Patterns & More at the 2011 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

I promised I would provide another update about the 2011 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, and I’m finally now doing it!  First of all, if you have not read my post from earlier today, check it out because it has the price list for many of the items at the sale.

Some have commented that the prices seem a little high compared to prior years, and for the most part, I have to agree.  Looking at the price list from last year, it seems that many of the signature handbag styles were priced $5 to $10 higher this year, although a few styles were about the same.  The Reversible Totes were my favorite bargain today, at just $25.99 this year (compared to $35.00 in 2010).  Prices on the wallets, stationary, and accessories were comparable to last year.

As far as patterns, I think this year had the greatest variety I have ever seen at the outlet sale!  I saw Java Blue, Sittin’ in a Tree, Paprika, Loves Me, Blue Rhapsody, Carnaby, Purple Punch, Calypso, Twirly Birds Navy, Twirly Birds Pink, Bali Blue, Bali Gold, and Imperial Toile. For newer patterns (which usually sell out quickly), I saw Night & Day, Slate Blooms, Very Berry Paisley, Baroque, and Folkloric. There were also some older patterns too (probably left over from last year’s outlet sale), including Puccini, Pirouette, and Frankly Scarlet. I’m sure I left some out too!

In addition to the signature patterns, there were tables full of the specialty collections – microfiber, nylon, frill. There was tons of stationary this year too – pencils and pens, notebooks and journals, binders and binder clips, bulletin boards, gift wrap, shopping and gift bags.  They also had rolling luggage, something I have not seen in prior years.  However, it was a little expensive yet (at least for those of us on a budget!).  There were several tables filled with wallets, cosmetic cases, hanging organizers, curling iron covers, tech cases, and more.  I think I could babble on like this forever, so instead, I will post a few pictures from today.  Enjoy!

I always get a new Hipster at the Outlet Sale

I love Bowlers, but at $39.99, I had to pass (maybe this weekend!)

Ooh...lots and lots of Vera Bradley wallets!

Something new at the sale - luggage!

Make sure you are registered before you head to the checkout!

Mark your calendars: 2012 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale is 4/11-4/15

Well, that’s all I have for right now.  I also have a few items that I picked up at the sale today that I plan to give away here on my blog – make sure you check back in!  Also, if you feel like chatting about your time at the 2011 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, leave your comment below.  I will be checking in off an on to chat and answer any questions that I can.


  1. Did you see any beach towels?

  2. Thank u so much for doing all this. I have been going to the show for several hrs now and I always check out your blog b4 going. My question is what is the merchandise tent in the parking lot? Is that stuff marked down 2 or is it all regular price

    Thanks again

  3. Opps…yrs not hrs

  4. I saw a few beach towels in one print that was red and black, not very summery…. the tent in the parking lot was all full priced things , newer items… I was able
    to snag a boysenberry bag, which I was excited about because it’s newer… my favorite bargain was the reversible totes too! I got very berry paisley! I was most happy with the variety of patterns this year… prices were higher this year but I got some items I really wanted and am happy with what I got…. sometimes when the prices are too low I think I over do it a little bit haha!

  5. Did they have the diaper bags? Im going friday at 6am to get in line hope they have diaper bags!!!

  6. @ Kel They had baby bags for $49.99. I didn’t see too many people buying (probably because the price was a little high). Hopefully they will mark them down by Friday, and you will still have a good selection to pick from. Have fun at the sale!

  7. I am going on Sunday for the first time ever. Anyone know the best time to go? I think it starts at 10am? I’m really excited.

  8. vera fan says:

    Did they have any of the beach bags?
    and Was there only the rolling luggage in 1 print? and 1 size?

  9. Thank dawn!! Do you recommend what time we should go Friday morning? We are staying about 10 minute’s away in a hotel i was told to get there at least by 6 to get in line. Would 530 be too early?

  10. @ jen04rn It does start at 10 am on Sunday. If it were me, I would probably try to be there around 8 am in order to get in when they open.

    @ vera fan I think I remember seeing beach bags. The rolling luggage was available in a few different prints and sizes. I also remember seeing some people rolling around microfiber luggage. A lot of it was in boxes, and I did not take a good look at it because it was not marked down enough yet for me.

    @ Kel 5:30 won’t be too early. There will probably be people camping out there all night!

  11. Thanks! So I take it we can get in the parking lot anytime? Thats crazy to camp out but hey im sure those people get the best stuff! Its my first time so sorry for the questions :)

    Your website is so helpful thanks again!!!!

  12. I don’t think you should have any problems getting into the parking lot. In fact, you might even be able to avoid paying their $4.00 parking fee, although I think the parking booth attendants get there very early in the morning. The attendant I talked to yesterday gave me the impression she had been there since 5:00 a.m.

  13. They had a small amount of cupcake green and pink and Mediterranean white and blue They also had the newer Blue Lagoon and boysenberry. Today’s deals were slim- 29.99 for hipster, 18.99 for lunch bag, so mark downs were only a few bucks. Easy in and out though. Well worth the 5.00

  14. I must say my experiance today was so much better than last year! The prices where higher than I liked, but the pattern selection was good. I was very excited to get some pieces in buttercup :)

  15. Michelle S says:

    We had a blast and overspent as usual. This was our 3rd year and definitely was more well organized than last year. Unfortunately for our husbands the bag and color selection was the best we have ever seen.

  16. Thanks everyone for the updates!

  17. Dawn, Will you post a copy of the 2012 brochure for the outlet sale on line. We are coming from Knoxville tomorrow and it would be nice to look the brochure over.