Day 3 Markdowns at the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

I just returned home from Day 3 of the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale.  They still have a great selection, and now they are starting to mark their already low prices even lower.  Here’s a quick look at some of the bargains I saw:

Curvy Totes (regular $62.00) – now only $10!  I picked up a few.  They had a great selection of colors available – Night Owl, Riviera Blue, Pinwheel Pink –  but they were going fast.

Cargo Sling (regular $90.00) – now only $15!  Again, they had a great selection, especially of the fall 2008 patterns, but some of the patterns were disappearing faster than they were being put on the table.

Baby Bags were only $35.00.  They still had a good selection of these, especially in both spring and fall 2008 patterns. Garment bags were under $30.  Large tic tac totes were around $15.00 – small ones were about $12.00.

Really, there were incredible deals everywhere.  I purchased a few purse cosmetic cases for my nieces – only $3.00 each.  They had cell phone cases for only a dollar (although selection was limited to the Riviera print).  Eyeglass cases (hard and soft shells) were $5.00.  They had zip i.d. cases for $2.00.  I could go on, but by tomorrow, many of these items will either be gone or marked down even more!  I’m also trying to work from memory.  I had hoped that I would be able to jot the prices down while I was there, but it was insanely busy this morning…

Although many prices were reduced, there were several items that had not received further markdowns.  For example, the small and large duffel bags were still $42.00 and $45.00 (respectively), and the selection was fairly limited – I recall only seeing them in Yellow Bird.  Many of the microfiber products, as well as the stationary products, were still at their starting prices.   Also, on Wednesday, they did have a limited selection of the new spring 2009 styles – today, however, there was nothing left at all from the new releases.

I’m not sure if I will have another update.  I really want to go again tomorrow or Sunday, but I think I have already spent too much!  Of course, it’s hard to say no when you see such great deals.  Of course, if anyone else wants to provide updates, feel free to leave a comment below…


  1. did they have any of the purple punch or cupcake patterns? that was pretty much what i was going for ? thanks a bunch

  2. Thanks for the updates!

  3. Thank you so much for the updates and pricing. My kids get out of school at 2:00 and then we are headed out from Dayton. Hope there are some goodies left for us when we get there. We are a three girl VB family much to hubby’s dismay.

  4. @ Kaycie – They had a little bit of Purple Punch and Cupcakes available on Wednesday, but I did not see any left today.

  5. shannon says:

    We stayed at the sale until about 1:00pm today. No purple punch, cupcakes, VERY little Med. blue/white. There was still a very nice selection available. Medallion, kensington, cambridge, rasp. fizz., caffe latte, pinwheel pink, puccinni, yellow bird, riveria blue, mod floral blue/ pink, night owl, etc. Very worth the trip today:)

  6. Is there still any stationary left?

    Thanks for the info….. sound like you have been busy!

  7. i really would like to know says:

    have you seen the cooler? it is made like the garden tote (NEW)

  8. @ Shannon – Was it busy when you were there? My mom tried to go at about the time you left, but there was a huge line outside – she heard from someone else in line that the fire marshal was not allowing anyone else inside the sale until it cleared out a little. She had some other things to do, so she didn’t stay and wait it out – I personally would have waited, but she’s not quite the fanatic I am:)

    @ Cathy – Yes, there still was stationary left when I was there earlier today (Friday).

    @ i really would like to know – Are you referring to the Cooler Keeper? They did have several fabric patterns available, although I can’t remember the price (although I think it was less than $10).

  9. i was so excited to get the cargo sling for $15, i got it in pinwheel pink and i got the daisy daisy curvy tote too!! i was disappointed they only had super totes left in riviera blue, but i got one for a friend and she loves it…i wasn’t disappointed in any selection except the wallets, i had wished for a few more colors, but the $3 make up bags were a great deal…
    they did have some stationary left, but i think it was only in the owl pattern…but if you take the little shuttle ride to the signature store at jefferson pointe, you get some VB goodies & they were having a stationary sale in some other patterns, puccini, cafe latte things for $5 & $8…

  10. Not worth it today. I stood in line 1.5 hours just to get in the door. I then stood in line for 2 hours and 40 minutes to check out. Most of the newer patterns were really gone, but if you didn’t mind the same patterns over and over like riviera blue and peacock, you could get great deals like the curvy tote for $10. Too bad I didn’t go on Wednesday. Yes, 2 hours and 40 minutes just to pay…

  11. did anyone happen to see any of the messenger bags and their price or the weekender bags ? We are coming down on sunday i just hope there are things left :)

  12. Like Dawn said, those were some of the greatest deals. KC-They had several messenger bags, I noticed a lot in the Kensington pattern. They didn’t have any weekenders left. But they did have a weekender like bag in the black microfiber. Lot of Rivera left in it seemed like everything.

    I did pick up the cargo sling in raspberry fizz. I love this bag!!!!

  13. Oh and by the way…..the lines to check out were RIDICULOUS! It has NEVER been this bad. We waited for 2 hours with a 2 1/2 year old. :)

  14. I went to the sale in ft Wayne. Got good deals, but when I got home I noticed that all of the bags were made in CHINA!!!!! I am SO disappointed in this company. I will not be buying anything else from Vera. Giving away Indiana jobs is something I will NOT support.

  15. Hey all– I went to the sale yesterday. We drove from Columbus, Ohio. When we arrived around 10 A.M. the line was around the building. The previous comment is correct. Thre were so many people that they shut the doors and would not allow any more people into the building until some cleared out. So, we waited outside for about 1.5 hours. he line not only snaked around the building. It also snaked around portions of the parking lot! It was not too bad of a wait. The line constantly kept moving. Once we got in the building, there was another line snaking around the first level of the facility. We waiting there another 30-40 minutes. Finally, we got to the sale. By the time I got into the sale, there was still a good selection and I was able to get patterns the colors I went for… Pucchini, Jave Blue, and Cafe Latte. They also had a lot of Peacock, Medallion, Daisy Daisy, and Owl just to name a few. There were none of the newer colors…Pink Cupcakes, Green Cupcakes, Purple Punch, etc. I did not see any of those colors. When we headed to the checkout about 1:30, it seemed that many things were starting to go. However, I heard that the Vera Associates were putting out more inventory. Whether or not this was true, I do not know. On to the checkout… On my way there, I thought, great! I am done. Now the time to get out of this zoo! Upon approaching the checkout, It was appearant that I would not be on my way so soon! The line was so long. It can only be described as the worst line for the best roller coaster at an amusment park. The one line consisted of about 15-18 snake-along lines. The length of each of these lines were as long as the length of a large gymnasium. We waited about 1 hour 45-50 minutes to check out. It was crazy. However, I got a lot a great things and I am going to wrap it up to an exciting but crazy experience. :)

  16. Does anyone know if there are coupons out for Sunday?? In the past, it seems that there has always been a coupon available?

  17. Does anyone know what the lines on Sunday have been like in the past years? We went on Wednesday and got some good deals (and a cupcake green On the Go). We had so much fun we thought about making the three hour trek again on Sunday morning. But if the lines to get in and check out stay that long, we wouldn’t get home until after midnight! Not sure if that would be worth it…….Any suggestions? Thanks!

  18. We went out this morning around 10:30 am and the lines were out of the building, down the entire stretch of the coliseum, then around the whole first row of cars. That is ridiculous. I think it would have been at least a 3 hour wait to get in and then who knows how long to check out. Craziness!

  19. So, I am begeining to think that no one day is better than the others.

  20. I have never seen a coupon for Sunday but the prices are sure to be the best ever! I can’t wait to get there in the morning! :-)

  21. Does anyone know if they did end up putting out more stock or anything. Did anyone see today a good selection of the black microfiber i really love this bag becuase it goes with so many things and it is quite a bit dressier!!! Thanks a bunch!!! does anyone have any pics!!!

  22. Did anyone see any more of the stationary and or the colors that were left? Any luggage or nice traveling items?

  23. Debbie says:

    A friend of mine that works there said they had more stock to put out but they don’t know what it is until they unload it. she said there is plenty left still. I saw several styles in black microfiber yesterday and most years there is some left the last day, hope you find one!

  24. iluv vera says:

    here is what I am looking for: (link removed)
    has anyone seen this

  25. Imgoing tomorrow(Sunday) What can I expect ? I have to drive a long way, is it worth it?

  26. Debbie says:

    Joan, I think it is worth it. I know they have alot left and it will be rock bottom prices. I don’t know how far you are but come early and bring someone to help you carry, it is quite a haul through the checkout line and if you are like me you will have too much to carry yourself. :-)

  27. Debbie says:

    Garment bags were only 23.00 today! Cargo slings were 10.00, Backpacks were 20.00, Baby Bags were 25.00 & overnighters were 30.00. And those little purse cosmetics for 3.00! I hope they have some left tomorrow, they are a really great little gift to fill with lotions etc!

  28. debbie
    what patterns did they have today?

  29. Debbie says:

    Raspberry Fizz, Mod Blue, Night Owl, a little Frankly Scarlett, Cambridge, Peacock, Medallion, Yellow Bird, Kensington, Puccini, Capri Blue, Capri Melon, I even saw some Emily wallets and that pattern has been gone for awhile. It seems like they would have a surprise box of something that you weren’t expecting, like Frankly Scarlett garments, the sale has been full of surprises this year!

  30. thanks debbie! heading out @5am tomorrow from dayton!!

  31. iluv vera says:

    ok ladies what are the price mark downs for today (Saturday) I am going to head that way Sunday YEA

  32. I’m going tomorrow and I’m worried there will not be much of a selection left. I’m about 2 1/2 hours away. Do you think there will still be plenty to choose from? I was really hoping to get a big backpack, but I heard there were none out later today. I’m a little bummed.

  33. Debbie says:

    Have a safe trip Tracy and have fun at the sale, I hope you get a car load, I just love the energy in the air there! lol

  34. Debbie says:

    Jo, I didn’t see any large backpacks there today. just regular size ones. Don’t be bummed, I bet you could find alot more that you would like there, and besides, it is just plain fun to go to!

  35. Debbie,
    Thanks! Did you see any larger size bags? We’re going on a trip this summer and I was hoping for something that would work as a way to carry stuff for the kids while we’re out.

  36. Debbie says:

    There were not any large duffels, just small ones when I was there and I didn’t see any super totes, they have the microfiber overnighter though, that matches everything. :-)

  37. Thanks!

  38. Alison says:

    Okay guys…you starting to scare me. I went on Thursday and had a great lines. We have decided to head back on Sunday for the big deals but worried about the lines. If they keep moving that would be okay. Don’t want to waste the three hour drive! Any words of encouragement?

  39. Debbie says:

    There will be lines to go in and lines to pay, it is always that way the last day. I think most people don’t mind after all the bargains they find though. Thursday is usually the least busy day during the sale. Good luck tomorrow. :-)

  40. iluv vera says:

    what are the markdowns today?

  41. Do you know if there will be a fall sale again this year? I really hope so, I just got back from the Spring sale and I can’t hardly wait for a fall one!

    Sara in OH

  42. Shelley says:

    We asked the cashier if she thought there would be a fall sale and She didn’t seem to think so. She said that last year they didn’t anounce the dates of the 09 sale, but this year they gave the dates for the ’10 sale – which is why she didn’t think there would be one int he fall.

  43. Shelley says:

    How was the selection today?

  44. We went to the sale on Saturday and had a great time! Purchased $550 worth of product for $98. I wish I would have gotten more. The prices were great on Saturday. Can’t wait until next year! WORTH THE DRIVE!

  45. I thought the sale was much worse than last year! Last year we did wait a few minutes to get in, but didn’t have to wait hardly at all to check out. We left and came back and just walked back in! We expected to do the same thing this year so we made our purchases and then were going to go back in to get some things for friedns/coworkers, but after we got outside we saw the HUGE line and vetoed that idea! We had 10 hours home to drive!

    I couldn’t believe people pushing and shoving over Java Blue! I thought people would be more interested in newer patterns. The associate couldn’t get them out of the box fast enough for these greedie’s! Geez- I have 4 at home.. if you need one that bad, I’ll give you one just use some manners!!

  46. I was there on Sunday — could not get there before that. The deals were amazing, but selection was extremely limited, as the big signs said in the parking lot. I didn’t have to wait to get in, but did have to stand in line two hours to pay. I got there about 1, and left at 4. I was told by two people that Friday was the most crowded day, and that Wed. and Thursday were not that bad. I may try Thursday next time, or Saturday. I drove about two hours each way.

    On Sunday there was a lot of Riviera Blue and Kensington. My only regret is that I didn’t buy a garment bag for $23. I agree with the commentor who was disappointed to see that all the stuff is made in China now. I normally don’t buy things made in China, but I make an exception for VB.

  47. They do still have production facilities here in Indiana, so I know that some of their products are still made in the U.S. However, after the comments here, I took a look at my purchases, and you are right – the vast majority of what I purchased at the sale was manufactured in China. BTW, if you thought the sale was busy…our local paper reported that more than 62,000 people attended, and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday had double the foot traffic of Wednesday and Thursday.

  48. Christy says:

    Are they going to have a fall sale?

  49. Debbie says:

    No one that I talk to seems to know if they are having a Fall Sale. They have the days posted for Spring 2010 but nothing about a Fall sale so I would guess that they aren’t having one. But I hope I am wrong! :-) lol