Final Word on the Fall 2008 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

Just wanted to give everyone a final update regarding the Fall 2008 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale. 

First, if you read my previous post with the price list, well – you can officially chuck it out the window.  On most items, the prices have been significantly reduced!  In the past, I have always hit the sale on the first day, and although I knew the prices dropped as the sale progressed, I had no idea how much they dropped!  Typically, I always spent so much on the first day that I avoided it after that first visit (gotta maintain the marital bliss, after all).  But today, I stopped in again, and I am so glad I did. 

Here are some examples of the deals for Saturday…The backsacks that normally retail for $55.00 started out at $22.00 (which I thought was a steal), but now they are marked all the way down to $10.00!

Messenger bags that normally sell for $82.00 are marked down to $20.00.

Totes are now $15.00.  Out to Lunch bags and umbrellas are $8.00.  Cell phone cases are $5.00.  Beach towels are now $10.00.

I could keep going, but I am sure many items will be even less when the doors open Sunday for the final day of the sale.

As far as the selection goes, obviously it was not as good as the first day.  I did here a few people grumbling that they could not find what they wanted.  However, that was not the case here – I still found plenty to put in my shopping bag.

For all who could not make it to Fort Wayne to attend the sale, I do have some good news.  First, I bought too much!  Because of this, I am planning to have a few giveaways right here within the coming weeks. 

Second, keep your eyes on our “store” here.  It’s not actually a store, but it is updated continually with the best Vera Bradley auctions on eBay.  I saw quite a few eBay sellers stocking up their cars, so I fully anticipate a large inventory of bargain-priced Vera Bradley merchandise to hit eBay very soon (if not already!).


  1. P.J. Rice says:

    You have a very nice store and setup. I love Vera Bradley and you have very good information on all kinds of products I love. So thanks. lol

  2. L.Phillips says:

    When is the next outlet sale scheduled for? I just heard about these sales.

  3. K, Keeton says:

    Thank you for the information you provide about the sale. I attended this sale and I must say I felt prepared after reading your postings on the spring sale. Prices were great and well worth the six hour drive for a great girls weekend.

  4. @ L. Phillips – I am not sure when the spring sale will be held, but the past few years it has been the first week of May (Wed – Sun). I will post something here when an official announcement from the company is made.

    @ K. Keeton – Thanks! I’m glad you had a good time – and found some good bargains too!