job the following Monday after the sale and wanted to celebrate. I know I probably will never be able to go again due to the distance. We are really looking forward to our adventure and look forward to seeing lots of stuff. Do you recommend mailing the products home (we are flying) and can you tell me where an UPS store or the like is located for shipping?

  6. Hi Lucretia,

    All the way from Mississippi – WOW! Congrats on the new job too – it sounds like you really know how to celebrate! :-) Mailing your purchases home isn’t a bad idea, especially considering how the airlines like to charge for every little piece of luggage anymore. We do have two UPS Store locations:

    921 E. Dupont Rd. (on the city’s north side – Pine Valley Market Place): (260) 490-2800
    6302 Illinois Rd. (on southwest side): (260) 432-4747

    We also have a few Pak Mail locations. In the phone book, it says that they have a pick up service available, although there’s nothing that states their fees for that service. Anyway, their locations are:

    6435 W. Jefferson Blvd. (on Southwest side – Time Corners Shopping Center): (260) 432-6718
    619 E. Dupont Rd. (on north side – Dupont Village Shopping Center): (260) 637-4809
    6142 St. Joe Center Rd. (St. Joe Village Shopping Center – I believe this location is closest to the Memorial Coliseum – the location of the Vera Bradley Sale): (260) 486-0204

    Well, I probably just gave you more information than you actually wanted, but hopefully one of these are close to where you are staying. I hope you enjoy your trip! Make sure you check back in when you get home, and let us know what you thought about the outlet sale…

  7. I have just become a Vera fan and am so excited to come to Ft. Wayne from Col’s, Ohio for the first time to the outlet sale. From your comments about the selection that will be available, am I to assume that it will be 100% limited to retired patterns & styles? Do you expect that all styles of the retired patterns will be available? Also, will there be a better selection on the first day, as opposed to the week-end? Thanks so much!

  8. Hi Jeanne,

    Glad you’re coming! Most of the items at the sale will be recently retired fabric patterns and styles – expect to see a lot of Mesa Red, Pink Elephants, Botanica, Capri Blue, Hipsters and Totes. However, the sale is not 100% limited to retired patterns and styles – there will be other items available (overstocks, factory seconds, etc). To answer your question if ALL styles of retired patterns will be available – no, usually its just recently retired. Selection? The selection is usually best on the first day. However, they are continually restocking, and the markdowns seem to get better as the sale progresses. At the spring sale, I bought some really cute Vera Bradley shirts for $10.00 the first day, only to find out the very next day they were marked down to $5.00. I know a lot of people who go to the sale more than once – they hit it early to grab up the styles they really want, and then they return on the last day or two to take advantage of the bargains.

  9. I’m coming from North Carolina and this is my first time, although I have a friend/neighbor who has been many, many times. I had planned to drive in on Wednesday and be there first thing on Thursday (1st day of sale) to grab up new patterns, like Daisy Daisy, but it sounds like I might be disappointed about getting any of the new patterns. Is that right? Also, I was going to leave after Friday’s sale ended but now that they have added Sunday to the sale dates, should I stay one more day to get some of the best markdowns? Or will they begin marking stuff down, even on Friday?
    Thanks for your help and your posts!

  10. Kim, Glad to hear you’re coming too! I always knew the sale drew in a lot of fans from out of town, but it’s fun to see where everyone is coming from!

    Daisy Daisy is a spring 2008 pattern, so there’s a chance you will be able to pick up a few styles. However, the new fall 2008 patterns – Puccini, Night Owl, Caffe Latte and Frankly Scarlet – will be very difficult to find. For example, Vera Bradley restyled both the hipster and regular tote for fall, so I am guessing the retired versions of these styles will have tons of patterns available, including Daisy Daisy.

    As far as markdowns, they should start even on Friday. For the spring sale, I attended the preview sale, which was on a Wednesday, and by Thursday, the first day of the regular sale, they had already made numerous markdowns. They are not having a preview sale this time, so you will have first picks by getting there Thursday morning.

  11. Thanks so much for your quick response and I have printed out a copy of your restuarant list also. I am really excited about our trip. Do you think they will ever come out with a Disney Pattern maybe a hidden mickey sort of fabric to sell? I don’t think Vera Bradley realizes how many mini hipsters and hipsters are used in the parks. Just a thought and thanks again.

  12. A Disney fabric pattern would be cute, especially considering the Vera Bradley company would put its own unique spin on it! I know they do accept product ideas from their customers, and you could always send them a quick note with your idea. The contact information for their product development department is:

    Vera Bradley
    Attn: Product Development
    2208 Production Road
    Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808

  13. I was excited about the outlet sales until I started looking for a newer style and found that many of the retail stores have retired pieces anywhere from 25 – 55% off! I was lucky enough to find some retired styles in Java!! My Christmas shopping is almost done. Score!

  14. hey. I am going to the sale with my mom and friend. My other friend said that they put new patterns out in the morning but everyone who gets there first gets them. Is this true???

  15. My sister and I attend from Florida. This will be our 3rd sale. There are newer prints first thing every morning, but they run out quick. (They are usually the ones with a minor flaw.) The retired prints don’t seem to have any flaws, just retired. We love the sale and the crazy crowds. (We are the ones who camp out the night of Thanksgiving to be the first ones in the door on Black Friday:) Anyway, we look forward to visiting the wonderful town of Fort Wayne again and enjoy your cool weather.

  16. I forgot to mention that the best sales are at the end. Each day prices get cheaper and on the last day they are giving things away. It’s well worth the trip:)

  17. @ Victoria – I was just preparing to answer your question, but it looks like Daisy already took care of it…

    @ Daisy – Third time from Florida! I actually hate to admit this, but I have missed the spring outlet sale a couple of times because my family and I were down south in your neck of the woods (Siesta Key area), taking advantage of the sunshine and warm weather. Of course, it was never on purpose – we already had the vacation plans in place well before the outlet sale dates were announced. And try as I might to convince my dear husband that we needed to reschedule, he just wouldn’t go for it!

  18. Does anyone have the price list for the vera bradley fall outlet sale? Is there any good deals today Oct.2

  19. Hi Kelly,

    I will be posting the price list later tonight. I am stuck at work right now, but as soon as 5 o’clock hits, I am outta here and heading over to the sale. I will have it posted before I go to bed, so if you did not make it to the sale today, you can look it over before you head out tomorrow.

  20. Judy Shaffer says:

    Is there anyway I could order a hipster in caffe latte for my girl friends birthday, Oct.15th.at the sale price,plus postage.She doesn’t want the mini.She wants the regular sized.
    She didn’t tell us at work that she wants us to get it for her, but we sure would like to surprise her.
    Thank you
    Judy Shaffer

  21. Hi Judy, I did not pick up any at the sale. However, you may want to keep an eye on our “store” here. It’s not actually a store, but instead a listing of the Vera Bradley auctions currently occurring on eBay. I am sure you will be able to find a good deal listed there for that particular style.

  22. Do you happen to know the dates for the Spring 2009 sale? After seeing all the great deals from the past 2 sales, I just have to go!!

  23. Hi Amanda,

    Unfortunately, I do not know the dates yet. The past few years it has been held the first weekend in May. As soon as I do know when it will be held, I will post the dates here…