Outlet Sale Closes Early on Friday

Yikes, I just saw this on Vera Bradley’s Twitter feed:

Thanks for making this a record-breaking Sale! We’re closing the doors for the day. Come this weekend! Saturday 8am-8pm, Sunday 10am-5pm.

I’m going to keep this short.  I have to get dinner started for my crew (kiddos and husband), but I wanted to get the word out.  If you were planning to go this evening, it’s time to make different plans.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be better!


  1. They also just announced that if you have a coupon for today, they will honor it tomorrow.

  2. Not a great day for many of us Vera Bradley fans. I kept checking for a Twitter update from VB after the one around 11 a.m. saying the wait to get in was a “few” hours. Because yesterday I had read that there was a long wait to get it, but no line later in the day, I decided to leave my house in Kalamazoo (2 hours from Ft. Wayne) at 2:30 p.m. for a 4:30 arrival at the sale. As I pulled into the coliseum parking lot I noticed a lot of cars leaving….and thought that was a good sign. However, I soon learned that those people were being turned away just like I was going to be. The lady collecting parking money told me they were not letting anyone else in because there was still a three hour wait, and that I should pull thru and exit. Well, at least I didn’t have to pay the $4 parking fee and didn’t lose my preregistration since I had not preregistered.
    I know Vera Bradley Inc. does not owe us anything, but poor planning on their part (why were the coupons only good on Friday?) has inconvenienced and disappointed a lot of people. If you advertise that a sale is open until 8 p.m., why are you closing it at 4:30? Why didn’t they send out tweets updating how long the line was? I would not have gone if I had been informed at 2:30 that the line was still three hours long.
    I don’t think I’ll ever bother going to a Vera Bradley outlet sale again. And now that most of their products are made in China, I may just need to stop buying them. Sorry to be such a downer, but this may have been the wake-up call I needed to stop collecting more purses than I really need.

  3. Bad news and stay away. Are those things any retailer wants to hear. I do not understand the pre registration process, other than you got my money. I couldn’t get in and you certainly didn’t restrict anyone who didn’t preregister. There was not a separate line for preregister, I waited in the long line 2x. I came Friday morning. I paid 8.00 to park (preferred lot, The line was around the builiding and wrapped around the whole parking lot. After waiting in line for a hour, we left hoping that the line would thin out, We returned at 2:30, and the line was still to the end of the parking lot but the snake line around the building was gone. I paid another 4.00 to park, (the non prefered lot), we were told by the parking attendent it was less than an hour wait. We waited amost 2 hours to be from the back of the line to the sidewalk before the doors. Not one opportunity to shop, out $12.00 to park and $10.00 for my sisters and my registration fee, not including all the other expense to drive 4 hours to this sale. I feel robbed. I am not a Vera die hard, but my sister is, knows every pattern and when they retired the pattern. So we were both disapointed. I would recommend; stay away. From some of the comments of people exiting with a bag, “not worth the wait outside or in the checkout’ You can purchase Vera online EBay just as cheap as inside the sale. If I or any other consumer preregistered and they have not activated our preregistration bar code thru check out. We deserve a refund, a free gift, an apology and take this as a lesson learned. Vera got richer and didn’t have to deliver anything in return to loyal customer base. Fraud to the million degree.

  4. I thought the preregistration was for breast cancer awareness, which is a very worthy cause. Think of it as a donation to help research and others and it might not feel so bad. I feel bad for everyones disappointments.

  5. Hi Liane,

    A few years back, there was a special Foundation fundraiser day, where anyone that wanted to go to the sale had to have a ticket. Ticket sales were used as a fundraiser.

    Registration is different. Basically, it’s used to enforce the purchase limit of $2500.00.

  6. We were like Anne. This is my 5th time at the sale and I have always gone on Friday after my kids get out of school so they can go. Did the same thing this year to arrive as we always have. 3 hour drive from Ohio. Got there at 4:50 to have the “guard” tell us to circle out and leave that they shut the show down at 4:30 due to too many people. Then when I see that some people got there at like 5:30 and they let them in, that makes me even madder. My hubby and I both took a half day of vacation, spent 6 hours round trip, a tank of gas all just to take our kids to IHOP for dinner. And the “you can use the coupon on Saturday” doesn’t intice me at all as I had a dog at home that would need let out and wasn’t going to add the cost of a hotel to the trip too. Just ridiculous!! So today I went to a Stephanie Dawn truck show and used my set aside Vera money there. They are still American made in Ohio in fact so I will buy from them from now on. I understand not all of this was Vera’s fault but still very very poor planning and horrible customer service to just allow the Friday coupon to be used on Sat. That is not customer service to keep me as a customer.

  7. MyTimeIsWorthMore says:

    Is Vera Bradley a religion? If not, then time to grow a brain. Hours to stand in line for some not so great deals – see price list. I would rather just go to Jefferson Pointe, pay my full price for the pattern I want, and go home. Or better yet go online, and spend a buck or two more for the same items at the sale, (sometimes even the same price as at the outlet sale) and never have to be treated like a herd of cattle at the Coliseum. Even if it is $40 or $50 more, my time is worth more than ten bucks an hour just to set foot inside the sale, and then another couple hours for the privledge of checking out. These girly, french provincial fabric products that fray and wear out are just not worth it! ‘The vast majority of their fabrics make me want to puke! Since they hit the market, there has been no more than 4 or 5 fabrics that had any class to them – most are just over the top disgusting! The people who all registered for the Friday sale – just to save 5 bucks, did not think through to its logical end what was going to happen when VB ‘over commited’ capacity for that day. Show Vera Bradley that you don’t have to act like cult members – lining up to drink the Kool-Aid. You can bet that Pat and Barbara are laughing at you, all the way to the bank.

  8. MyTimeIsWorthMore,

    Okay. I considered deleting your post. Obviously, you don’t much care for Vera Bradley products, and that’s your choice. You are free to express that sentiment here. However, if you post again, please refrain from personal attacks. Although you may not care to wait in long lines and attend the sale, others do enjoy going – and no, they are not drinking any special “Kool-Aid” and they are not acting “like cult members”. There are people willing to spend hours in line to buy tickets to concerts, or drive hours to go to sporting events – this really is no different. Many people enjoy the sale, enjoy the bargains, and yes, even a crazy few enjoy the lines. If it’s not for you, that’s fine, but there is no reason to degrade others who do look forward to attending the sale.

  9. Very nice response, Dawn. Thank you.

  10. Shelley says:

    Last year was my first time attending the Outlet sale – My family and I (8 of us) drove from Columbus Ohio for a girls day out to attend the Sale – Last year we walked right in – this year we left Ohio at 5:30am and got into the parking lot at 9:00am just to wait 2.5 hours – but I will say that it was a long wait but we made it fun!! I am an EMT and I had to help a lady who passed out while we were waiting in line. I am sorry to see negative responses from people – its all in how you make it!! Thanks Dawn also for your response!!

  11. Nancy Bowen says:

    I purchased a Bucket Tote at the Outlet sale on Thursday only to get home to find one of the snap closures missing. Any ideas on what I can do, I bought it as a gift for a friend but don’t want to give it as is. Thanks

  12. Hi Nancy, That’s a bummer! Because there are factory seconds at the sale (and all sales are final), I always closely inspect the items before checking out. I have found a few items that with defects, but so far have been lucky with what I bring home. If you don’t sew or know someone who does, you might be able to take it to an alteration shop/tailor. I’m not sure how much they would charge, but I think they should be able to replace the snap fairly easily and inexpensively. Hope that helps! And if anyone else has an idea for Nancy, please leave a note here in the comments…

  13. If all else fails I would try selling it on Ebay. You may not get what you payed for it but their are people out there who would be willing to purchase it at the right price so that they could fix it themselves. Good Luck!

  14. A friend and I traveled 10 hours for the sale. It was our first time to experience the “VB Madness.” We did have to wait a long time on Friday to enter the sale and to check out. We had prepared ourselves for anything. We also had a fabulous time. The good folks at Vera Bradley had no way of knowing exactly when people were going to show up. All of the staff was extremely nice and helpful. While not all products were a particularly fabulous deal, when I look at my total purchases as a whole I averaged 75% off. That is a great deal in my book. A few friends gave me cash to shop for them and were very pleased with what I brought back for them. I am going to attend next years sale…with bells on.

  15. I went to the sale on Thursday and I had a great experience! Granted this was my first time there so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I am really curious about how the sale was on Sunday. Could someone post some info about the lines, wait time, prices and selection? The reason I ask is because I was considering going on Sunday this year but it just didn’t work out but I am thinking ahead to next year. Thanks!

  16. FYI…We traveled over ten hours (4 states away) to attend the outlet sale on Saturday. Waited 2.5 hours in line and got in to find that many of the items were sold out and others only available in one fabric that apparently no one wanted (Puccini) Talked to a Vera employee who said they were sorry but were overwhelmed by the response. Markdowns were minimal…at most 50%, but many things not even that. Went to the checkout line and took another 1.5 hours to check out. Came outside and saw the long line still winding around the entire parking lot. Heard later that some people waited in line for 6.5 hours that day only to have the whole thing close down before they got in. While sometimes things like that can be considered a “fun experience”, I really think the Vera company messed up and should reexamine their plan. Pre registration numbers should have clued them in as to how many people would be coming. Preregistering should have given customers a specific hour to shop on a specific day, and limit the number of people there at any given time to adhere to fire codes. They should have continued to put items out all day, every few hours, instead of allowing greedy people to get all the great selections. Sleeping in the parking lot, waiting in line for hours to see a two hour, one-time concert is not the same as a four day multi-million dollar outlet sale. If they have that much product, they can distribute it more evenly over the days to give everyone a little enjoyment. However, if all they are doing is trying to make a buck and they don’t care about their customers….well, I’d say it was a grand success!

  17. Bonnie says:

    Never again will I go to the outlet sale !! 3 hours to get in, 2 hrs. 45 minutes to check out. THEN , they have the nerve to let an AARP group come in the back, and directly onto the sales floor, then AHEAD of everyone for checkout !! And believe you me, not everyone in their group was over 50 !! I picked up two kisslock coin purses that will not open without a crowbar – no exaggeration – mu husband and son (who is a body builder ) both tried to open them. My husband said the closures were machined wrong. Also, I think they let the “gathering on the floor” get out of hand – the year before they had someone on the P.A. continually telling people to not sit on the floor. And why don’t they have special hours for seniors and the disabled ? We followed a woman in a wheelchair who should have been allowed in ahead of the crowd. The whole time I was there, I saw ONE coliseum security person and ONE cop. Unbelievable !!!!!