Price List for the 2010 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

I know everyone has been anxiously waiting to see the price list for the2010 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale (me included!). The sale officially kicks off Thursday morning, April 29, 2010. Anyway, I was able to get a peek at a copy of the price list, and here are the starting prices. As a side note, many of these items will be discounted even more as the sale progresses over the next few days.


Garment Bag $49
Large Duffel $49
Miller Bag $45
Small Duffel $39
Super Tote $39
Weekender $55


Amy $12
Audrey $12
Baby Bag $49
Backpack $35
Betsy $29
Bowler $27
Bucket Tote $27
Gabby $23
Handbag $19
Hannah $12
Hipster $25
Holiday Tote $15
Katie $7
Libby $19
Lisa B $29
Little Betsy $19
Maggie $35
Mailbag $25
Messenger $32
Mini Hipster $19
Mini Laptop Case $29
Morgan $23
Olivia $15
On The Go $23
Pleated Tote $39
Reversible Tote $35
Saddle Up $35
Small Tic Tac Tote $15
Stephanie $39
Tall Zip Tote $25
Tiki Clutch $25
Tiki Tote $39
Tote $22
Vera $39
Villager $35

Whew!  That’s not all – here’s more…


All in One Wristlet $20
Belts (all styles) $1
Brush & Pencil $9
Checkbook Cover $9
Clip Zip ID $6
Clutch Wallet $15
Coin Purse $7
Cool Keeper $8
Curling Iron Cover $12
Ditty Bag $15
Double Eye $9
Euro Wallet $12
Eyeglass Case $6
Hanging Organizer $24
Hard Sunglass Case $12
Jewelry Book $25
Jewelry Box $19
Large Cosmetic $12
Let’s Do Lunch $19
Medium Cosmetic (all styles) $11
Mini Cooler $15
Mini Zip Wallet $10
Patchwork Coin $8
Pleated Headband $8
Pocket Wallet $8
Readers Case $4
Skinny Headband $6
Sleek Wallet $19
Small Cosmetic (all styles) $10
Taxi Wallet $15
Tech Case $10
Travel Cosmetic $19
Turn Lock Wallet $25
Wristlet $12
Zip Eyeglass Case $7
Zip ID Case $6
Zip Sunglass Case $7
Zip Around Wallet $15


Napkin $2
Placemat $5
Stocking $10

This is not everything that is available. There are also tables with nylon and frill bags, sunglasses, and stationary. I’m sure there are other items with limited stock quantities that are also not listed here.

According to Debbie, one of our visitors here who attended the Friends and Family Sale, a special preview event held on Wednesday evening and reserved for Vera Bradley employees, their families, and Foundation sponsors, there were tables set up outside the main sale area, as you exit to the checkout area, that had the following items:

Note Cubes $1
Tape Measures $2
Pencils $4
Journals $3
Mirrors $2

That’s all I know right now. If I get any more information about the prices at the 2010 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, I will pass it along, either in the comments below or as a new post. Also, if anyone else wants to add updates or comments about the sale below, feel free – I love to hear about all the bargains everyone finds!


  1. Thanks so much for taking time to post the list. I appreciate it!

  2. Dawn, you are the best for taking time to do that! I love your website, I have been here before but it was awhile back, I’ll have to stop by more often and see what others are thinking about Vera Bradley!

    I love the sale and all the energy and excitement that it creates, I could just sit there and talk to people all day, I hope everyone has a really great time there!! :-)

  3. Does anyone know what time the doors open to get in the building? I know the doors to the sale opens at 8am just wondering what time we can get in line and be inside the building.

  4. Thanks So much for the price list!
    ~Teresa not sure what time the doors open but we walked right in around 6:30am last year.

  5. Does anyone know what patterns are available?

  6. Are any of the new patterns available? I’m looking for Night and Day, Simpley Violet, Call me Coral, Totally Turz and Paprika.
    Any beach towels this year? Love them!

  7. I saw some Totally Turquoise, Paprika and Call Me Coral in limited amounts and some of the other newer patterns but I didn’t see Night & Day or Simply Violet. ( Unless they were already stuffed into a big pink bag ) :-)

    The beach towel table was empty already when I got to it but maybe they have more to pull out for today.

  8. Thanks Debbie!

  9. Hi!

    I am so excited about going tonight and tomorrow!! Does anyone know if they have a “deal of the day” for today? Like last year when I went there was a specific purse that was $10 for that day only… Just wondering! Thanks for all the good information :)

  10. Oops I forgot to ask…. Anyone seeing Java Blue?? I am meeting my sister there (I’m driving from Ohio and she is coming from Va) at 6:30 tonight.. Hopefully there is still some newer patterns left! Thanks!

    • Thanks everyone for all the updates! I was planning to hit the sale first thing this morning, but wouldn’t you know, my oldest is home sick today with a stomach bug! I was planning to go when my husband came home from work tonight, but I just heard that there is a 3-4 hour wait to get in already. Crazy! Usually the first day isn’t too bad, but apparently this year is different!

      I have Grandma lined up tomorrow as a sitter, so I will be going first thing Friday. That means all of you have to stay home tomorrow morning – I don’t want to have to wait in huge lines! Just kidding :-) Well, about all of you staying home – not kidding about the lines though, although it is just part of the experience, isn’t it? At least the weather forecasts are good. I would much rather wait outside in the sunshine than the rain.

  11. I am hoping the lines have gotten shorter since earlier this afternoon! We won’t be able to get there any earlier than 4:30. Has anyone heard any update on the lines?

  12. Keep posting prints people!!!! I’m leaving at 6:30 am tomorrow from NW OH. CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  13. I saw Java Blue but in limited amounts. I had 8 placemats last night but I put them back. I probably should have kept them but I already had 4 other patterns! They didn’t have napkins to match all the placmats though.

    I can’t wait to go back.

    They had a very limited amount of 10.00 purses last night, Lola in Capri Blue and Botanica. I would bet that each day brings more surprises though, that is part of what makes it sooooooo exciting!!! :-)

    Just posting here makes me want to drop everything and go back right now but I have work to do, darn it! :-)

  14. Thanks for all the wonderful info- keep it coming. We are leaving from Tennessee EARLY in the morning!

  15. tracy mitchamoore says:

    any update on patterns :):)

  16. anna schlotterbeckenstien says:

    i cant wait!!! :)

  17. judy polingberg says:

    i am so excited to go! :) what patterns?

  18. cindy robertsbergstien says:

    its my first time and i am so happy to be going with my buddies!

  19. Georgia Wilson says:

    Does anyone know if the afore mentioned line is for those who are purchasing tickets on site or also for those who pre-purchased tickets? (Im hoping its just for purchasing tickets, haha) Also those with prior experience, Do they restock each day making it at least worth the drive? I would hate to drive 3 hours for nothing! Even if its not exactly the patterns I want first, I would at least be able to get some Christmas gifts for others to put away. ?????????

  20. Hi Georgia,

    The line was to get into the sale. They can only allow so many people in, and once they reach maximum capacity, the line starts to form. The last I heard there was no wait (mid-afternoon today – Thursday). They do continually restock, although some things do sell out early. However, even though the selection gets picked over, the prices come way, way down.

  21. wishing i was there says:

    oh wow I wish I was there already……. can someone look on the back of the price sheet and see when the next sale is?? Sometimes they list it ;)

  22. Hi, i was wondering if anyone saw any mod pink or cupcake pink thing this year, also any aprons??

  23. I got the last Mothers Apron last night but maybe they restocked some today. There were quite a few Daughters Aprons but in Yellow Bird mostly.

    The next sale is the first week of May, 2011.

    Lots of Cupcake Pink & Mod Pink when I was there.

  24. I’m wondering how early you need to be there in order to avoid waiting in a very long line to get into the room? One year we waited over an hour. Another year, we walked right in. I am taking my 5 year old…and we are planning to arrive by 8:45 tomorrow (Friday) morning. It’s always an adventure!

  25. My daughter is hoping to get a laptop case, but I didn’t see it on the price list (only the mini) do they have them this year?

  26. This year we are saving ourselves for Sunday!!!
    It’s hard to wait, hearing all the exciting patterns etc.
    Coming from Cincy and leaving at 5:30am….lines were long last year on Sunday.

  27. cindy robertsbergstien says:

    any updates on price list? i am heading there today and cant wait!!!

  28. Any update on the crowd this morning? I plan to go around noon today and I’m wondering if I’ll be in line for hours just trying to get in. I’m meeting a friend that still has to register. Anyone know if that line is long too?

  29. tracy favrenberg says:

    any update on price list or patterns? the last price list was posted from friends and family night? going today and excited to know :) :) :)

  30. The VB twitter feed posted an hour ago (10 a.m. Eastern) says they have a record breaking crowd today (Friday), and will post updates on the wait to get it. I think I’ll time my arrival for later this afternoon, or even go tomm. instead. I was hoping that today would be the “off” day with fewer people.

  31. Barbara Hendrickson says:

    Have been in line at the Vera Bradley sale for over 2.5 hours. They’re letting tour busses in before people in line. No one has had enough courtesy to give us any kind of update. This is ridiculous.

  32. Hi Vera Fanatics,

    I was planning on making the 5 hour trip today but had knee surgery instead.

    My Sister & nieces were there at 6:30 a.m. this morning and it took them 1 1/2 hours to get in and that much again to pay. They visited Vera Bradley at Jefferson point both today and yesterday………………Things have changed…..last year we got freebies, in line, at Jefferson Point, when you paid and this year not one goodie. Wonder what has happened? Also I asked them to pick up 5 of the note cubes for me that were listed above for $1.00, today they are $8.00 at the sale. There are some good buys though. They announced early this morning that there will be no more markdowns today. At least they let you know that. I asked my Sister if they are going back later today and she said no way. At least a 3 hour wait to get in. Probably the busiest day due to the coupon. so anyway you goota love Vera to pay the $5.00 fee and get not one freebie. I think last year all in all I collected about 12 items that were freebies. They are continuing their shopping adventue elsewhere. BTW no aprons left! Can’t wait for my Niece to bring me my purchases she bought for me. Love her lots for that. ANNE

    • Hi everyone,

      I just got home from the sale, and I can attest that it was insane! I got there about 8:30 this morning, and the wait had already started. I didn’t actually get into the sale until 11:00. The line wrapped around the front and side of the Coliseum, and then snaked through the cars in the parking lot. Once we got inside the building, the line continued upstairs, around the arena. The lines to checkout were not any better either. When I got in line to checkout, the back of the line started in the expo center (where all the tables with the merchandise are located).

      Not too many additional markdowns had been taken yet, and they announced over the loudspeaker that there would be no more additional markdowns today – with that kind of a crowd, I guess there’s no need for it! I’m putting together a full post about my shopping experience, and hope to have it up soon. Just wanted to give everyone a head’s up about the crowd. If you do plan to go today, be ready for lines!

  33. Hello all! This was my first year going to the outlet sale and all I can say is WOW! We had about a 4 hour commute so we arrived at 8 a.m. and I would say their were close to 1500 people in front of us! After being in line about 15 minutes another 1000 were in line behind us! I couldn’t believe it! Alot of the people towards the front of the line had the price list but I guess they ran out. One brave women fought through the crowd and convinced the people inside to give us a box of price sheets reserved for the rest of the weekend. So any of you planning on attending may not recieve one. We stood in line about an hour to get inside. The reason why it took so long was because they had reached maximum capacity and needed people to leave before they would let us in. ONce we got in we had to register and that setup was really organized and took a couple minutes. By the time we got inside the new patterns were extremely limited but what I saw was Sittin in a Tree, Loves Me, and Poopy Fields. One of the patterns that was limited and in high demand seemed to be the Paprika, which was what I hoped to get. The patterns that they had alot of were Cupcake Green and Pink, Frankly Scarlet, Raspeberry Fizz, Puccini, Night Owl, and Yellow Bird. Since I was their on the first day I did not get any markdowns but I was pleased to find the Lola bag for $10 and picked up a couple of those. Also I was excited to get the deluxe photo albums for $10 but the quantities were limited. While we were sorting they were making announcements about no wait time for checkout and offered $20 off you order for the first 100 people in the check out line. We waited close to an hour for checkout and those people were working like a well oiled machine! Overall we had a great experience and will definetly do it again. I was really hoping to get Paprika in a Bowler bag so if anyone was able to get one I would love to know if they had any.

  34. Oh my goodness Dawn, that is crazy for Friday, the sale just keeps getting bigger!! Yikes!!

    A friend just drove by the sale and the line is still outside waiting to get in, at 3:30!!


  36. Hi! They are open Sunday 10:00 to 5:00. There are chairs for those who can’t stand very long but you have to ask the usher for one. Hopefully you go with someone else to help you move the chair as the line moves. It is kind of allot for those who have a bit of a problem enduring the wait. I would advise getting there early if you can. I hope you have fun there and get something great! :-)

    • Hey everyone,

      I completed my post about shopping today, and it’s up now:

      The big story for today was the lines at the sale, but I also have information about today’s markdowns and selection.

      I also wanted to thank everyone for taking time out of their day to stop in here and chat about the sale. I love logging in to see all the comments and updates. I’m sure my husband and two boys appreciate it too, because if I didn’t have all of you, I would be talking their ears off about the sale – and trust me, the last thing they want to hear about is purses!

  37. Oh my goodness, I have never heard of them cutting the line off before!!

    Line for Vera Bradley sale cut off

    Updated: Friday, 30 Apr 2010, 4:53 PM EDT
    Published : Friday, 30 Apr 2010, 4:53 PM EDT

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Officials from the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale at the Memorial Coliseum confirmed Friday they have cut off the line for those waiting to get in.

    Officials said they stopped letting anyone else in the line as of about 4:30 p.m.

    At the time, the line to get in was still wrapped around the parking lot.

    The outlet sale will reopen Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m.

    • Hi Debbie,

      I can’t believe it either! I just saw it on their Twitter feed, and did a quick post. I have a feeling there are going to be some unhappy people this evening. However, if the line is wrapped around the parking lot like it was earlier, it will be a couple more hours before those people get inside. I understand why they did it, I just feel bad for anyone who unknowingly shows up.

  38. I agree Dawn, there are going to be some unhappy girls that I am sorry for. :-( Especially if they drove a long way.
    It will be later than 8:00 by the time they checkout.

    This is so crazy, I am going to be in line in the morning, I wonder how early I should go? It is suppose to rain so I won’t want to be outside. Wow, just wow…..

  39. My mom went last year on Saturday morning. I think she got there around 7:00 in the morning and was out of there by 10:30 a.m. Of course, every year is different, and it’s just hard to say. Maybe the rain will keep everyone home, but then again, it may not make a difference!

  40. I am going to get there early, get what I want as quick as possible and get out of there! I will post what I see happening.

    I won’t be able to sleep tonight, I will be afraid that I won’t get up on time, lol.

  41. Oh, they just announced that coupons will be honored tomorrow if you didn’t get to use yours today. :-)

  42. tracy mitchamoore says:

    tracy mitchamoore &
    anna schlotterbeckenstien&
    judy polingberg &
    cindy robertsbergstien,

    Purse patterns! What patterns did you think I was asking about!

    • It looks like Tracy is naming patterns after herself – cute! I think they need Dawn Michelle too! But to answer the question, I did a post earlier today regarding what was still left. You can find it here:

      Look towards the bottom, under the section titled “Selection at the Sale”.

      Gayle, to answer your question, for those who registered online, we received a $10.00 coupon good for Friday. However, due to the lines today, they are extending it until Saturday.

  43. Where do you get the coupon?

  44. New Die Hard Vera Bradley Fan says:

    Hello! We went there for the first time and had great experiences on Friday! My sister and I arrived there about 7 a.m. – we were on 2nd floor. We waited about an hour and twenty minutes. Line was moving along pretty well and fast. One thing – I didn’t really like that some people left the unwanted merchandises on the floor. Why can’t they put them in a heavy duty pink bag and toss them in a bin (or cart)? There was one disadvantage – there was no electrical board to state which products are marked down or no longer marked down, etc….as I can’t hear the announcements ( I am Deaf). Fortunately, my sister got some marked down products while I was on my own (Thanks Sis) It took us 3 hours to get to the check out but again line was moving greatly! We were happy with our new merchandises as well as prices!!!

  45. All of this happened last year except the closing the doors early. That is why my daughter and I decided not to go. After I have read all of the posts and the posts on Facebook, I am glad that we made the decision to stay home. I can not believe that they did not make improvements when the lines were as long as they were and snaked around the parking lot last year too. Obviously, the five dollar registration opens up the doors to far more than the tickets that they used in previous years. I would rather go back to the tickets for a certain time and have the crowds more in control.

  46. My daughter came up with a great idea. Get some chalk boards and post prices on the walls in the checkout area. This way you can see how much something is and if it has been marked down. With no lists given out after 0600 am arrivals, its hard for people to know the prices if they find it in a box, bag or barrel. Vera are you listening?

  47. Teresa says:

    Went to Vera Sat. we had friends that camped out all night from 11pm Friday and we were at the front of the line!!! It was raining and they did not open the doors til 6:15! They tried to squeeze as many people inside as they could but there were just so many people still outside in line it was crazy! We got in got the things we wanted. There were no boxes to discard the items we wanted so we left them in the pink bags on the floor or put them on an empty table. There were No mark downs prices were the same as they were on Thurs. Very few things had been maked down and I wouldn’t even call it that. I have been the last 5 years and this was the worst by far for, lines, crowds, selections, and prices. The check out went quick all in all we were out by 10:30 but luckily did not have to wait in the long lines in the rain. Will re-think this trip for next year.

  48. CATHY syring says:

    well arrived from pittsburgh at 2 p.m. on friday and the lines were insane, talked to a few ladies to hear their horror stories and got back in the car. cjecked the blogs and websites at the hotel and came up with a plan. we sl;ept at the coliseum at 11:30 p.,m. and weere about 30th in line. VERA, you need to limit the registration to 5,000 per day and that’s all, register by day also. selection poor, not as organized as previous years, this is year number 7 and prices and reductions were not as good as previous years. this is insane, i hope this is the last sale. i’ll buy from her website at 40% off and get free shipping. to those in that crazy line, there was no way you were going to get in or have a chance at anything. be advised…

  49. Did anyone buy a hipster bag at the sale they would be willing to sell?

    What pattern and how much?

  50. Teresa says:

    Cathy, you must have been the Pitts. group that our friends talked to that came up the night before! If it weren’t for them camping out I would have turned around and gone home.!! I agree with you completely Vera needs to do something!!

  51. Annette says:

    I went to the sale on Saturday. I have only been once before, so I only have one other to compare to. I must have lucked out that year, because there was no line to get in and the check out line was less than an hour wait. This time it was crazy. Three hours to get in and then three hours to pay. Last time, they marked things down all day long. I think they were finished with markdowns by about 10 or 11. They kept announcing there will be no more markdowns today! I think they did not want people waiting around for a markdown. Anyway, I am thinking about going on the last day next year. Can anyone share what the final day prices are like? Are they a lot better than the other days? IS the selection gone by then? Thanks!