I Have the Dates for the Spring 2009 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale!

I know that many of you have been wondering when and where the Spring 2009 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale will take place. As a matter of fact, I get a couple of e-mails every day with just that question. I have to admit it – I have been curious too!

I have good news…

I finally know the answer! I just found out that the spring sale is scheduled for Wednesday, April 29th, through Sunday, May 3rd. It will again be held in Fort Wayne, Indiana, at the Allen County Memorial Coliseum.

If you live out of state, and are planning to make a trip to Indiana to attend the Spring 2009 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, you may be interested to know that construction of a new six story Holiday Inn hotel right across the street from the Allen County Memorial Coliseum has just been completed. From this new hotel, you could literally walk to the sale- it’s that close!

Well, that’s all the details I have for right now, but as soon as I find out more, you can bet that I will post them here!


  1. Thanks for the sale info :)

  2. You may also like to let people know that there is a campground right behind to coliseum they can bring their RV to and walk to the sale

  3. Per the above message the name of the campground is: Johhny Applesse Campground. Phone is 260-427-6720

  4. oops the correct spelling is Johnny Appleseed Campground

  5. I can hardly wait!

  6. Margo Robbins says:

    Do you know if there will be a Vera Bradley Outlet Sale in Charlotte NC or Altanta, Ga. in 2009? Thanks, Margo

  7. Faith Tuttle says:

    How do you buy tickets for this event??

  8. Do you know where I could find a large duffel in the peacock pattern?

  9. I am a Vera newby and love it! I am going to the sale and am very excited and more excited that I just found this website! What time does the sale open and close? What time should we get in line? Should I bring a shopping bag? Do they have maps available of what products are where?

  10. I would also like to know the answers to Margo’s question.

  11. @ Margo & Sandy: The Vera Bradley Company has not announced any details for their fall outlet sale yet. As soon as I know something, I will post it here.

    @ Faith: You don’t need tickets, unless you want to attend the preview sale on Wednesday, April 29. The tickets for the preview sale are not available yet, but when they are, you can purchase them from Ticketmaster.com. They might also be available for purchase from the Allen Co. Memorial Coliseum box office.

    @ Julie: Glad to hear you’re coming! You will love it! I have not seen anything yet regarding what time the sale opens, but to be quite honest, I usually don’t make it there until late afternoon, and there is always still plenty to select from. When you enter the sale, they will give you a large pink bag and a “map” of where all the items are located. Here are some of my prior posts that you may want to check out for more info:

    Pictures of the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale – Gives you an idea of how the sale is organized

    Price List from the Fall 2008 Sale – Although the selection narrows, they do drop prices as the sale progresses, so you can get the best deals if you attend the last day or two of the sale.

    Hope this helps :-)

  12. My flyer from the Fall sale says the dates are April 29, 09 (Thurs) thru May 2, 09 (Saturday). Where did you get the info with an end date of Sunday the 3rd?

  13. i loveeee mod floral pink. its my favorite. i am hoping to get EVERY piece!!!

  14. Do you need to go to the preview on the 29th?
    I understand that you do not need tickets on the 30th.
    Is it first come first serve and are the lines very long?
    I have never been to the outlet sale and am very curious
    on what I have to look forward to when I come.

  15. does anyone know when the tickets for the Ft. Wayne sale will be available????

  16. sherry woodall says:

    This will our families first trip to the sale. We are looking forward to the trip as a girls trip out.
    I have received a gift certificate and would like to know if I can save and use at the sale?


  17. Hi Sherry – Glad you and your girls will be making the trip! It really is a lot of fun. As far as the gift certificate, I am not sure. You may want to call the Vera Bradley company to ask – their toll-free telephone number is (888) 855-VERA.

  18. thanks…do you know if it will come to Atlanta in 2009?

    • To my knowledge, Vera Bradley has not released any information regarding their fall outlet sale. As soon as I know the details (including location), I will post it here…

  19. Anonymous says:

    OMG I am soooo excited for the big sale. I have neve gone to one of these before, what is it like? Are there a lot of people there? I need answers!!!!

  20. My daughter and I are coming to the sale, she is bringing her 5 year old daugher, is this okay??

  21. Sherry,

    There are always little ones at the sale, so it should be no problem. I know there is a lot of confusion because of the new registration requirements. Registrations are only accepted for attendees 14 and older, but registration is only required for people making purchases.

  22. do you know if there will be a sale in charlotte NC

  23. If anyone is going to the sale on the first day (Wednesday) could they please put up some info about the selection (colors available), prices, etc. I know all of us Vera lovers would greatly appreciate it!

  24. I will post it here on my blog tomorrow!

  25. amanda says:

    is the sale still going on tomorrow 5/3

  26. Is vera bradley going to have a fall outlet sale?

    • There is not one scheduled yet – I’m crossing my fingers that they will announce one soon…

  27. chrisanthy says:

    Hello All,
    Does anyone have the dates for the fall 2009 Vera Bradley show in Atlanta? (If there is one)!
    Thanks for your assistance.