Lines, Prices, and Patterns at the 2012 Event

Hi everyone! Well, I survived the first day of the 2012 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, although it did get off to a rocky start…

About Lines, Price Lists, and Scanners

I arrived exactly at 11:00 a.m. (start time for Session 2), but ended up having to wait an entire hour in the hallways before I could get in to shop. Last year, I was able to walk right in, but not this time. If I could do it again, I would try to get there an hour early, so I could shop the entire session time. Most people waiting in line were okay with the situation, but there were a handful of ladies that were noticeably fuming over the wait. I didn’t get too upset, but I do think that if you have a ticket, you shouldn’t have to wait that long. I know they sold at least 1,000 more tickets per session this year, so I think that had something to do with the wait.

I didn’t buy anything – not one single thing! Can you believe that? It’s poor planning on my fault. My boys had early dismissal from school today at 2:00, and since I got into the sale late, there really wasn’t enough time to shop and to wait in line to check out. Oh well, I guess it just means I will have more money to spend this weekend!

For some reason, I also felt really lost this year. I am not sure if it’s because of their new map/price list, or if there is just more inventory available than usual. Does anyone else think they had more tables than past years? I don’t think I even went down every aisle – oh well, just another reason to go back!

Without the price list, it can be difficult to determine how much you’re spending. They did have a few scanners set up, so that you could scan your price tags to find out prices. In my opinion, there were not nearly enough scanners, and they were right by the merchandise tables, which made a crowded situation even worse. I’m not sure if they had scanners to use when waiting in line to check out (since I never made that far!), but if anyone else knows, feel free to comment below.

Patterns at the 2012 Sale

There were a lot of great patterns this year, including the recently retired Folkloric, Blue Lagoon, and Lemon Parfait. I also saw a lot of Versailles, Twirly Birds Pink and Navy, Buttercup, Barcelona, Slate Blooms, Hello Dahlia, Night & Day, Simply Violet, Call Me Coral and Make Me Blush. Also, a lot of colors that were there last year were there again – Loves Me, Totally Turq, Poppy Fields, Sittin in a Tree, and Paprika. I even saw some patterns that were retired back in 2009 (Puccini & Night Owl mostly), and even Riviera Blue (which was retired in 2008!). Newer patterns included Camellia, Suzani, and Tea Garden.

As far as styles, there was a lot of variety this year – a little bit of this and a little bit of that – which is probably one reason they did not have their normal price list. I tried to compile my own list, but it probably doesn’t even represent one-tenth of what was there! However, I will share it anyway, because it should give you a good idea of how prices compare to 2011 and before. Here goes…

The Not-So-Complete Price List

(By the way, if you know the prices of any items missing from this list, please leave the details in the comments below, and I will try to add them here – thanks!)

Alice $34.99 $24.99
All in One Wristlet $19.99
All Wrapped Up $14.99
Angle Tote $19.99
Attache $39.99 $29.99
Baby Bag $49.99 $29.99
Backpacks $34.99
Betsy $34.99 $24.99
Bistro Clutch $14.99
Bookbag $49.99
Bowler $34.99 $29.99
Bridge Tote $29.99
Cha Cha Handbag $19.99
Charleston Tote $28.99
Clip Zip ID $4.99
Coin Purse $7.99
Companion Attache Black $89.99
Contact Case $9.99 $4.99
Curling Iron Cover $11.99
Double Eye Case $7.99
East West Tote $29.99
Eloise $44.99
E-Reader Sleeve $9.99 (or $15.99?)
Everything Nice Tote $19.99
Flap Shoulder Bag originally ? $19.99
Flip Flops $7.99
Frame Satchel $39.99 $19.99
Frannie $15.99
Frill – A to Vera Laptop Travel Tote $29.99
Frill – A to Vera Rolling Luggage $49.99
Frill – Bracelets $2.99
Frill Honor Roll Duffels originally ? $29.99
Frill Messenger originally ? $19.99
Frill Tootsie originally ? $11.99
From My Heart originally ? $9.99
Front Row Wallet $12.99
Garment Bag $58.99
Get Carried Away Tote $59.99 $49.99
Good Book Cover $15.99
Grand Traveler $79.99
Handbag $19.99 $14.99
Hipster $34.99
Jewelry Box $18.99
Julia $24.99 $14.99
Knot Just a Clutch originally ? $9.99
Lanyard $4.99
Laptop Backpack $69.99
Laptop Case 17″ $12.99
Laptop Portfolio $49.99
Laptop Skin $9.99
Laptop Sleeve $17.99
Large Duffels $59.99
Large Hobo $29.99 $19.99
Let’s Do Lunch $19.99 $14.99
Lisa B $19.99 $12.99
Little Betsy $29.99 $19.99
Little Mandy originally ? $19.99
Lizzy $32.99 $19.99
Lunch Bunch $14.99
Lunch Date originally ? $14.99
Making Waves Clutch $19.99
Mandy $34.99 $24.99
Metropolitan $39.99
Microfiber Baby Bowler Bags $49.99
Microfiber Travel Bag $59.99
Microfiber Vera Vera $59.99
Miller Bag $49.99 $39.99
Mini Hanging Organizer $14.99
Mini Hipsters $24.99
Mini Laptop Case $29.99
Morgan $19.99 $9.99
On the Go $34.99
One for the Money $9.99
Perfect Pocket Tote $34.99 $19.99
Petite Chain Bag $19.99
Pleated Tote $39.99
Quick Draw $39.99 $24.99
Readers $14.99
Rachel $24.99 $14.99
Reusable Shopper $1.99
Reversible Tote $19.99 $14.99
Ribbon Board $12.99
Saddle Up $29.99 $19.99
Side by Side Tote $34.99 $19.99
Slim Case $9.99
Small Bow Cosmetic $5.99
Small Cosmetic $14.99
Small Duffels $39.99
Squared Away $39.99 $19.99
Stadium Blankets $30
Stephanie $19.99
Sunglasses $14.99-24.99
Sweetheart Shoulder Bag $29.99 $19.99
Tall Zip Tote $19.99
Tech Case $16.99
Tech Organizer $9.99 $4.99
Tote $29.99 $19.99
Travel Wallet $14.99
Vera $44.99
Villager $34.99
Wallet – Card & Coin $14.99
Wallet – Checkbook $24.99
Wallet – Compact $14.99
Wallet – Corduroy $16.99
Wallet – Envelope $19.99
Wallet – Euro $12.99
Wallet – Gallery $24.99
Wallet – Mini Zip $12.99
Wallet – Sleek $19.99
Wallet – Small Kisslock $14.99
Wallet – Vera Vera $24.99
Wallet – Zip Around originally ? now $14.99
Weekender $69.99
Wildwood Park Frame Handbag $49.99
Wildwood Park Tote $49.99
XL Duffel $59.99 $39.99

I will be adding a few pictures from the sale to my Facebook page, so if you want, feel free to check those out over there. Based on some of the looks I received when I was taking pictures, I need to do a little bit of creative cropping before I upload them. After all, if anyone was playing hooky from work or school to go to the sale, I don’t want to get them in trouble!

Make sure you let me know what you thought of the first day of the 2012 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale by leaving a comment below…


  1. Vera Girl says:

    Did they have the medium cosmetic that u know of?

  2. Dawn I will be there this weekend. I have been in the past and I guess I am just curious on do they still have the prices sitting out on the tables above each bag? Also were there other bags like the small duffel, Betsy, and Mini zip wallet that maybe you didn’t get the price on or did they just not have these items at the sale this year??? Thanks so much for all the updates Dawn!!!! I am really excited to come this year!!!!!

  3. I can answer some of those questions

    1. Yes the price’s are on the table just like in years past.

    2. I did see both sizes of the Betsy (sorry don’t know the price.)

    3. Mini Zip Wallet was around 12.99, I think. I ended up the Euro wallet for that price. The small wallets were all within a few dollars of the 12.99.

    4. I think the small duffel was there, but don’t know the price or patterns.

    5. Cosmetic bags they had a selection of them, but I wasn’t interested in one so I didn’t look to closely at them. My guess is they have them.

    The only thing I saw bag wise in short supply was the messenger and that was only in 2 patterns.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Did you happen to see any E-Reader sleeves? Was hoping to pick a couple of those up as presents if possible. Thanks for the info!!

  5. Thanks Esther for answering questions! Stephanie, yes, I did see e-reader sleeves, although I can’t remember how much they were (twenty dollar range?).

  6. Stephanie says:

    Thanks so much Dawn! Can’t wait to go Friday. :) This is our first year and we are so looking forward to it!!

  7. Has anyone been there on a Sunday before. Normally we go earlier but this year we can’t get there until Sunday. Are the lines still so long? What has the selection been like on the last day?

  8. Stephanie, There’s a lot of first-timers this year! It’s a lot of fun – and some of the prices might be even better by Friday!

  9. Glenda, I am curious what the selection will be like on Sunday as well. We usually go to a ticketed session and then on Saturday, but this year we’re just going on Saturday night and Sunday. Can anyone comment on the Sunday selection and pricing?

  10. Thanks so much Esther!!!!! also Glenda I go ever year on Sunday because the prices are alot better. Yes there are still really long lines so get there some what early!!!!!

  11. Hi Glenda and Valerie,

    Here’s my post from last year regarding selection and prices on Sunday:

    There’s not nearly as many patterns to select from, but that’s often offset by the low prices! Last year I went early afternoon, was able to walk right in, and the line to check out was also very short, but I think I got lucky! :)

  12. Did you see any Happy Snails?

  13. Dawn do you think on Saturday or Sunday they will have Mocha Rouge left?

  14. Hi Stacey, I remember seeing Happy Snails! I should have put that one on the list too – I just looked through my pictures, and I know for a fact they had it in the Quick Draw, XL Duffels, and wallets, although I am sure they also had it in several other styles.

  15. Hi Steph, There was some Mocha Rouge, but if I remember right, there was not a lot. Patterns that are limited usually go fast, so my guess is that there will not be a lot left by Sat/Sun.

  16. Did anyone see the stadium blankets? Thanks

  17. Thanks so much Dawn!!!!

  18. michelle says:

    The ereader sleeves were $9.99 & they had lots of patterns.

    I also saw stadium blankets but don’t know the price.

    There was a lot of product today & it was set up well. My only complaint was waiting to get in. We were the 11:00 session too & were near the front & still didn’t get in until 11:30. We never did figure out what the hold up was.

  19. I’m planning on going for the first time this Saturday. Does anyone know what to expect on a Saturday at the sale? Will there be long lines, or will I be able to walk right in? Is the selection ok, or is it picked over a lot? I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the 2-3 hour drive for one day of shopping. Thanks in advance for any answer I receive!

  20. Hi Dawn, thanks for all the great info. Our first sale, we’re coming in from CT. Did you see any beach towels, headbands, pads/pens? Thanks!

  21. I was just coming to ask about the beach towels as well….

  22. Hi Dawn!!! GREAT info especially for me a newbie!! Can’t wait for Friday!! Can you tell me, on the floor map that you posted, is the color coding significant? Do the signs on the tables match what is on the map?? Any help is appreciated because I am hyperventilating right just thinking about it!!! HAHAHAHA

  23. Beach towels – they were almost sold out at this afternoon’s session.

    Pad/pens – they had a lot of stationary. That’s one of the aisles I didn’t really get to look at much, but I know they had it available.

    Headbands – not sure.

    I saw someone holding a stadium blanket, but I never did find out where they were located, so I’m not sure how limited the stock was.

    Sami, It’s hard to say…every year is different. Unfortunately, I can’t go on Thursday or Friday, so I won’t be able to let you know what the selection is like by Friday night, although somebody else that comments here might be able to give you an idea. Last year, the lines on the general admission days were not bad, but it really is unpredictable.

    Michelle, That’s frustrating that you were near the front of the line and couldn’t get in either at the 11:00 session. Maybe they didn’t get the floor cleared out fast enough from the previous group. The wait time was my main complaint too – although I also didn’t like the new format for the price list. I lost an hour getting in, and then spent far too much time wandering aimlessly! LOL!

  24. Hi Cathie, Yes, the color coding is significant! They have helium balloons above the tables that match the diagram. It’s always well-organized! Have a great time on Friday! (…and bring a paper bag if you continue to hyperventilate! You have to be conscious to shop – LOL!)

  25. Hi! I am going to the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale for the first time. I will be going on Friday and I need a few questions that I would like to be answered. First, when Friday comes around do they still have the same amount of items and patterns compared to the first days of the sale? Also, did you by chance see any older patterns like Mod Floral Blue, Bali gold/blue, or Blue Rhapsody??

  26. Anonymous says:

    did you see any scarves?

  27. Hi Lucy, The selection dwindles down a little every day, so Friday will not have as much available, but the selection should still be decent since it’s only the halfway mark for the sale. The colors you mentioned were retired 2010 and before, so you may be able to find a few items in those. I remember seeing Bali Gold/Blue and Blue Rhapsody there. I don’t recall seeing anything in Mod Floral Blue. Have a great time on Friday! Let us know what you think about your first time. :)

  28. I believe I saw scarves – tables on the left side of the sale, if I remember right…

  29. When you waited in line for a ticketed session did you wait inside or outside? Thanks for all the info!

  30. Yes there were scarves, but not a lot, so my guess is by the weekend they will be gone.

    Stadium blankets there was a fairly decent amount, but they were popular once people saw where they were..

    I went to the first session today, the thing that bug me is that there was few staff putting away stuff people toss in the bins at the end of the aisle. They were majorly over flowing so that may have contributed to the second session’s slow start because they had to get it cleaned up.

    There was a large selection of different stationary items.
    Gift Bags, gift tags, note cards, pencils, pens, book covers, stationary, baby books, binder clips etc..

    (The tablet sleeve was only in Folkloric, I think that was the pattern.)

  31. Did anyone see Ornaments? How about Card Holders?

  32. Is it likely that prices will drop by Friday or will they stay pretty consistent with what they are now?! :)

  33. Hello! Did you see any flip flops?

  34. HAHAHA Dawn! I have my paper bag packed in case of deep breathing needed! Am studying everything so I am ready to go!! Thank you for all the updates!!

  35. Yea! So excited! Thanks for the info! I think we are ready…price list is priceless (HaHa)! Have my list, tickets, registration, price list (thanks to you!) and snacks. Filled up the gas tank (UGH) and made room in the minivan for the packages!

    Will they let you gather things up and then find a spot along the outside to oogle the selections? That is part of the fun!

  36. Honeybees says:

    Hey does anyone know if there was the big regular hanging organizer?

  37. Hi there,
    Sounds like everyone so far has had a great time. I’ll be there on Saturday. Did anyone see the clutch wallet?

    Thanks in advance,

  38. I have been on Sundays the last 2 years. Two years ago we were there 30 mins or more before opening but waited about 2 hrs to get in, then 3 hrs to check out, or so it seemed. It was a LONG wait to check out. Last year, we walked right in, shopped and checked out in less than an hour. check out seems faster than what it is because the line moves so steadily. They also seemed to have more registers open last year. Two years ago it seemed there was more left on Sunday than last year, yet they were still pulling out boxes and unloading on the tables, things that maybe weren’t even there earlier in the day. There was still plenty to choose from, just not many patterns in many of the items. I have seen some sort of cosmetic there every year that I’ve been. Blankets, towels, rugs, more of the specialty items have always been gone by the time I arrived on Friday or Saturday.

  39. Had a great time at the 6pm session. There was still TONS of stuff to choose from, in fact nothing I purchased was a retired pattern. I felt the prices were fair for a day 1, and I was definitely pleased with the variety available. There were stadium blankets for $30 but they were only in plum petals for the person who asked about that. They had a few clutch wallets, but the wallet selection this year was the only let down. I felt like last year I was bummed about bags and this year I was bummed about wallets. Still left WAY too much money there but it was great!!!! Hopefully everyone going this weekend has great luck too!

  40. ps. And stationary was the BEST on Sunday last year, tons of it marked down to $3 and $4, lanyards $3, journals $1 to $6, etc. I didn’t have enough hands to carry everything I wanted to the checkout area.

  41. Yes , there were flip flops(7.99) and organizers. Alot more variety than last year, except wallets. But overall very satisfactory.

  42. Dawn- did you ever post any pictures???

  43. I think that each of the 3 ticketed days they should sell the same merchandise/styles/patterns because by the time Friday comes I hope that it’s not all picked over and us Friday “goers” will not have a the same chance that the people who went on Wednesday and got all the patterns and styles that they wanted…We bought tickets too…

  44. Did anyone see any small bow cosmetics?? I saw a video of the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale 2012 and the reporter was standing behind a huge stack of them in Mod Floral Blue, I am hoping that I will be able to get my hands on one when I go on Friday!

  45. Has anyone that has been to the show seen any small duffel bags???

  46. We have tickets to one of the Friday sessions. Are we looking at 30 minutes of shopping to wait in line for 2 hours to check out since the session is only 2 1/2 hours long? Or as long as you are in line as some point during your session to check out you will be OK? ~Thanks!

  47. LorieR, We waited inside (in the hallways) for the ticketed sessions. I also saw some Christmas items, including stockings.

    Amy, Last year, some of the prices dropped by Friday, but it seems since they are now doing ticketed sessions that they do not drop as quickly as they used to.

    Julie, Yes, there is a little bit of space around the perimeter to set down your bags and look through your items. Just don’t sit down, because then you will get in trouble for being a fire hazard! (Trust me, I have gotten in trouble for that more than once!)

    Honeybees, I think I say the regular organizers too, but can’t remember how much.

    Michele, I remember seeing clutch wallets, but can’t remember prices and patterns.

    Amy, I’m hoping this weekend will be like last year’s, lots of selection, good prices, and not too crazy – sooo much better than 2010!

    Kim, Glad you lucked out last night! I was a little disappointed about the wallet patterns available too – I always like to match my bags with my wallets, and it seemed they had a lot of older patterns for the wallets, but not much in the newer colors.

    Vanessa, Thanks for the info about the flip flops and organizers!

    Steph, I just finally posted the pictures this morning – here’s a link to the album:

    Andrea, They are trying to get rid of their overstock merchandise, so once limited items are gone, there is not much they can do. However, by Friday you might get better deals than the Wednesday crowd! I think the main reason they are using tickets now is for crowd control – 2010 was a disaster, with shoppers waiting five hours to get into the sale and three hours to check out!

    Lucy & Steph, I am fairly certain I saw small bow cosmetics and the smaller duffel bags.

    Mary, You can shop the entire session time – you just have to be in line by the end of your session. I recommend getting there at least an hour early. Yesterday, I got there right at my start time and had to wait an hour. Not sure why, but hopefully they have the kinks worked out today.

    I hope I didn’t miss any questions! Let me know if I did…

  48. Dawn thanks soo much for all of this info! Every year I come here before and during the sale to get the inside scoop! It has been so helpful in planning. I really appreciate the time you put into this! I’m getting very excited to go tomorrow morning! As soon as I get through the lines I will try and post about selection and price.

  49. Dawn I will be sending a letter to Vera Bradley about this year’s sale. I’m not one to complain but this was not a pleasant experience… some definite changes need to occur. This was my third year and possibly my last.

  50. This was my first attendance and because of your blog Dawn I felt very well prepared…until I couldn’t find a pattern I was looking for in a specific style…figured it was not made available at the sale and moved on, then later saw it strapped around another patron…totally took me off my game, until!!!!! I went (what we fondely referred to as) DUMPSTER DIVING!!!! (the boxes at the end of the isles of unwanted finds) ITEM FOUND!!!! Even found ourselves DUMPSTER DIVING throught the check out line LOL. We really enjoyed ourselves and joked with our husbands about going back Sunday, in which the reply was not very favorable (may have something to do with the checking account balances after our return).

    Had the time of our lives, will be returning in future years.

    Steph: SMALL DUFFEL…numerous patterns…$39.99

    Thank you DAWN!!!

  51. Does anyone remember seeing the deco daisy pattern at the sale this year?

  52. Thank you so much Lou!!! I am very excited that is one thing I am really wanting to get this year!!

    Also I was curious did anyone notice if there was alot of the Simply Violet??? That is my main pattern I am looking for!!! Thanks everyone!!!

  53. Thanks everyone for providing prices and updates! I know there are a lot of missing items from my list above, so as I see information about products/prices in the comments here, I will try to add them to the list above.

    Jessie, I hope you have fun tomorrow!

    Luanne, If you were upset about the sale, sending a letter to Vera Bradley is a good idea. Every year is a little different, and I think they do take any recommendations from their customers to heart. I also plan to write them this year about a couple things – mainly the wait time for ticketed slots and the new price list format. If you come next year, I hope your experience will be better! :)

    Lou, First timer? You sound like a veteran! “Dumpster diving” is the best way to find hidden gems – although I’m not sure why all the good items end up in the carts!

    Sami, Yes, I saw several styles in Deco Daisy. This year they seemed to have more current patterns than prior years, but I am always reluctant to list those because they sell out so quickly. However, I talked to someone who went last night, and she said that they still had a lot of current patterns available.

  54. Steph, They did have Simply Violet, but not as much as I thought they would, considering they retired it last summer.

  55. For those of you that headed to the sale today, I am curious to hear about how your wait time was to get in to your session.

  56. Dawn, here’s a couple of items I didn’t see on your list that I purchased. Also, do you have a contact person at Vera Bradley to reach for recommendations/changes/experience that I can share?

    Companion Attache black (matches black rolling suitcase and fits over the handle of roller bag) $89.99, Bistro Clutch $14.99 Khaki (but recall seeing others in aqua, black, brown & navy), Readers in Becky (and many other styles but don’t recall which) $14.99 and tons of sunglasses, Baby Bowler Bag in black microfiber (also more in brown…blk went fast unless they put more out) $49.99., Good Book Cover in Folkloric $15.99. Here’s things you have listed with specific colors that I purchased: Grand Traveler in Folkloric, Attache in Twirly Bird Pink, 3 Contact Lens Cases: Folkloric, Day & Night and Twirly Bird Pink.

  57. Did anyone see Frill From A to Vera Large Backpacks? It is so helpful to read everyones comments!

  58. Anonymous says:

    OMG… so I dont think I can wait till Saturday… my excitement is gettign overwhelming!!! I have no ambition to work lol so i’m secretly hiding my want list in the corner of my computer screen and planning my moves!

    Lou – I’m totally planning on DUMPSTER DIVING thats always been my black friday stragety and Its worked well!

    I’m also looking for binders, does anyone know what kind of price would be on those?

  59. Trichelle says:

    Luanne I’m so glad you say there were tons of Sunglasses! I really want a pair!

    and p.s. the previous anonymous comment is me…. it posted with out my name :(

  60. I was at the sale for the first session yesterday. Here are prices of the stuff I got:

    East West Tote $29.99
    Sweetheart Shoulder Bag $29.99 (in Island Blooms too!!!)
    Travel Wallet $14.99
    Reusable Shopper $1.99
    Laptop Skin $9.99

    I was really surprised to see lots of Island Blooms and Rosy Posies and Camellia. I’m going back for more on Saturday. Really hoping they still have some of the From A to Vera rolling luggage. Kicking myself for not picking it up yesterday!!

  61. Does anyone happen to know the price on the Mini Zip Wallets!!!! THANKS!!!!

  62. Samantha-I saw on FB that the rolling luggage (A to Vera) was $40. That is unbelievable.

    I am going to the last ticketed session on Fri and 1st thing Sat morning. We have always went on Sat in the past. Last year we arrived at about 7:30 and got in the 2nd group let on to the shopping floor and that was about 9a, I must say that I’m worried about Sat. according to twitter and FB people are spending the nite in line for the ticketed sessions I can’t imagine what the non ticketed sessions will be like. Hopefully all the “die hards” will be either broke or all shopped out.

    Trichelle-to continue our talk from yesterday….u r coming on a bus from PA. If history repeats itself it will be well worth the drive. Not only are the prices amazing but it just so much fun! I bought sunglasses at the sale last year and LUV them. Warnng, it may be a bit overwhelming at first but dive right in and have a blast.

  63. Thanks for the prices!! I just updated the list with them.

    Luanne, In the past, I would usually just send a letter to their corporate office. However, they no longer have the address listed on the contact page, so I called and asked them for information regarding who to contact with feedback for this event. They gave me the contact info for their Outlet Operations Manager:

    Sara Lauer
    5620 Industrial Rd.
    Fort Wayne, IN 46825

    Steph, I think the Mini Zip Wallets were $12.99.

  64. Hi Everyone!

    So good to hear all the feedback about the sale this year. I live in Ft. Wayne and have been a diehard Outlet Sale Attendee for as long as I can remember!

    It is different every year. 2010 was a disappointment with the waits in line and I swore I would never go again if I had to wait in the unbelieveable lines for as long as we did. So the ticketed sessions were a great improvement last year!

    So.. I’m gettin hyped for my 6:00 pm session tonight and have few questions.

    1. How was the wait to get into the ticketed sessions today?

    2. Does anyone know what colors were available in the Bowler?

    3. How much Plum Petals did you see and in what styles?

    I’m mainly interested in the Plum Petals and the English Meadow patterns this year.

    Will get an update on the Sunday crowd b/4 I go out but hope to swoop on the best bargains then.

    Happy Vera Bradley Outlet Shopping to you all and to those of you visiting our wonderful city. Thanks for coming! We look forward to this event every year and appreciate all that you and Vera Bradley does for our community!!

  65. Did anyone happen to see the price on the wristlets?

  66. Sorry for all the questions….I am not coming until Saturday evening and I just want to see how much I need to budget money wise before I come!!!

    Thanks for all the help and helpful hints!!!

  67. Do they have any lanyards or loop keychains?

  68. Did anyone notice, do they have luggage tags? I would love to get a piece of rolling luggage too : )

  69. Marsha:

    Let me know how the last session of the evening is. I’m going to the last session tomorrow night and want to know how early to get there and if you are allowed to shop past 8:30.


  70. Stephanie says:

    Well I survived the 11 session. I got there an hour early to get in line and was not too far back. Those who arrived at 11 were waiting in a line outside the building. There was a great selection and a ton of inventory! And… I have to say it was the fastest checkout ever! In and out in 15 minutes! Too bad I can’t come back again this week! Happy shopping to those who have yet to come!

  71. Trichelle and anyone else who will be choosing sunglasses or readers…I would take a small mirror of your own. Even if you do get to the table to try on, there were very few mirrors to take a look at yourself! I was beside a lady who would not share and she took several minutes trying on all of the glasses. I know this because I stood in line to try on and watched her for ten minutes while waiting my turn. You could also take along a buddy to the table if you didn’t want to carry a mirror or your purse to tell you if a pair looks good on you!;) Of course make sure they have good taste but how can you go wrong with all the great selections.

  72. Erin, I saw lanyards at the 7:30 sale this morning.

  73. Steph, there were several different wristlet styles. The style I purchased was $12.99.

  74. Stephanie says:

    My favorite 2 items today were my XL Duffel for 59.99 and Get Carried Away Tote for 39.99!

  75. Mini hipster prices and colors? and were there any tablet sleeves?

  76. Does anyone know if they will give a small free gift at checkout or have coupon like they have done in the past??

  77. Lois Sage says:

    Hi friends…long story short…had a great time at the 11am session today. Unfortunately,when I got home I realized the zipper on my laptop portfolio was defective. Does anyone know what I can do besides driving 3 hours back to Fort Wayne? Any help would be appreciated. Thank so much.

  78. Stephanie H says:

    Reading all of these I am getting ready for our shopping session tomorrow. I hope we won’t have to wait too long so we do not miss out on vaulable shopping time!! Friday night can’t get here soon enough. :) Bags packed, money in pocket, gas in my vehicel and my crew is ready to go from Evansville. Look out Ft. Wayne!! :)

  79. Did anyone see any of the previous style of large backpacks? If so what patterns? What patterns were there in the hipster and Morgan? Any rolling luggage left? If so what pattern? Any carry it all wristlets or zip around wallets? Sorry for all the questions, this will be my first year going and I’m just trying to plan accordingly!

  80. Bonnie Lange says:

    OMG…via twitter the XL duffles are marked down to $39.99….what a deal!

  81. My sister and I went to the 11 session. We arrived about an hour early and entered the sale probably about 11:30. This was our first time attending the sale. We felt that were able to locate products easily and found some great items.

    Ali — mini-hipsters were $24.99, alot of colors. Versaillles, Poppy fields, folkloric, buttercup are a few that I remember. There were also laptop sleeves in both sizes, 17″ and regular size, a nice variety of colors and also the micofiber sleeves which were very nice.

  82. Frill Rolling Luggage? Any Left?

  83. Vera Girl says:

    Did they have any big regular hanging organizers?

  84. Vera Girl says:

    Are there any mark downs or will there be for the session days?

  85. Did anyone see Baroque??

  86. Claudia, i do remember Baroque but can’t remember the items.

    Cindy., no free gift or coupon with purchase. I don’t recall a free gift for several years now.

  87. Lois-a couple years ago when I went, they double charged me for several items. I called and told them and they refunded me the money! I would try calling them.

  88. I would like to know if there were any of the Frill rolling luggage left? I won’t be there until Saturday but I really would like to grab one of those up!!

  89. Ladies, be sure to check over your receipts as if there is a problem with a charge you want to address that while you are still there. Lois- Vera Bradley has posted that All Sales are Final at the sale and on the past price list. So, check things over. A few years ago I bought a dog carrier and the latch broke when I got it home. So, test them out before you buy. See you there tomorrow!!!

  90. Lois Sage says:

    Dana, thanks for the suggestion. Should I try to call the coliseum itself? Not sure where/who to call.
    Cyndi, I’ve got to give it a try. Great advice tho-test things out before you buy!

  91. Did anyone happen to see the dates for the VB outlet sale for 2013? Last year, the dates were listed on our price sheets, or maybe I saw it on a sign at the sale… anywho, can’t go this year, but I am trying to plan my trip for next year.Thanks to anyone who can help me out with the dates :)

  92. Does anyone know if they have any Symphony in Hue items? No one has mentioned that pattern and it was retired last November with Night and Day! Thanks!

  93. OK ladies…..your killing me…….what is the sale like today? Any additional markdowns other than the XL duffle?

  94. If anyone is interested, the Tied Together Hobo and Rosie Posie Hipster were both priced $10.99 yesterday.

    Also, the Libby purse was $10.99, only in the Puccini print.

  95. Thanks Mitzi!! We are just 20 miles away from Ft Wayne, considering I’m here from CT, thats really close.

  96. Hope you have a great time, Claudia, and find many deals! We enjoyed ourselves yesterday and wish the time had not passed so quickly.

    Yesterday they had a small amount of wine bottle gift wraps(6) w/tags for $4.99. Very cute! I bought 2 containers. There were also many packages of napkins, various sizes, for $1.99.

    Also, if you have time, visit the DeBrand Chocolate Factory and take a tour. Divine! It’s $5 to tour but you’re given a $5 off $10or more purchase coupon plus many samples along the tour. The tour only takes about 10-15 minutes.

  97. Hi! I’m just checking in real quick to let you know the markdowns I have heard about today:

    XL Duffel $39.99
    17″ laptop case $12.99
    Lisa B $12.99
    Ribbon Board $12.99
    Large Hobo $19.99
    Side By Side Tote $19.99

    They have silver balloons floating over new markdowns, so if you go today, make sure to check out those areas! Happy shopping! :)

  98. Trichelle says:

    Probably a silly question, but what is it like inside, should I wear a sweatshirt so I dont carry a jacket, or is it really warm in there so I should have a light jacket that I can take off and have a Tshirt?

    I might be thinking too much! Any idea on the price of the checkbook covers? or if they had many? What about Zip Id’s and Lanyards? I’m looking for graduation gifts for my mom’s students

  99. Erin – They had loop keychains ($7.99, 2 patterns only) and lanyards ($4.99) yesterday.

    Judy – They had luggage tags right beside the Zip ID cases. I didn’t catch the prices though.

    Steph – The All in One was 19.99, the Carry It all was either 24.99 or 27.99 (I think it was the latter b/c I wanted it but wasn’t willing to pay the extra so I got the all in one instead).

    Our experience yesterday was good. We got there about 6:20 for the 7:30 time slot and were in by 7:30. I shopped the entire 2 1/2 hours, and then only waited about 15 minutes to check out. It was my first time there, but I managed to get every single item on my list and my friends, at an average of 50% of the retail cost (some items were in the 40% range, some were 80%+!).

  100. Trichelle – are you on FB? If so, add me as a friend (Debbie Simon Collett) – I have some info on your grad gifts to pass on.

  101. Here are some additional prices for you (as of yesterday):
    Clutch Wallet – 21.99
    Cooler (lg) – 14.99
    Got It Handled – 14.99
    Hobo (Lg) – 22.99
    Lanyard – 4.99
    Libby – 10.99
    Loop Key Chain – 7.99
    Lunch Date – 19.99
    Olivia – 11.99
    Pocket Folio – 7.99
    Rosie Posie Hipster – 9.99
    Zip ID Case – 5.99
    17″ Laptop Sleeve – 24.99

  102. Another price to add … yesterday I bought the Slim Totes for $14.99. They were only available in the English Meadow print.

    PJs were also priced $8.99. I was lucky and found a pair of PJ shorts which were $8.99 as well.

  103. Trichelle says:

    Thanks Debbie, I’m at work now and can’t access facebook… but you can email me at trich101 (at), I can get that :) Thanks for the price updated :)

  104. I’m going this weekend and can’t wait! Haven’t seen to many people mention SIH which is what i’m looking for, anyone seen any?

    Also from my experience in the past, before you purchase, check all zippers, check for holes in pockets, rips or tears and if it’s suppose to have a strap, make sure it does. Have fun!

  105. Can we get into the sale tonight if we did not previously purchase a ticket? anybody :)

  106. Can you get into the sale today if you did not purchase a ticket yet?

  107. How are patterns holding out?? Is there one pattern that dominates and is available in most pieces? I know it seemed two years in a row they had tons and tons of puccini. Every piece was available in it. Just wondering what patterns will be around on Sunday. Thanks!

  108. Trichelle:

    It is hotter than an inferno on the shopping floor of the colisuem. The lines are in the hallways and temp. is fine there.

  109. Did you happen to see the price for the regular Wristlet??????

  110. Regular wristlets are $12.99.

  111. Do you happen to know the price of the tablet sleeve and the hanging organizer?

  112. The hanging organizer was $24.99.
    The large hobo and the side by side totes were $19.99 today

    We showed up at8:30 this am for our 11am session, ended up buying tkts for the 7:30 session and walked right in, then went back in line for the 11am session (line at that time was about 500 deep, but it grew. At the end of the 11 am session, which they extended by 15 mins, it was a madhouse! Sooooooo crowded compared to the end of the 7:30 session.

    Checkout moved quickly

    Couldn’t find beach towels or reusable shopping bags :(

    TONS of xl duffles at $39.99

    Lunch bags were still at $19.99, hoping they’ll get marked down tomorrow

    The reversible tote got marked down to $14.99! Great find

    Wanted to buy Xmas ornaments for gifts for tchrs and cam etc, but realized they all have2011 on them….so left them

    Will post more if I remember, I’m fried now!

  113. how long is the line for 6 pm??

  114. Went to the 11am session, we got there at 10 which was good because it was sold out. We got in around 11:30. A lot of stock, thought some of the prices were high. We had been in florida at outlet last year and some items were cheaper there. But there were still good deals, angle tote $20, reversible tote at 14.99, xlarge duffel 39.99. Our first time…had a lot of fun.

  115. Did anyone notice if they had flip flops left?

  116. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone see Morgans?

  117. Michelle says:

    Hi Ladies, I went to the 11a.m. session this morning. Just thought I would give you an update of what I saw. First of all there were tons of older patters available, sittin’ in a tree, loves me, Imperial Toile, Call me Coral, Make me Blush, Purple Punch, Simply Violet, Buttercup, Night and Day and Twirly Birds Navy and Pink. I also saw a lot of Lemon Parfait, English Meadow, Folkloric , Boysenberry, Deco Daisy, Viva la Vera and Watercolor. I also so bits and pieces in some of the newer colors!!! I saw some Safari Sunset, Mocha Rouge, Plum petals, Happy Snails, Floral Nightingale, Rhythm and Blues, Suzani, Rosy Posies, Ellie Blue, and Camellia. I was close to the front so I got in fairly quick…after a while it was hard to find the newer patterns. I was shocked at the variety of colors that were available. Now for the awesome deals!!! They had the XL Duffel for $39.99!! I’m not sure if it was like that the previous two days…but that is an amazing deal. Large Hobo’s and Side by Side totes were both $19.99. Reversible totes were $14.99 today. I think I saw Lisa B’s for about $12.99. They also had the Large Backpack in From A to Vera for $34.99 which is a great deal as it retailed for $128.00. I saw a little of everything…. They had some of the Beachy stuff from past seasons, Flip Flops, A lot of the Frill collection as well as a lot of the solid color stuff. I saw tons of stationary items, photo albums etc. I was still seeing stadium blankets laying around as I was leaving…and there were tons of sunglasses. I don’t remember prices on a lot of the stuff…but I will post the few things I do know (which is mostly what I bought). Keep in mind that there were still two more sessions after me so some of this may be gone by Saturday morning. I would imagine those who get through the door first on Saturday morning will still find tons of great stuff. Don’t forget to dig through the bins. I discarded tons of great stuff myself that I saw people snatch up as soon as I let it go. It’s a great way find things that are no longer on the tables. I’ll be going back on Sunday. I look forward to seeing the markdowns that happy tomorrow.
    Lanyard $4.99
    Frill Bracelets $2.99
    Rachel $14.99
    Travel Wallet $14.99
    On the Go $34.99
    Reversible Tote $ 14.99
    Side by Side $19.99
    Large Hobo ( I love this style) $19.99
    Pleated tote $39.99
    Tech Organizer $9.99
    Lizzy $32.99
    Front Row Wallet $12.99
    Bistro Clutch $14.99
    Flip Flops $7.99
    Deluxe Photo Album $9.99
    Baby Bag $49.99

    Hope this helps!!

  118. Michelle says:

    Yes there were lots of Morgans…mostly in older patterns because the Morgan has been retired for a while. I think they were in the $14.99-$19.99 range. :)

  119. Lots of flip flops, $7.99 at the 11 am session

  120. Does anyone happen to know what patterns they had in the grand traveler?


  121. Can the xl duffle be used as a carrion? Or too big?

  122. Went to the sale today. The organization was terrible. :( I was very disappointed. I couldn’t find anything and felt like it was a rat-race…..trying to find wallets to match purses, “like” items weren’t categorized together (i.e. Frill), etc. I hope they change the maps for next year.

  123. Jennifer says:

    Were there any Tour Date Duffels in A to Vera patterns today…or luggage in that pattern??

  124. Just an FYI — the E-reader cases are ringing up at $15.99, not $9.99 as stated on the price list. I could have sworn that the sign on the table said $9.99, but when my group went back to Customer Service to complain after seeing the higher price on our receipts, the woman at the counter said they had actually just price-checked the cases just 10 minutes before, and that $15.99 was the correct price. I can’t recall the price of the tablet cases, but I would imagine it’s a similar price.

    At the 2:30pm session, Betsy/Little Betsy and Mandy/Little Mandy were marked down. I got a Betsy for $24.99, but I’m not sure if that’s the same for the other 3 bags as well.

  125. Jennifer — I can’t recall if I saw any duffels, but there were quite a few A to Vera pieces of luggage. They were *very* popular and I saw a lot of ladies carrying them around the floor (usually filled to the brim with merchandise).

  126. Michelle says:

    Did anyone see any ditty bags????? If so how much??????

  127. Anonymous says:

    I saw ditty bags for i think 12.99 or 9.99!

  128. Do they have any 27″ spinners in Mocha Rouge? Any ditty bags in MR also?

  129. Richelle says:

    Grand Travelers were available in Folkloric and Blue Lagoon as of yesterday’s 11 am session. They were still running at $80.

  130. Just saw on twitter that someone posted the line is “unreal” at 5am (Saturday). Anyone there?? Please, please post about selection and price for those who might make the pilgrimage on Sunday……..Thanks so much!!

  131. Stephanie H says:

    We had a wonderful time at the 6:00 session on Friday!! The stock was wonderful and everything was well organized. I got everything I was looking for and much more! Good luck this weekend ladies.

  132. Greetings from the hotel overlooking the coliseum. The parking lot doesnt seem to be too full. This is my 5th yr. 2010 was terrible as far as the line went just to get in. our
    Plan is to take our time this morning as we found the last few years by mid afternoon, the lines to get in were much less. So, I will post more later!

  133. Sitting in line to get in….not near as bad as years past. Although something tells me that I’ll still have to wait in line for an hour to get in. Oh well…it’s worth the pilgrimage from Georgia!

  134. Good Morning..What is the line like? My daughter is driving from Valpo University
    to go to the sae this morning. Just wondering how long we will have to wait to get in.Thanks so much:) Enjoy

  135. We are in line inside downstairs. The downstairs line is full and now people coming in are going into the line upstairs. They said once the upstairs line is full they will be outside until the downstairs line empties.

  136. Must be alot of good deals! Haven’t seen any updates from shoppers in a while……

  137. Just saw on twitter that Saddle Up bags are 19.99, Tote is 19.99. Can someone let us know other markdowns and things that were sold out…..

  138. We have finally made it back to the hotel. I didn’t see anything marked down anymore that what has already been posted. I did not see any Mini Hipsters and also the regular Hipster was still 34.99 and they only had 2 colors. They did have a tob of the XL Duffles when we were there and a steal @ $39.99. I felt bad for the people in line still to get in. When we were leaving which was around 12:00 – 12:30 the line upstairs was being let in and the inside line downstairs was full adn the line outside was halfway around the building and then coming back again towards the front.

    The amount of people this year was just crazy. They had a lot of newer patterns though. I did not however see any baroque. I got quite a bit of deco daisy, plum petals, camellia, english meadow, hello dahlia, twirly birds pink, and of course puccini in everything. They also had quite a few styles in mocha rouge.

    Happy shopping all and I will be back tomorrow to see what other deals I can snag!!!!

  139. Thanks so much for the update Tina! What two colors were the hipsters???

  140. Going tomorrow – hoping they still have Gallery Wallet in Lemon Parfait..

  141. I decided not to go this year. The price of gas, wear on the vehicle and the amoutof savings were really not worth it for me. Especially now that vera has specials on their website.

    One thing that irritates me is the amount items showing up on ebay. I wish that people wouldn’t do that but that is the nature of the beast.

  142. Tina, thanks so much for your update. According to twitter, people are in very long lines outside in the rain and complaining. What time did you arrive to get in line today??

  143. Cindy what twitter are you following ? I just made an account in hopes of following the sale. Thanks

  144. Cindy the hipsters were the old purple paisley pattern and forget me not. We got in line at 8:30 this morning and inside shopping by 9:30.

  145. Cristie, I go to the vera bradley twitter page and then click on #vbos in some of the postings. That link then takes you to another section and shows current postings from shoppers.

    Tina: Thanks for the update. My daughter really had her heart set on a mini hipster this year and it looks like that is not going to happen. Thought maybe the bigger hipster might be one she would like.

  146. Tina: How was the selection of colors for the XL duffle?? Thanks!

  147. Thanks everyone for the updates! I just updated the price list above with the information everyone has provided. They made more than 80 markdowns before opening this morning, so some of the items on the list may be even less than marked above. I haven’t made it to the sale yet, but the day is not over yet! :)

  148. Dawn: Was worried when we did not see any posts from your earlier. Thought you might be buried under a pile of purses!

  149. Cindy they had a lot of colors in the xl duffle. I think they pretty much had every colt except baroque or camille. They did have mocha rouge and some other new colors.

  150. Cindy, I wish! The sale just fell on the absolute worst week for me – have been incredibly busy with family and kids’ school obligations. I think next year I’m just going to stay in the hotel across from the Coliseum and not let anyone in my family know where I’m at! LOL! :)

  151. Bonnie Lange says:

    We got to The Coliseum at a little after 7am. We were the 1st line upstairs towards the front. By 8am they had completed a 2nd line upstairs and and a 3rd line downstairs then outside We got to the shopping floor at 8:30. Inventory was still decent except for the From A to Vera rolling luggage and duffle, those were going fast. The majority of the Frill shoulder bags were $9.99 and was the Knot clutch. I thought it was funny that the XL duffles were cheaper than the lg ones. Definitely the deal this year. The lg canvas resort totes were down to $29.00 and going fast. Checkout was a breeze this year. We walked out of the sale at 10am and the line was still out the door and still was at 3pm when we went by to head home. I feel the sale was a huge success this year. By the way I have a Attaché in Forkloric that I am looking to sell if anyone is interested.

  152. Bonnie: Do you remember seeing any additional markdown items or great deals not listed above??

  153. When we left the sale around 12:30 or so they were bringing out carts and carts of the rolling luggage in the A to Vera. people were snatching them up as quickly as they were bringing them out but it seemed like they had a lot of them and a ton of the rolling duffles in A to Vera.

    The XL duffle definately was the deal this year. I had one and then decided not to get it as it was just way too big for what I needed as it is a huge duffle.

  154. Also, any notice any little deals on stationary items? I know one year they had some planners and things for $2 and under??

  155. Did anyone see any princess bags or bitty bags? Do you know what the prices were? I am hoping to get birthday presents for my nieces.

  156. Hi everyone! I’m in line waiting to check out. I will have some markdown updates when I get home. I need to fix the price for On the Go – it’s still $34.99 (not $19.99). As far as the stationary, I didn’t see many markdowns on it, although tomorrow could be a different story! :)

  157. Bonnie Lange says:

    Brandi, I don’t remember seeing the little princess but the other small signature bags were $19.99 which I thought was bit much. They had ditty bags but the only ones I priced were the From A to Vera, they were $4.99 and they couldnt put them out fast enough. Cindy, passport covers were $12.99, wristlets $12.99, paper plates and napkins $1.99, wine bottle covers $4.99 and serving trays $3.99…I want to go back tomorrow but already were there Friday and today. I really want to keep my marriage in tact but dang I luv Vera Bradley

  158. Bonnie Lange says:

    Dawn, what time r u going tomorrow? Towards the beginning or end?

  159. Bonnie, thanks so much! I am so excited to head to my first sale tomorrow!

  160. Dawn-thank-you for taking the time to give us prices for the sale and for letting us post back our finds. It was my first outlet sale and I was able to get deals! Thanks Dawn for all you do!

  161. Sorry about the price on the On the Go. It was a crazy day today. I could not believe the amount of people there this year compared to last year.

  162. What is the big deal about the ditty bag??? I really don’t get it??!

  163. It don’t even have a handle !!! It’s stupid!! Roll tide!!

  164. Did anyone see any tennis bags?

  165. How does it work on Sunday? Do they only allow a certain number of people in at a time, how long can you stay? We went on friday and were going to try and get in tomorrow on our way home to ohio.

  166. I just updated the price list with the deals from Saturday night (not sure what they will be in the morning though!) Markdown items were mainly signature bags and totes. There were very few markdowns for the specialty items (i.e. microfiber). Also, there were not very many markdowns for the accessories (i.e. wallets and cases) and stationary. There was still a great variety of patterns left, especially in the XL Duffels and Angle Totes.

    Believe it or not, they still had the A to Vera Frill luggage available! I think every other person in line had at least one of the rolling cases.

    It wasn’t too busy tonight, although I heard there were long lines this morning and afternoon. I arrived there shortly before 7:00 p.m., and the parking lot scared me – until I realized there was also a big Komet hockey game going on! I was able to walk right in, and it wasn’t crowded at all, although the checkout line was l-o-n-g!

    Bonnie, If I go tomorrow, it will be in the afternoon. If anyone goes in the morning, be sure to give us an update!

    Anna, I don’t remember seeing any tennis bags, but if anyone else saw them, hopefully they will leave a note here.

  167. Claudia, You can stay until the sale closes (at 5:00 p.m.) There may be a line to wait to get into the sale – they can only let in a certain number of shoppers for safety reasons, so sometimes there are long waits on general admission days. Have fun if you go tomorrow! :)

  168. Hi there! The bookbag was marked down to 29.99 today. They completely sold out of both the backpack and bookbag around noon today. We spent 2 days at the sale. This was our 5th year! Your updates are great! Thank you!

  169. Thank you for the updates dawn, we went to two ticketed sessions and also today to the open admission! What a rush!,I spent $834.91! But if I had paid retail for it all, it would have been $1643!

    As a side note, I picked up an extra carry it all wristlets in very berry paisley, ( the new one with the strap over the cell phone area). Don’t need it, but I AM looking for an accordion wallet in buttercup or twirly birds pink……


    Loved VBOS thanks for everyone’s input!

  170. Did anyone see any of the mailbag style? I love that bag and w as sad to see it disappear.

  171. Is it worth going if I can’t get there until noon? I have never been before and reading all the posts wants to make me leave after church and drive the 2 hours?

  172. Brandi,

    They did have mailbags but I only saw the puccini pattern and I don’t recall the price on them.

  173. So who is headed to the sale today? I am about 53 miles away! So excited!

  174. I will be there this afternoon, however from what I hear it seems to be a lot of people in line since earlt this morning. Last year when I went in the afternoon we just walked right in no line and it was great. I don’t think it will be like that this year.

  175. I am here now and there are a million people! lol. So where were the a to Vera luggage pieces? In the luggage section or the a to Vera section?

  176. How bad are the lines to get in? We are 30 minutes away!

  177. The bottom level is totally full and now they are forming a line upstairs. Honestly, I am really confused on where we get in. There are 2 lines on each level.

  178. I am on level 2 and the line in my area has just started to move. :)

  179. Brandi, yesterday they were staging groups upstairs and downstairs. Once you get in the building, they rotate the groups in order for that line to get in. So for example. All of the upstairs will go in, then they’ll fill the upstairs agai. With outside people, then the next group to go in will be downstairs, then they’ll fill downstairs with outside and let the upstairs group in and so on. That’s how it was yesterday anyway.

    I wouldn’t trust the,map too much any,ore, yesterday they ran out of bookbags and filled that table with the honor roll in frill, I’m sure as they run out of stuff they’ll fill in with other things they have lots of.

    The a to Vera luggage has been on the tables to the far left when you go in. They had two different kinds of rolling bags, a backpack and several different totes yesterday.

    Have fun!

  180. How bad is the line? Thanks

  181. Long line outside but moving fast, were inside within 10 minutes!

  182. Ok, inside doesn’t mean “in”. In a line that has not moved in 30 minutes… At all.

  183. Floors which we will move down to. Is this really worth it??

  184. The upstairs line goes obedient it does jot get moved to downstairs. They fill both areas and let in one group at a time. They alternate. So when the downstairs goes in they fill that with new people coming in and then when the next group can go in the upstairs goes in you don’t wait in both lines.

  185. The markdowns today were definately not worth the line wait. Only picked up a couple things today. The markdowns last year were so much better.

  186. Spent 2 1/4 jours in line to pay, but deals were good. So glad it’s over, now for our 4 hour ride home. Huge Thank you to Dawn, it would have been a totally different experience without your blog.

  187. Dawn, thanks for a great blog! I had a great first sale. I was pleased with the selection and the prices. I saw a woman in line with a backpack in Night Owl. I was hoping she would ditch it so that I could snatch it up, but no luck.

  188. Bonnie Lange says:

    Brandi, did u get the luggage? Was it marked down from $49.99?

  189. First of all, a big thank you to Dawn and all the other people for all of your wonderful updates this week about the sale. I really looked forward to read them.

    Went today and had a great time. Alot of the stationary including note cards, gift sets, pencils, notebooks, journals, etc. was marked .99 to 1.99. A ton of great teacher & misc. gifts. Saw a ton of people grabbing and pushing employee to get a purse called, knot just a clutch for 3.99. At one point lady on stage made an annoucement that everyone needed to back away for the safety of workers (reminded me of the crazy days of old McAlpin’s department stores moonlight madness sales). Reversible tote was marked down to 9.99. Had a ton of backpacks this morning for 29.99. Grabbed one for daughter and her friend got one. They got matching lunch bags. They were so excited the entire day, until when we went to check out and were told the backpacks were 69.99! They were not the ones for 29.99 although I swear this morning the sign was on that table first thing right at opening. Needless to say we did not get it and I was really bummed that most of our early time was spent getting something that we could not get in the end. Another really cute item was a pieces call All wrapped up. It was a little case for makeup or jewelry and they were 4.99. Did not realize it until we were well on our way home and my friend show it to me. Could kick myself for not getting one these! Also, my daughter really wanted a tech organizer and those were long gone as well. Only got one thing on our list of 8 things but still managed to get other great items. Also, the not so great was reaching into a box to get a purse someone returned and felt my upper arm pop. It was a really weird pain and when we got home, my friend who is a surgery nurse said it very well could be a small tear in my bicep. Off to get a hot shower, take some tylenol and ice my arm.

  190. Also, if anyone kindly has an extra tech organizer, please let me know. Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  191. Thanks everyone for the updates!! Cindy, I hope your arm feels better in the morning!

  192. Anonymous says:

    I ended up passing on the luggage. They had plenty, but they were smaller than I was picturing. I did however get the laptop travel tote in From A to Vera for $19.99. Once home I looked at the VB website and the bag is listed for $51! Score!

    Yikes Cindy, hope the arm is okay! My upper arms and feet are sore this morning. lol

  193. Did anyone see the sale dates for next year?

  194. Anonymous says:

    The sale for 2013 is April 10-14.

  195. Forgot I am on a different computer, the anonymous comments above are from me.

  196. Now that it is over even with the higher prices from last years sale I still had a great time and got a lot of great items in the patterns I wanted. The only thing is I did want to get more of the Lisa B but they were gone fast in any good pattern. I was able to find one in my dumpster dive adventure in purple punch!!

    I am looking forward to next years sale. I think next year though I am going to change up the stratefy a little and go to the sale on Friday late afternoon and then late afternoon again on Saturday to avoid the long lines. We always hit the sale on Sunday before we head home to see what deals we can find.

    Which Sunday this year I was able to score some flip flops for $4.99 they had a ton of them so I was even able to get the pattern I wanted!!

    Great site Dawn!!! I look forward to reading your updates and other shopper comments to help me strategize my shopping.

    See you all next year!!!!!

  197. I was looking and looking through those cheap flip flops, but nothing for my big feet! :)

    I found it interesting that purses were marked down quite a bit, but the wallets and cosmetic bags were not. In most cases they were more expensive than the purse. Is this typical for the sale?

  198. I attended the sale on Friday morning and had a great time! Although I got home and decided that I really should have gotten a tote! Does anyone have an extra that they are willing to sell? I’m interested in a tote, pleated tote or a go round tote. I’m pretty open to all patterns! Just send me an email! (:

    efrusti94 (at)


  199. DeclutterDiane says:

    Thanks, Dawn, for posting the tips! I went this year on Saturday and had a great time. Lines were VERY LONG at 11:30 — they wrapped around the indoor exterior walkway of the arena area for two floors. The wait, though, was probably less than an hour and once it started moving, it went quickly. Lots of bathrooms, luckily. One of my friends can’t walk very far, so it was difficult for her, but everybody else made it easily. Once inside, it was nicely organized. As suggested, I immediately went for the rolling A to Vera luggage and then filled it up! I’m putting on a bridal shower so I bet my guests will be thrilled at what I got for favors: Coaster sets (for 99 cents!) and wrapped Happy Hour Sets (coasters, cocktail napkins, place cards) for $1.99!! I’m debating whether to take off the original prices … ; ) Then at checkout, I ditched the rolling luggage. A worker goes around and takes away everything people decide not to buy and then shoppers in line end up checking those bins. No one need worry — they restock constantly and I’m sure that even the sunday folks had a lot to choose from!! Can’t wait for next year!!!

  200. Are you going to this years sale 2013? Do you know any prices yet?