Changes to the 2009 Spring Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

There are a couple of significant changes to the 2009 Spring Vera Bradley Outlet Sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana…

First up, I have been receiving e-mails from several of you asking when tickets will be available. Now I finally have the answer! In the past, the first day of the sale was reserved as the Friends of the Foundation Day. To attend this preview day, you needed to purchase tickets. It was a good idea to purchase them well in advance too, because they normally sold out quickly. Proceeds from the ticket sales were donated to the Foundation. Admission was free for subsequent days of the sale.

This year, there will be no preview day. Instead, the outlet sale is open to the general public starting Wednesday, April 29, and will run through Sunday, May 3rd. The Sale will be open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. Admission to the 2009 Spring Vera Bradley Outlet Sale is free for all five days (although you will need to pay for parking at the Allen County Memorial Coliseum).

Vera Bradley has a $2,500.00 cap on the amount of purchases shoppers can make at the Outlet Sale. This is not new – however, in the past, this purchase limit was almost impossible to enforce. This brings me to the next change…

Any shoppers who wish to buy anything at the sale will now be required to register and to present a photo i.d. Spouses and children who are not making purchases will not be required to register. You are required to register only once, even if you plan to attend the sale multiple times. There is a registration fee of $5.00, and registration can be done on-site at the Sale or in advance starting in mid-March. As soon as I have more information regarding the preregistration process, I will post it here.  UPDATE ON MARCH 23:  Pre-registration is now available.  Find out more regarding the Vera Bradley Spring 2009 Outlet Sale registration process.

There are a couple of benefits to registering in advance. First, you will receive special coupons and promotional offers – makes a good bargain even better! Second, I’m sure there will be a line of people waiting to register at the sale. If you want to avoid waiting in line, then you will want to make sure you register early.

That’s it for now! If I hear any more new about the 2009 Spring Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, I will keep you posted by sharing it here…


  1. wanda bouldin says:

    when is the outlet sale in October? I am visiting from out of state and would like to plan my weekend so that I can go to the outlet sale.
    thank you
    wanda bouldin

  2. Hi Wanda,

    No plans for the fall sale have been announced yet – I’m not sure if it will be held in Fort Wayne or in another location. As soon as I know the details, I will post them here…

  3. When can I purchase tickets and where?

  4. Ok, I’m confused. They are never clear about the limit. Is this limit going to be $2500 per day or per person TOTAL. I think this registering is an invasion of privacy and almost as annoying as the Vera Bradley witches that run the sale. Do they want to sell the stuff or not?? I think that’s why you have a sale, to sell stuff.

  5. @ Marlene: No tickets are needed for the sale.

    @ Deb: Unfortunately, the $2,500 limit is per person total during the length of the sale. I will not be surprised if there are many people that are unhappy with the registration requirements.

  6. sherry woodall says:

    I will be going to the Spring sale and I have some gift certificates. I would like to know if these can be used at the sale in Fort Wayne?

  7. Anonymous says:

    deb is right…vera bradley wants the cake and eat it too. they want to get rid of all their junk but they don’t want anyone selling it afterwards..THEN MAKE THE LIMIT 300 BUCKS…nobody needs 25-hundred dollars worth of purses for PERSONAL USE….so they get rid of their stuff and then they turn around and say it is illegal to sell it…which it is not. they have become too big for their britches. i’m done after i saw buyers get all their tickets pulled from their bags as they were purchasing. that is like going to macy’s and having the sales associate pull off all the retail tickets and put in in the bag. deb you are right on…they have become witches. i’m happy to say as an indiana native and a former fan…i’m done with vera bradley!

  8. Curious says:

    It’s been almost a month since you posted “Changes to the 2009 Spring…” and I’m curious as to whether you’ve learned anything new about preregistration. Also, I attended the 2008 Fall sale and did not experience on Thursday the cashiers pulling off tags. Did that occur later in the sale?

  9. just a visitor says:

    I was at the sale and YES they did take off the tags the day I was there. Are they setting a limit for the whole sale because people were reselling… everything i bought was for gifts and friends even gave me their wish list. I did not like giving a gift with out a tag it was kind of strange…….

  10. @ Sherry – I’m not sure if you can use gift certificates. You may want to contact Vera Bradley’s customer service department at (888) 855-VERA.

    @ Curious – I heard that they were starting online pre-registration in mid-March. So far, nothing else has been announced. As soon as I know more, I will post the details here.

    @ Curious & Just a Visitor – I have never had tags removed on items I purchased, but I have received emails from other sale attendees complaining of this. I agree with you – I would not want to give a gift to someone with the tag removed…

  11. i really would like to know says:

    so what is the REAL reason they are “tracking” sales?? is it because people are reselling……

  12. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know if each day the dicount more? I heard that and wondered? they say it get cheaper as the sale get into weekend????

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank God they are finally doing something about the people who come in to resell their items. It has been years since I have gone to their sale because of that. They are not here for you vultures to come in and then resale there items. And as far as the “witches” remember they are just doing there jobs. Maybe this year I will go. Thanks

  14. Last year at the Shipshewanna flea market a lady had a table set up seliing Vera Bradley. When I asked if she got it at the sale she got very defensive. You should check on this

  15. @ Anonymous – My experience is that they do discount the items as the sale progresses. For example, if I remember correctly, the first day of the 2008 fall sale the backsacks were $20 or $25, and by Saturday, they were marked down to $10. Needless to say, I picked up a few for my nieces for Christmas.

    @ Connie – For some reason, that doesn’t surprise me – I’m from Fort Wayne, and after the sale it’s amazing how many people even have garage sales with Vera Bradley products. I should let you know that I’m not affiliated with the company – just a fan of their product line!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I live in Cinti. Ohio & need directions to Indiana thanks

  17. I’m actually terrible at giving directions (I get lost riding my bike around my neighborhood!). However, you may want to check out this link from the Allen County Memorial Coliseum (where the sale is being held)…

  18. If anyone is going to the sale on Wednesday, could you please post a price list and colors they have this year? Thanks and happy shopping!!

  19. do you know what patterns they will be having on sale this week at the sale

  20. Hi KC,
    Usually, there is a good assortment. There should be plenty of the patterns that were recently retired, but there’s a good chance that some of the newer fabrics (introduced earlier this year) will be available. I’m going on Wednesday, and will report back – I will hopefully have some pictures to share too…

  21. Thanks a bunch dawn!!! :) i am looking forward to it!!! i just kind of want to be prepared ahead of time !!! also if anyone has any pictures from today that would be great !!!!

  22. roxanna redmond says:

    I’ve been unable to go to the one in charlotte, n.c. close to where I live and never could find out when,can someone find out when the next show is so I can go..Thanks

    • Hi Roxanna,

      The next outlet sale is scheduled for April 28-May 1, 2010, and will be held at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana.