Price List for the 2011 Outlet Sale

Hi everyone! I just returned home from day one of the 2011 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale.  I know a lot of you are anxious to see the price list.  I have just finished typing it, and you can find it below.

I also have pictures, but I need to get them off of my phone and into my computer.  As soon as I do, I will post them, along with a few of my thoughts about this year’s sale.

One more thing about the price list…

I wish I would have looked at it while I was at the sale, but I just grabbed it, put it in my bag, and set off on my big shopping spree.  I did not realize that it was not as detailed as prior years, and the prices of many of the products that were at the sale are not listed on it (i.e. cosmetic, tech and sunglass cases, many of the travel bags and accessories, microfiber and other specialty collections).  If I had realized it while I was at the sale, I would have jotted down prices on these items to share with you.

Crossbody Styles

Hipster $32.99 $29.99
Mini Hipster $22.99 $9.99
On the Go $35.99 $29.99
Saddle Up $39.99 $19.99

Handbags & Totes

Alice $39.99
Angle Tote $35.99 $29.99
Audrey $9.99
Betsy $35.99
Bowler $39.99 $29.99
Emma $19.99
Frannie $15.99 $9.99
Gabby $19.99

Get Carried Away Tote $59.99 $39.99
Julia $29.99
Large Hobo $35.99 $29.99
Lisa B $25.99 $12.99
Mailbag $35.99 $19.99
Olivia $15.99 $9.99
Pleated Tote $45.99
Reversible Tote $25.99 $19.99
Side by Side $39.99
Stephanie $35.99
Tote $26.99 $19.99
Vera $39.99
Villager $39.99

Signature – Specialty

Baby Bag $49.99
Backpack $45.99
Ditty Bag $19.99
Laptop Backpacks $65.99
Let’s Do Lunch $21.99 $19.99 $9.99
Metropolitan $59.99


Large Duffel $59.99 $49.99
Small Duffel $39.99


All In One Wristlet $20.99 $14.99
Checkbook Cover $9.99
Clutch Wallet $15.99
Compact Wallet $15.99 $9.99
Curling Iron Cover $12.99 $9.99
Euro Wallet $12.99
Hanging Organizer $25.99 $19.99
Jewelry Box $18.99
Mini Zip Wallet $12.99
Sleek Wallet $19.99
Turn Lock Wallet $25.99
Wristlet $12.99
Zip ID Case/Clip Zip Id $5.99
Zip Around Wallet $19.99

Under $5.00

Binder Clips $3.00
Candle $3.99
Card Holder $3.99
Jumbo Binder Clips $3.00
Lanyard $4.99 $3.00
Life in Progress $5.00
Mini Binder $4.00
Mini Note Cube $3.00
Mints $2.99
Paper Clips $1.99
Shopper Tote $2.99
Vera Bradley Journal $3.00 $2.00

Other (Not on Price List)

Christmas Stocking $5.99
Super Totes $55.99 $49.99
Tech Case $12.99
Large Cosmetic Bags $20.99
Flip Flops $12.99
Beach Towels $14.99

If you have a pricing question about an item not listed, feel free to leave a comment below.  If I can’t answer it for you, maybe one of the other visitors here will be able to.

Also, don’t forget – these are just the starting prices.  Usually, as the sale progresses, items get marked down even more.  If it’s anything like previous years, those of you going on Saturday and Sunday should be able to pick up some awesome deals!


  1. Thanks Dawn for posting the price list…What are some of the most prevelent patterns there?

  2. THANK YOU!!!
    I appreciate you taking the time to post for us!!!

  3. Seems like items are a lot pricier this year – or is it just me?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do you know if there was any laptop portfolios or garment bags and how much?

  5. @ jill: There was a good variety – I saw a lot of Java Blue, Sittin in a Tree, Paprika, Loves Me, Blue Rhapsody, Carnaby, Purple Punch, Calypso, and Imperial Toile. For newer patterns (which usually sell out quickly), I saw Night & Day, Very Berry Paisley, Baroque, and Folkloric. There were also some older patterns too (probably left over from last year’s outlet sale), including Puccini and Frankly Scarlet.

  6. How long was the wait in line for you to get into your appointed session? We’re trying to figure out how are in advance to go?

  7. @ Anonymous I remember seeing laptop portfolios, but not any garment bags. I can’t remember the price on the laptop portfolios. If I find out, I’ll update this comment.

    UPDATE: Oops, see Jamie’s comment below. They did have garment bags for $60 – lots of patterns too.

  8. Are there any large, small, or medium cosmetic cases?

  9. @ Greta I arrived a little late for my session because I had to drop my boys off at school first, and I walked right in – no wait at all. When I left, there was a small line forming for the next session, but I assume those people were able to walk right in as soon as their session started. Have fun!

  10. Any cosmetic bags or flip flops

  11. Did they have any bookbags?? If so how much??

  12. @ Linda & Sara Yes, they had cosmetic bags. They also had flip flops.

  13. Did anyone notice any super totes?

  14. @ Kendra What style of book bag are you looking for? They had backpacks for $46 and regular totes for $27.

  15. @ Shelly They did have super totes. They were on sale for $55.99.

  16. Any sunglasses this year?

  17. Thanks Dawn… I wish I had picked up more of them 2 years ago when they had them for 20!

  18. @ Meghan Yes, they did have sunglasses. If I remember right, they were by the announcer stand.

  19. Shelly, $20 is a great deal for super totes! Maybe they will be marked down more this weekend. I’m hoping to go back on either Saturday or Sunday to see what’s left.

  20. Do you know the price of flip flops and costmeic bags

  21. Do you know if there were any beach towels & how much?

  22. Thank you so much for the price list and list of patterns. Your blog is very helpful! I will be attending the sale Thursday from 6-9p. I hope there is still some Sittin’ in a Tree and Paprika left!

  23. @ sara I wish I would have wrote the prices down on the flip flops & cosmetic bags. I looked at them, but just can’t remember. Someone on facebook posted that the large cosmetic bags were $20.99. UPDATE: shady greene left a comment below that the flip flops are $12.99

    @JD I did not see any beach towels. UPDATE: More kudos to shady greene – somehow I missed the beach towels, but she left a comment that they are $14.99.

  24. @ Ariana They had a lot of Paprika and Sittin in a Tree today, so there should still be some tomorrow evening.

  25. How about small laptop cases?

    Thank you for being so helpful! I have been to the show with my girlfriends for the past three years and this sneak peak is awesome!

  26. @ Meghan, Yep, they had small laptop cases, but if I remember right, not a whole lot. They were over on the far right, not too far from the luggage.

  27. How was the lines to get in. I have 7:30 on friday what time should I get there?

  28. Did thye have passport covers?

  29. @ sara If you go on Friday, I would get there as early as you can. The lines today were not bad, but that’s only because admission was limited to people who had purchased tickets. General admission starts on Friday, and if it’s anything like last year, it will be crazy. Last year, I went on Friday – I got there around 8:00 in the morning, and did not actually get in the door to shop until 11:00. The line to check out also took a couple of hours.

    @ joy I did not see any passport covers, but that’s something I could have easily missed.

  30. Adrienne says:

    Thanks so much for posting all of this information from the sale. Did you happen to see any tape measures?

  31. Curious if there were a lot of curling iron covers.. I think they are always gone by the time I get to the sale :(

  32. Adrienne says:

    Oh, and were there any Weekenders???

  33. We will be attending the 3:00 session on Thursday. What time would you recommend we arrive? Could anyone tell me where the large duffel bags were located? Thanks!

  34. Dawn,

    I have been reading your posts about this year’s sale and the 2010 VBOS. Do you think that they have made the needed changes to prevent the extremely long lines and disappointed shoppers? I have a ticket for Thursday evening, but wonder how the rest of the weekend will be when completely open to the public. Thoughts?

  35. wow cant wait to go!!!!

    @sara the sale opens at 8… how do you have 730? its open to public that day? just curious

  36. Seems like the prices are a lot higher than last year… wonder why?

  37. they did have weekenders for $59.99 this
    morning but people were taking them as soon as they hit the table! they had rolling
    luggage which I had never seen at previous sales. once you got inside there was a lot that was not on the price list they handed out.
    garment bags in a lot of patterns for $60.
    I was happier this year than in previous with the variety of patterns available!!

  38. Did you see much of the Bali Gold?

  39. Last year the Puccini was the color that that had an abundance of. Is there a color like that for this year? One that you can get almost any item you want in and the have a ton of?


  40. Did you see any ornaments???

  41. shady greene says:

    On facebook someone said flip flops were 12.99

    beachtowels are 14.99

    someone asked about curling iron covers………. price list said 12.99 so i would think they have an abundance.

    wallets seem to be $1 more than last year. handbags seem to be $4-$12 higher.

    some posters on facebook have posted pics of items they purchased.

  42. Dawn, thank you so much for taking the time to post prices, patterns and responding to so many questions! I just love this blog! In years past I have gone on the first day, but this year I have to wait until Saturday to go. I am getting nervous about the selection could you, or anyone else who has gone to the sale on the weekends, tell me about the selection in the past years? Thanks again!

  43. Dawn, do you think prices will drop some by Friday?? Just wondering……

  44. Brittany S. says:

    @ Ann- The past few years I have gone on the weekends. Usually the selection is still pretty good in my opinion. Last year was a different story though. I waited in line about 3 hours before the sale started, I was pretty close to the beginning and by the time I got in the doors all the bigger bags were gone, there were lots of medium size bags but they were all in the same patterns. Hopefully this year will be a little better and have more crowd control. I am going tomorrow morning at a 730 am ticketed session. My only advice is to get there very early.

  45. Brittany S. says:

    Anybody that went today–
    How was the selection of bigger bags like totes or veras?
    Did they have any microfiber items?

  46. Patricia says:

    I was wondering if anyone has any information about laptop portfolios like the price or patterns available?

  47. @ Adrienne I did not see any tape measures, but maybe I missed them. They did have Weekenders, but they were being picked up as quickly as they were leaving the boxes.

    @ Shelly Yes, they did have a lot of curling iron covers this year!

    @ Janice Some people start to line up early, but it’s not really necessary during ticketed session times. If I remember right, the large duffels were over on the far right.

    @ Melody You should not have any problems Thursday night. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, however, will probably be another story – expect the worst (aka long, long lines)

    @ Savanna I took a look at last year’s price list, and yes, many are a little higher this year. On the handbags and totes, the average increase was right around $5-10

    @ Jamie Me too! I don’t think I have ever seen so many different patterns at the outlet sale!

    @ Sarah Yes, I did see several styles in Bali Gold.

    @ Lisa Umm, Puccini this year too – that pattern just does not seem to want to go away!

    @ Melissa I remember seeing stockings over on the left. Not sure if there were any ornaments.

    @ Shady Thanks for the updates!

    @ Ann The selection will probably be a little picked over, but I think the prices should be a lot better on Saturday. I’m actually hoping to get back some time this weekend to shop some more.

    @ Linda They usually do drop prices on Friday. However, in 2010, it did not seem that they dropped as much as normal. Hopefully you’ll find some great deals!

    @ Brittany Yes, they had a lot of microfiber. Nylon too. The selection of bigger bags was decent, but the prices on them were also higher. Super totes were $55.99, Bowlers were $39.99, Baby Bags were $49.99. Hope that helps!

    @ Patricia I don’t have a laptop, so I did not take a good look at the laptop portfolios. Hopefully someone else will leave a comment about the selection and price.

  48. Brittany S. says:

    Thanks Dawn!

  49. Tracey Olekas says:

    If anyone could I would SERIOUSLY appreciate a scanned copy of the price list. You could email it to me at traceybeth29 [at] My sister & I are going tomorrow evening & we both have serious feet problems. Would really help if we could map out some of the items we are looking for.
    Thanks in advance!
    Tracey & Jill

    • Hi Tracy, I have been trying to scan in the price list for you, but my computer and printer are not getting along for some reason! My scanner is telling me that it cannot retrieve the scan application list from my computer. I’ll try again in the morning. Maybe after a good night’s rest, they will get along! Have you ever been to the outlet sale? The setup this year was very similar to prior years.

  50. Did you see and tech cases or umbrellas? Prices on them? My boyfriend’s mom is going tomorrow and I gave her my shopping list, SOO excited and I’m not even going myself!

  51. Did you see many things in cupcake pink or cupcake green? I seen in one of your pictures there was some cupcake green. We are going for the first time ever this Sunday and I hope to get some great deals…..

  52. The tech cases were $12.99 with lots of patterns available (as of the 3pm session), and I saw a few umbrellas, only in a blue pattern (sorry, not sure which pattern).

    We had no wait to check out. It was wonderful!

  53. @ Patricia I got a mini lap top case, it was in the $30 range… they had the larger ones and the laptop backpack too, not sure of
    prices on those… the laptop and mini laptop cases are not on the price
    list given out because they only put items on there that they are sure will
    make it all weekend…
    @ Serita they did have cupcakes green and pink. not as much as last year but there was more pink than green I thought…
    hope this helps!

  54. These prices are not including tax, right? I’m going on Saturday, planning on getting there by 5:30am! My first time!

  55. Anonymous says:

    Do we get the map and list before we go in so we have some time to figure out our first stops?

  56. @ Brittany The prices do not include tax.

    @ Anonymous As soon as you walk into the sale area, there are several tables on the right with pink bags, and the flyers with prices & location of items are there too.

  57. Do you know what was there in the Nylon/Microfiber type bags? Prices?

    Thanks you are a doll for so kindly answering all of these questions!

  58. I am SO glad I found your site! We are going to the last ticketed session tonight and I’m SO excited! Thanks for everything! It’s been a BIG help when making our plan of attack!

  59. Hey … We are going to the last session tonight!!! … Any one who has been there today…. Are the prices still the same?

  60. Brittany S. says:

    Just left the sale. Such a better experience this year. The prices seemed pretty much the same as listed above. Such a good selection of styles and patterns and a short check out was great. I will definately do ticketed sessions for now on.

  61. @ Michele They did have several tables of nylon/microfiber. I can’t remember any specific prices on them, but I think most were marked down 40% off (give or take).

  62. Thanks Dawn! I am hoping for a blue Meet Me In Paris bag. I’ll be there saturday, my Mom will be there tomorrow.

  63. Rebekah Grinstead says:

    Dawn, I love,love,love your site! I’m so glad I found it, I’m going to the last ticketed session today..for my first time. I’m sooo excited, but not really sure what to expect. My husband is taking me (what a guy!) and from the pics it looks HUGE! Do they provide a map? I’ve got some mobility issues..bad back and was hoping to be able to map out a plan! Thanks!

  64. @ Rebekah What an awesome husband! Mine would never agree to go, and I really could have used him yesterday when I needed some extra arms! As soon as you walk into the sale area, they have tables on the right with shopping bags and the price list. The price list gives the location of items. They have balloons and large row signs marking where items are located. It’s very well-organized. My scanner is not cooperating, or I would email you the flyer. There’s a lot that’s not listed on the flyers this year, so you will probably want to spend some time browsing too.

  65. We are going on Saturday and I am really getting worried about the lines. We have an hour and a half drive so looks like we will have to leave town at about 4:00-4:30am…yikes! Tomorrow should give us a feel for lines will be like on Sat.

  66. Anonymous says:

    How are prices and selection looking today? I have tickets for the last session. I’m questioning whether or not to make the drive from dayton. I am also coming with a group on Saturday and i’m just not sure i want to make the drive tonight considering prices seem to be a little high. I’m so perplexed. I have a ton of Vera…so I may benefit from the selection that is there.

  67. @ Bonnie Last year was the worst for lines. I’m not sure how the general admission days are going to go, but I’m anticipating the worst and hoping for the best!

    @ Anonymous I just saw on Twitter that a few markdowns have been made. I have updated the price list above. The Hipster is now $29.99, Let’s Do Lunch $19.99, Angle Tote $29.99, Christmas Stocking $5.99. It’s a lot less crowded during the ticketed sessions, so you may want to come tonight if only for that reason. The selection will probably be a lot better tonight than it will be on Saturday, but then again the prices will be better on Saturday. Have a safe trip!

  68. I’m not worried about the lines so much as the stock. This is my first year. I’m taking my daugters (24 & 20). I just hope there something left to buy. Has anyone seen any rolling luggage?

  69. I feel bad asking you a question…you have had so many…but you seem to be the person in the know! My daugher and I are going for the first time tomorrow, Friday, I read your post about getting there at 8 and not getting in until 11 last year. For the non ticket times are there still sessions? Or do they let people go in as people leave? We are driving up from Indianapolis and are trying to figure out what time to leave. Should we just wait and arrive around 11?

    Thanks for any info. you can give me!!

  70. Melanie Fowler says:

    Did anyone happen to see bible covers at the outlet sale??

  71. @ Susan There was lots of rolling luggage yesterday! As far as patterns, this year has the best selection I have ever seen at the outlet sale.

    @GracieJ Don’t feel bad – I love answering questions! Tomorrow there will be no session times. As people leave, they let other people in. If I were you, I would get there as early as possible. Last year, they started turning people away on Friday well before close time because they knew they would not be able to get everyone into the sale. If I remember correctly, they started turning away people mid to late afternoon, and like you, some had traveled from out of town. I got there around 8:00 and had to wait about three hours. When I left early afternoon, the line was even longer than when I had arrived – far, far back into the parking lot. It’s still a lot of fun. Just wear something comfortable, bring a bottle of water and snack, and visit with those waiting in line with you. I hope you and your daughter have a good trip!

    @ Melanie I did not see any bible covers. I think Vera Bradley stopped making them a couple of years ago.

  72. I’m glad you had fun Dawn! :-)

    I was thinking about being brave and going out there tomorrow morning. I wonder what time I should go and I wonder if they have coupons this year like they have had in the past. I can’t remember if they came through email or how I got it last time.

  73. I haven’t heard about any coupons this year. I think last year we received them after registering online in our email. They may have also passed them out at the checkout, to be used for another day of the sale. Have fun tomorrow if you go!

  74. We are thinking of going Sunday morning. Will anything be left or is it a waste of our time? This will be out first time, so we have nothing to compare it to. Thanks for the info.

  75. Mary, I think they will have allot on Sunday. They brought 65 semi loads and I have never heard of them bringing that many before.

    I am definitely going on Sunday, it is final markdown day too. :-)

  76. Anybody been today? Lines, selection, prices?

  77. Thank you for taking time to answer questions, and I have a couple. I was wondering if there was any Deco Daisy, Buttercup, Paprika, Bali Gold, Frankly Scarlet, or Mesa Red there this year. And were there any duffle bags, and does anyone remember what colors they were? One last question did they have any of the Crossbody handbags? I just saw one and thought it was very cute. Sorry for all the questions, but I’m not going and my mom is and she was going to try to pick something up for me, and I was trying to make it easier for her.

  78. @Liane,
    I don’t really recall any frankly scarlet, there was very limited buttercup (so I was very excited to grap a tote and lisa B in it) – there was some mesa red as well. There were lots of the crossbody styles – not many of the new patterns in the hipsters though. There were duffle bags – don’t really remember all the patterns because I didn’t really look at them.
    (I went yesterday BTW)

  79. I was just wondering do you know if they had any Morgan Purses???

  80. Do they allow you to wait inside if you get there really early or do you have to wait outside? I seen pictures of people waiting inside but I didn’t know if they let you go in at a certain point. Say for example you got there at 4am, do they let you wait inside?

  81. Courtney says:

    @ steph-Yes, many patterns

    @ Lianne-Bali Gold yes, Paprika yes, several duffles many patterns. Not til much on other patterns

    @ Ann-last year we got there at 6, and we were allowed in the building eventually, but we waited outside in the rain for what seemed like FOREVER first. We are heading back in the morning too.

    We were there from 10: 30-1: 00 today with little lines both ways.
    Everyone enjoy .

  82. Brittany S. says:

    Have they started dropping prices yet?? I went to a ticketed session yesterday and may go Sunday but a 2.5 hour drive again is a little much if the prices haven’t gone down.

  83. Brittany, they went down a little on some items today but not much, just a few dollars each, there is allot of inventory left so I anticipate big markdowns this weekend. A girl can only hope! :-)

    I’ll post back here tomorrow what I see then when I get back home.

  84. Hey! I attended my first ever sale today and really appreciated the price list. I printed out a copy and used it as a reference. My mom and I went at 12:30pm and walked in without waiting in a line. We checked out at 5:00pm and again didn’t have to wait in a line. I was prepared for the worst and I guess I didn’t have to be!

    Here is a list of items I took note of that were not on your list:

    City Sport Classic Shoulder Bag – $45
    Eloise – $37
    Vera Vera Tote – $30
    Zippidy Tote – $29
    Hipster – $30
    Holiday Tote – $15
    Jet Set Duffel – $45 (great deal, originally $140)
    Ribbon Board – $19
    Messenger Bag – $46
    Tiki Tote – $10 (originally $100
    Knot Just A Clutch – $20
    Lol – $7
    Flipster – $15
    Knotty & Nice Headband – $7.50
    Water Bottle – $5
    Vintage Rose Wallet – $19
    Mini Hanging Organizer – $16
    Jazzy Clutch – $15
    Pocket Papers – $4
    Fringe Flag & Tag – $9
    Cosmetic Clutch – $14
    Napkin – $4
    Deluxe Photo Album – $5
    2011 Agenda – $2
    Sandals – $10
    Perfect Pocket Tote – $28
    Please Hold – $9
    Mailbag $36
    Garment Bag – $49.99 (I am pretty sure, this one I didn’t write down)

    We also saw price reductions in the following:

    Bowler – $29.99
    Large Hobo – $29.99
    Reversible Tote – $19.99
    Hanging Organizer – $19.99

    I just received the VB email about tomorrow’s sales and I saw that there is a price reduction in Carry It All from $59.99 to $39.99. Bummer, I spent an extra $20! The odd thing is is that they only had it in the new summer 2011 Blue Lagoon. The Perfect Pocket Tote was also only available in Blue Lagoon. This is great if you are looking for a summer bag in bright blue! I also managed to get something in Folkloric, Lemon Parfait, and Baroque. All were pretty difficult to find.

    I hope this helps!

  85. By any chance would anyone know how much the Morgan’s are going for? Also does anyone know what is the most popular item this year? Thanks

  86. Just got back had a blast. Lots of markdowns.

    Olivia, Maggie, and Frannie all – $9.99
    Lisa B. – $12.99
    Messgengers and mailbags – $19.99
    Holiday Totes – $9.99
    Mini Hipsters – $9.99
    Saddle Up – $19.99
    Miller Tote – $49.99
    Knot Just a Clutch – $14.99

    Agenda’s & Student Agenda’s – $2.00

    Had a lot of fun we got there at 8:45am and were walking ut the door to the car at 1:45pm so not bad. The lines to check out were moving quickly I would say we were in line to check out for about 45 minutes!!!

  87. Does anyone know if the handbag Stephanie has been marked down at all??

  88. Stephanie is 19.99.

  89. What about patterns??

  90. I left there about 3 hours ago and they had allot of patterns in Stephanie, I got my Mom Poppy Fields and the purple pattern, there were at least a dozen patterns. They keep bringing more stuff out too as it empties today.

  91. wldspirit says:

    thanks for all the info. ladies

  92. What about microfiber??

  93. No markdowns on microfiber that I saw.

  94. @Debbie thanks so much. I really want a Stephanie and tomorrow seems to be my chance. Hopefully, they will still have one then.

  95. Thanks debbie


  96. Dian Montgomery says:

    How were the lines to get in?

  97. Early they were long, some had to wait an hour or a bit longer but they tapered off and I heard there was no line to get in this afternoon.

  98. marybeth says:

    Does anyone know what microfibers they had? Prices? Thx

  99. How does it work on Sunday? Do they mark everything down? Is there a percentage taken off at a certain time? This was my first year to go very exciting. May go again tomorrow!

  100. Marybeth, I didn’t pay attention enough to the microfiber to give you an answer to that. I was just glancing to find crossed out prices to see what the markdowns were. I didn’t see any microfiber markdowns.

    As for the last day you never know what they will do. I have seen half of lowest price on everything to whatever the sign says on it but they usually mark just about everything down the last day.

    I have also seen them announce even lower discounts as the day goes on but I think they have gotten away from that because so many people would keep hanging around to see what else was going to drop. If you go tomorrow listen for them to announce that there will be no more additional discounts, it is usually early that they announce that.

  101. Any idea on rolling luggage? If it has been marked down any?

  102. Thanks soooo much to everyone for providing updates from the sale! A big, big thanks to Debbie, Shelly, Courtney, Ashley, and Tina (hopefully I didn’t miss anyone) for giving us updates about the prices, selection, and for answering questions!

    I had planned to be at the sale today (Saturday), but have been under the weather. My oldest was sick earlier in the week, and he just *had* to share it with mom.

    One day left for the outlet sale, and I’m crossing my fingers that I am back to my old self in time. Even though the prices are higher this year, it seems that most everything else is better than last year – so glad!!

  103. Dawn, I said a little prayer for you to feel great today, I hope you get out to the sale because I know you would enjoy yourself there and that is where you want to be, just like me. :-)

    You take care.

  104. Any word on Sunday prices?

  105. Any lines this morning? Getting our list and our game plan together.

  106. This years sale was sooo much better than last years! Last year I went on day one of the sale and it was chaos! This year I went on Saturday about 6:15 and I got in about 8:15. The selection was awesome! I got so many patterns! I only waIted in line for 40 minutes to check out! The prices were awesome! Their were so many bags for $10!

  107. We had so much fun. Can’t wait to do it again next year.

  108. WOW! What a great day today at the sale! This was my first year to go. I had registered for Sat. but didn’t go until today(Sun). I got there at 1:00 and walked out at 3:30. There was no line to get in and maybe 5-10 mins to check out. I got some really great deals and lots of gifts. I held back for myself and only got a tote ($19.00) and a angle tote($19.00) for myself. I’m sure there were prints gone by today but still a great selection and lots of merchandise. I wonder what happpens to the left overs. Maybe we will see a few on the website soon. Thanks for all the great tips and I look forward to lots of fun next year!

  109. Debbie, Thanks for your prayers! They must have worked, because I felt much better on Sunday and was able to go to the sale for one last time in the afternoon. There was still a great selection left – and no lines either!

  110. Anonymous says:

    can anyone tell me if they reduced the prices on Sunday after 1:00

  111. The only additional markdown that I heard before I left about 3:00 was classic handbags for 9.99, down from 19.99.

    Dawn, I am so happy that you got to go to the sale Sunday and that you are better!! :-)

    I love my ” haul ” for the week from the sale!

  112. Hey! This is great!! Thank you so much for posting. I was wondering if you happened to spot any pet collars, leashes, or per carriers by chance? Next year’s going to be my first time at the sale and if you saw any then I hope there will be some at the next sale!

  113. Oh! And I was also curious if there was any of the old style hipsters? I really want to snag one in paprika, but I’m not too big into the newest style :o(

  114. i love the patterns that they made don’t :)

  115. i love this bag i have its BLUE!:)

  116. micaela says:

    I noticed there wasn’t any lanyards on your list. That was something I was hoping to find this year. Do you know if they had them?

    • Hi Micaela, Unfortunately, I don’t remember, although they did have a lot of smaller items that were not included on the price list.

  117. Erica :) says:

    Are those the lowest prices that they go and will they be really low on saturday

  118. Did they have straightener or curling iron cases and do they have backpacksand wallets?

  119. I meant do they have backpacks and wallets sorry

  120. I see that you have lanyards listed in the under $5…. was this the chain lanyards or the cloth lanyards? Thanks!

  121. Hi Erica, The prices are usually very good on Saturday and Sunday, although the selection of patterns is more limited. You may want to take a look at my post from last year regarding their final markdowns on Sunday:

    Hi Grace, I know they had curling iron cases, because I got one! They also had backpacks and several wallet styles. As far as the lanyards, I think they had the cloth lanyards last year, but I am not completely sure. If I think of it when I go tomorrow, I will see if they have any this year.

  122. Erica :) says:

    Thank you dawn you were a big help :)

  123. Will I be able to register at the sale, and also, is the line extremely long on Saturday to actually enter the building? We will not be able to get there until noon.