Java Blue: The Best of Vera Bradley

Java Blue made its big debut in Spring 2006, and for many Vera Bradley fans, it was love at first site! In fact, this pattern is arguably the #1 best-selling pattern of all time from this Fort Wayne purse designer. It was so popular that the company did not retire it until November of 2010, five years after it was first introduced.

On its face, this fact may not seem significant, but truth be told, this is a long time for a single print to stay around. Most patterns from Vera Bradley have a shelf life of approximately two years, give or take, before they are discontinued. Go Java Blue!

Java Blue HipsterSo, why was this pattern on everyone’s wish list for so many years? Perhaps it was the color combination of chocolatey browns and pale blues that put it over the top, or maybe it was the classic paisley floral print that made it so popular. Personally, I think it was a combination of both – great print, pretty colors, awesome pattern! Even though Java Blue spent five years on retailers’ shelves, Vera fans everywhere were disappointed when the announcement was made that its run was over.

Did you stock up when you found out it was going out of production? Or did you do a happy dance when it was discontinued, because you were tired of seeing it everywhere you went? Like it, love it, or leave it, we would love to hear what you think about Java Blue! Leave a comment below to let us know…