Final Markdowns at the 2011 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

Hi everyone!  I have had a few people send me emails and ask me questions here regarding what the prices and selection were like on the last day of the 2011 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale.  I took some notes when I was there Sunday afternoon, and I have posted them below for you to look over.  Of course, it’s too late for this year, but it might be helpful for next year.

Also, my notes are a little rough, and I’m sure I missed some patterns when I was jotting things down.  They actually had a lot more than what you see listed here, but I had my six year old with me, and he got a little impatient with me (poor kid!).  Because of that, I do not have any information here regarding the selection and prices for the stationary and specialty lines, such as the microfiber and frill.

It was easy in and easy out Sunday afternoon.  We had no wait to get inside the sale, and surprisingly, there was also no wait to check out!  Overall, from my own experiences and from what I have heard from others, the 2011 sale ran much smoother than last year.

First of all, here are the abbreviations I used for the patterns:

BB: Bali Blue
BG: Bali Gold
BL: Blue Lagoon
BOT: Botanica
BR: Blue Rhapsody
CAL: Calypso
CARN: Carnaby
HG: Hope Garden
IT: Imperial Toile
JB: Java Blue
LM: Loves Me
MB: Mediterranean Blue
MOS: Mosaic
MR: Mesa Red
MW: Mediterranean White
NO: Night Owl
PAP: Paprika
PEA: Peacock
PF: Poppy Fields
PIR: Pirouette
PP: Purple Punch
PUC: Puccini
RB: Riviera Blue
RF: Raspberry Fizz
SIAT: Sittin in a Tree
SV: Simply Violet
TT: Totally Turq

And now, here are the prices, with a look at the patterns that were left…

Reversible Tote $14.99 – LM, SV

Side by Side Tote $29.99 – LM, PP, TT, BR, PF, SIAT, IT, JB

Angle Tote $19.99 – IT, TT, PAP, BB, SIAT, LM, PIR

Alice $39.99 – no markdown from first day

Morgan $12.99 – PUC, IT, PIR, SV, TT

Large Hobo $29.99 – BR, PF, PAP, PP

Villager $29.99 – PUC, TT, PAP, RB, LM, MB, MW, PEA

Vera $39.99 – no markdowns from first day

Saddle Up $19.99 – PUC, LM, SIAT, TT

Stephanie $14.99 – PUC

Julia $19.99 – LM, TT, PF

Handbags $9.99 – LM, TT, IT, PUC, SIAT, PF

Hipsters $24.99 – PUC, RB, LM, NO, MB, MW, MR, PIR, HG

Little Betsy $19.99 – TT, MR, SIAT, MB, MW, PUC, IT, RB, LM, PEA, PAP, PF

Betsy $23.99 – PEA, RF, BL, MW, LM, SIAT, PIR, CARN, BG, IT

Lg Duffel $50.00 – RB, BOT, MW, PAP, MB, LM, MR, BR

Garment Bag $60 to $50 – SIAT, PUC, BG, LM

Metro $60 to $40 – PF, JB, IT, LM, TT, SIAT

Mini Laptop Case $30 – TT, IT, PP, BG, LM, CARN, PAP

Baby Bags $39.99 – RB, FS, NO, MD, MW, CARN, CAL, PF, PIR, LM, PUC

Cooler $9.99 – SIAT, PF, TT, LM

Cool Keeper $9.99 – IT, TT, RB, PF, PUC, YB, CL

Ditty Bags 14.99 – PF, LV, PIR, MW

Let’s Do Lunch 9.99 – TT, RB, IT, Carn, LM, MW, PIR, PUC, BB

Luggage – not marked down much from day one

Laptop Backpacks $66.00 – no markdowns from first day

AIO Wristlet $14.99 – PIR, HG, BOT, LM, TT, MB, MW, MR, NO, MOS, CAL

Eyeglass Cases – $5.00

Zip ID & Coin Purses $3.99

Tech Cases $12.99 – no markdowns from first day

Jewelry Boxes $14.99 – IT, PAP, BG, TT

Checkbook Covers $4.00 – none left

Zip Around Wallet $19.99 – no markdowns from first day

Compact Wallet $7.99

Brush & Pencil/Small Cosmetic originally $12.99 – marked down to $8.99

Medium Cosmetic originally $16.99 – marked down to $10.99

Large Cosmetic originally $20.99 – marked down to $12.99

Sleek Wallet $14.99

Trip Kit $9.99

Hanging Organizer $19.99 – LM, PUC, SIAT, PF

Curling Iron Covers $7.99 – PUC, MB, CARN, BOT, IT, MW, PAP


  1. First year I have not been able to go and it was killing me to see that they had markdown the Frannies and Mini Hipsters to $9.99. Were any of these left on Sunday and if so, do you happen to know what patterns? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for posting!! We are planning on shopping on Sunday next year!

  3. Hi Ann, I looked for the mini hipsters and did not see any. I’m not sure about the Frannies.

  4. The tickets for this years sale go on sale Feb 1st! On the Vera site is the fastest easiest way to get them.

  5. This is our first year going to the outlet sale. Do they take credit cards or is it strictly cash sales?

    • Hi Sandy, They take several forms of payment – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, checks and cash.

  6. Can you post a copy of 2012 Outlet sale brochure?

  7. Hi Pansy, You may have already found it, but if not, you can see the brochure here: