Registration Information for the 2010 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

Online pre-registration for the spring 2010 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale is now available.  The cost to pre-register is $5.00 per person.  You can sign up online from now until April 23, 2010.

Registration is only required for sale attendees who plan to purchase items at the sale.  It is not required for admittance to the sale.  For example, if you want to take your husband or children, and they will not be buying anything, there is no need for them to register.  Registration is only needed to check out and is used to verify that attendees do not exceed the $2,500 per person purchase limit.  In addition to the registration confirmation form, you will need to provide a photo ID when you check out at the sale.

Online registration is available until April 23, 2010.  If you miss that date or do not want to register online, you can do it at the sale.  However, there’s a few advantages to taking care of it in advance:

1.  One less line to wait in!  Registration is not handled at the checkouts – it’s in a separate area.  If you are like me and hate to wait in lines, it’s a good idea to take care of it online.

2.  Coupons!  If you pre-register online, you will receive an outlet sale coupon for $10.00 off any purchase of $50.00 or more.  However, keep in mind that this coupon is only good for Friday, April 30, 2010.

3.  Sale Updates – Vera Bradley will send out sale updates during the event.  Keep an eye on your e-mail to learn about markdowns and specials that occur during the three day event.  In addition to email, another good place to get updates is through the local radio stations.  FM 95.1 usually broadcasts from the sale, and I always listen to them to receive updates.

If you do register online, make sure you have a working printer.  You will need to print out a copy of the confirmation.  My guess is that you will also receive an email confirmation. Personally, I like to print mine out right away, just in case the email gets “lost” on its way to me.  Also, after you print it off, make sure you keep it in a safe spot – you don’t want to lose it before you need it.  Last year, mine got buried in some other paperwork, and it took me a little time to track down.  This year, I’m folding it up and putting it right in my wallet.  That way I have it when I need it!

I have not registered yet.  It’s on my list of things to do this week.  If I run into any problems when I do mine, I will post them in the comments below.  Fortunately, I didn’t have any problems last year.  However, I did receive some emails from other that had problems accessing the site, especially in the final week.  Hopefully, these technical problems have been addressed and the site will be accessible the entire time.  However, if you know you will definitely be attending the spring Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, it may be a good idea to take care of the pre-registration ASAP, just to avoid any potential headaches if their registration site receives too much traffic as the deadline aproaches.

To pre-register for the spring 2010 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, here are the links:

For individual registrations and for groups of less than ten, register here:

Groups of ten or more can register at this link:

You will need to provide the first and last name for each person you register, as well as their individual mailing addresses.  Last year, I registered for my mom.  I also entered her email address, instead of just mine, so that she could receive updates, etc.

Well, that’s it (I think!).  If you have any questions, feel free to post them below.  I will help if I can.  Of course, if you have any technical difficulties with the site, or need copies of your registration confirmation, contact the Vera Bradley company directly.  I’m not affiliated with them and will not be able to help in that regard.  However, I do love to chit chat about the sale, and any time I can answer a question, I will!


  1. Carol G says:

    Thanks Dawn!
    I registered on Sunday, just to get it out of the way. Never been to the outlet sale, and can’t wait to go.
    It’s a bummer that the coupon is only good for Friday. I am going on Thursday. I will be driving 2 hours to get to the sale, any suggestions on the time I should arrive? I am thinking arriving around 10 a.m. my thinking is it will be busy no matter what time I arrive.

    Thank you for all the information you provide.


  2. Hi Carol,

    It sounds like you have a good plan in place! I love going on the first day. In my experience, the first day isn’t usually as crowded and the selection is better. The only downside is that the prices are a little higher – as each day goes by, they mark down the bags more. However, this year I plan to do most of my shopping on the first day – with the sale being only three days long (instead of five), I’m worried that Friday and Saturday will be insane!

    Personally, I plan on getting there between 8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. on Thursday. I usually find if I go at that time on the first day, it’s easy to get inside (no waiting in lines), and some of the more limited patterns and styles are still available. Every year is different though, so you never know for sure! I’m glad you’re coming to the sale – make sure you check back in here and let us know what you think of it after you go!

  3. alice stamps says:

    how do i register?

    • Hi Alice,

      The instructions to register online are above. If you want to register at the sale, they will have an area set aside for it. If I remember correctly from last year, it was set up over on the right, before you went into the sale. They always have a lot of staff on hand to help out, so if you don’t see it, just ask around (usually all the ladies working there are easy to pick out because they are wearing Vera Bradley aprons).

  4. In years past there was a specific time to arrive based on the tickets that you purchesed. is that still true?

  5. Hi Angie,

    I think you are referring to the Foundation Preview Day. It was usually held the first day of the sale, and only people who purchased tickets could attend – and they could only attend based on the time slot on their ticket. There was no preview day for last year’s event, and they do not have one scheduled for this year either. No tickets are needed this year, although you now need to register. Hope that answers your question!

  6. Is the $2500 purchase limit per day or is it for the entire 3 days? Do they allow minors to make purchases? For example, can my 9 y.o. son register and also make a $2500 purchase?
    I knows that sounds like a lot of purses but the closest VB store to my town is over an hour away so I sell them at my shop and the ladies in my town are thrilled to not have to drive so far. Unfortunalty VB has turned down repeated requests to be a retailer so I think the sale will be cheaper than buying from VB on-line like I’m doing now. But it is 14 hours one-way so I need to purchase A LOT to justify the trip.
    Thanks Ladies.

    • Hi Trina,

      Unfortunately, the purchase limit is for the entire three days. I’m not sure if you could register and make purchases under your nine year old, because every person making a purchase has to provide a picture ID at checkout. I have always used my driver’s license as my picture ID, so I’m not sure what other forms are acceptable. Here are the terms and conditions as listed on the registration website:

      Tterms & Conditions:

      * Registration is required in order to make a purchase at the Outlet Sale. Registration is $5.00 and is non-refundable.
      * Buyers at the Sale will be required to present their registration confirmation and photo ID at checkout. This is the only authorized site to pre-register for the Outlet Sale and only the registration confirmation provided on the site will be accepted.
      * The Vera Bradley Outlet Sale is a private sale with no guarantee of product selections. Limit one (1) registration per person. You may purchase up to $2500 of product for the entire Sale. Product purchased may not be bartered, sold, auctioned, or exchanged for cash or other thing of value, nor placed into any unauthorized commercial channels of distribution.
      * The information you provide in registering will not be sold, rented or shared. By registering, you agree to receive future communications from Vera Bradley, however you may opt-out at any time.

  7. Hello,

    I live in Georgia. We were able to attend the Vera Bradley sale back in September 2007 in Atlanta. Do you think the sale will ever be held back in the southern states any time soon? We absolutely loved it!

    • Hi Penny,

      I wish I knew the answer to your question, but unfortunately, I have no idea. If I ever hear any news about an outlet sale in your area, I will definitely post it here on my blog.

  8. Trina, I’m in the same boat as you, but I would be bringing an adult with me. I just don’t know if I can justify the long trip from Florida. I would have to purchase 2 or 3 airline tickets at about $300 each, plus lodging.

    Dawn, do you happen to know if USPS that will be on site, is equipt to ship out $5000 or more worth of items? Do they come to the event with very large boxes?
    I had sent you a message a few weeks ago, I think it was a private message, but I didn’t hear back. Do you know or remember if you received it?

  9. Hi Lori,

    Sorry if I didn’t respond to the email. I’m way behind on responding to messages, and need to take a few hours to catch up. As far as USPS, you are right – they will be located in the checkout area at the sale. As far as box sizes, I really don’t know – I would imagine they would offer a wide variety, but since I haven’t used them there, it’s hard for me to say…

  10. I attended last year and had a great time. Available were sheets listing and picturing available items with prices. Would such a “catalog” be available in advance of the sale? Thanks for the reply.

    • Hi Marlene,

      I have never seen one posted prior to the sale. I plan to attend the sale on Thursday morning, and will hopefully have the price list posted by Thursday afternoon.

  11. Lori,
    I’m also coming from Florida but was planning on driving so that I don’t have to ship the items back. However, now that I see the restriction on reselling the items, I’m thinking that maybe I shouldn’t go. Honestly, I didn’t know that you could sell something with the limitation that it can’t be resold but I also don’t want to get into trouble. So now, I just don’t know. …

  12. Are checks accepted for item you buy?

  13. Hi S Wise,

    If I remember correctly, they do accept checks, as well as cash and credit/debit cards.

  14. Hi Ladies!

    I would love to go to the sale – but it is right in the middle of finals! I was wondering if there was anyone in the area who would be attending the show and who was not planning to buy a lot of merchandise that I could “hire” to pick up some items for me – kind of like a personal shopper. I figure that since I am not putting the merchandise into the commercial chain, that by hiring someone else I can get around the re-sell aspect. I am pretty much just looking for presents for my Bridesmaids, so it wouldn’t be a huge amount to pick up/ship. And I would of course pay for all of the items and shipping.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas!! Thanks!

  15. Hi Dawn and Trina!
    Thanks for the reply Dawn. I’m sure I can find out from USPS or VB if USPS will be equipt so ship in large quantities, but I’m still not sure if this is a worthwhile trip! Dawn, is it okay to post my email address here for Trina?
    Trina, where in FL are you? I did see the “blurb” of reselling, but if they were that strict on that, how could they allow $2,500 in sales?? I don’t know of anyone that can purchase that amount for personal use, not even if they gave everyone they know VB as gifts! VB is widely sold online, so I’m not sure how these restrictions are applied and how closely they watch and restrict these sales online.

    • Hi Lori,

      I’m sorry it took me so long to respond – I must have missed your message there. You can post your email address if you want…

  16. Does every person entering need to be registered? Even if not purchasing?

    • Paula,
      Only people who are making purchases need to be registered. If you will be attending with your mom, and she is paying, you will not need to register (and vice-versa).

  17. have deleted my confirmation paper but grandma has paper with everyone’s bar codes can I use this.

    • Hi Jessica,

      I think this would be ok, but you may want to confirm with Vera Bradley’s customer service department at (888) 855-8372.

  18. Can any one tell me what day would be the best day to go? Im driving 3 hrs and want to go for only 1 day. Should I go the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd day.
    I would like to get the best price but still have options to pick from.

    • Hi Ariana,

      I would recommend either the second or the third day. If you pre-register, you will also receive a coupon for $10.00 off on Friday.

  19. I registered but did not receive a confirmation number, just the coupon after I paid. Should I have received something via email?

  20. The same thing happened to me, I registered but never received the email confirmation. When I emailed Vera Bradley, they told me they couldn’t help but to check in at the kiosk at the sale.

  21. Nancy Bowen says:

    I am going on the 2nd day Friday but could go on Thurs. Do you think Friday’s prices are better or is it better to go on the 1st day. Do you have to be in line when it opens at 8am? Do they let everyone in at the same time? Never been before and was just wondering. Thanks

    • Hi Nancy,

      Friday’s prices will be better than on Thursday, but I’m guessing the sale will also be more crowded. They will let everyone in at the same time, unless it gets too crowded, in which case they will make people wait outside until they can allow more in. This normally isn’t a problem, but for some reason, last spring there were long lines waiting to get in.

  22. I have a vera bradley gift card. Can it be used at the sale?

    • Hi Liz,

      I’m not sure – you may want to contact Vera Bradley’s customer service department to find out if they will be able to accept it. Their telephone number is (888) 855-8372.

  23. I accidentally registered twice and was charged twice. Can I get a refund?


  24. Kristin Kostrzewski says:

    Is registration closed or is this a website glitch? Just making sure….


    • Hi Kristin, Online registration is now closed, but you will be able to register in person at the sale.

  25. Will you scan and post the layout map you got today at the sale?

    • Hi Carla, I’m going to sale Thursday morning, and I will post the price list when I get home. I’m hoping to have it up by early afternoon.

  26. I am a nursing mom, so am planning to bring either my baby or my pump. I missed the pre-registration deadline in the midst of exams & papers. I am just concerned to wait in a long line, and my baby needs to eat. Will the room have chair to sit? Any suggestion?

    • Hi Fengyi, I remember those days! Fortunately, most of the people at the sale are women, and will be able to empathize with the need to nurse or pump. There are not really too many chairs around. Many people sit on the floors around the border of the sale to sort through their items, to determine what they want to keep and what they want to discard. You might be able to nurse or pump in this area, or you may even want to talk to the ladies working at the sale, to see if there is a more private area where you can go.

  27. Hey Ladies,

    Once you have registered I know it’s good for the whole sale, but how do you get back in? Do you need a ticket for each day you want to go?

  28. Marilyn says:

    Six of us drove to Fort Wayne Friday for the sale. One of the girls had been there last year and that Friday at 10 am she said they had no problems. That was why we decided to make the trip from south of Dayton, Ohio to the sale in Fort Wayne.

    Yesterday the line to get into the building we were told would be a three and a half hour wait when we arrived at 11:30am. We heard that if you come back between 1-3pm the line would be smaller, at least a woman there Friday said because she was also there on Thursday.

    We went to lunch and at 2pm drove back and the line was longer then it was at 11:30.

    We decided to forget this year and perhaps next year….or perhaps not.

    Sure wish there was one of their outlet shops further south.

    If you go wear GOOD SHOES and prepare to stand but more important HAVE FUN.

    Since a couple women had