Spring 2009 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale Price List

Hey everyone! I have had several people request that I post the Spring 2009 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale price list. I just returned home from the sale, and I have to say, the prices are great! As always, I’m sure they will be marked down even more as the sale progresses, but there are some really good deals, even on day one!

One more thing, I do have some pictures and other information about the sale that I want to share with you. Look for another post from me later today, and of course, if you have any questions or want to make a comment about the sale, feel free to leave a quick note.

Anyway, enough chit chat. Here’s the price list…


Amy $12
Baby Bag $45
Backpack (all sizes) $35
Backsack $18
Betsy $35
Bitty Betsy $12
Bowler $27
Bucket Tote $23
Cargo Sling $32
Curvy Tote $20
Handbag $20
Hannah $18
Hipster $18
Hobo $20
Katie $13
Large Tic Tac Tote $23
Libby $23
Lindsay $23
Little Betsy $18
Lola $13
Maggie $18
Messenger $32
Metro $32
Mini Hipster $15
Molly $15
Morgan $30
On The Go $23
Sherry $13
Small Tic Tac Tote $18
Tall Zip Tote $28
Tie Tote $24
Tote $22
Vera $36
Villager $34


Bow Cosmetic-Large $11
Bow Cosmetic-Medium $9
Bow Cosmetic-Small $9
Cosmetic-Large & Grande $11
Cosmetic-Medium $9
Cosmetic-Small $9
Belts $4
Brush & Pencil Case $9
Cell Phone Case $4
Checkbook Cover $9
Clip Zip ID $4
Clutch Wallet $13
Coin Purse $8
Cool Keeper $9
Curling Iron Cover $9
Ditty Bag $13
Eyeglass Cases $8
Hanging Organizer $20
Jewelry Case $14
Mini Zip Wallet $9
Out to Lunch $12
Paperback Cover $4
Pocket Wallet $9
Purse Cosmetic $11
Readers Case $4
Tech Case $10
Travel Cosmetic $18
Travel Organizer $5
Tune Case $5
Umbrella $12
Wristlet $10
Wallet with Strap $20
Zip Around Wallet $13
Zip ID Case $4


Adjustable Shoulder Bag $30
Shoulder Bag $30
Chain Link Handbag $40
Commuter Tote $60
Margie $20
Oh Baby Bag $50
Overnighter $60
Patchwork Coin $9
Patchwork Wristlet $9
Pleated Bowler $40
Pleated Tote $40
Tie Front Satchel $40
Tie Front Shoulder Bag $30
Ultimate Wallet $20


Duffel – Small $42
Duffel – Large $45
Garment Bag $52
Luggage Tag $2
Miller Bag $40
Satchel $40
Super Tote $32
Weekender $50


Beach Towels $15
Cookbook $20
Daughter’s Apron $15
Golf Glove $4
Napkin $2
Pet Collars & Leashes $4
PJ’s – Pants & Shorts $10
Placemat $5
Silk Scarf $5
Slippers w/ Pouch $6
Sunglasses $35
T-shirts $4


Most of the Vera Bradley stationary items were marked down approximately 50%. There was a good selection today (Wednesday), including note cards, photo albums, folders, notebooks, and more – however, they were selling quickly, so I’m not sure what will be left later in the week.


Several miscellaneous items are not included on this list, because there were limited quantities. For example, I purchased a black microfiber city tote for $20.00 (regular $90.00!). There were only about a dozen of them available. I also picked up an adorable keychain for $1.00. It looks a miniature Frankly Scarlet backpack, and it even zips open so it can hold change or other odds and ends. At a dollar each, I’m sure they will disappear fast.

There were also tables set up with Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer items, including caps, visors and t-shirts for $15 and sweatshirts for $38. Also, they are giving away a beautiful handmade Hope Garden quilt. I will post pictures soon, but entry for the giveaway only required a $2.00 donation to the Foundation.

Finally, they had a few tables with items from the Baekgaard Collection. These included colorful leather handbags and and accessories for women, and business cases and accessories for men. I didn’t look at the selection too closely, but I did notice it’s a bit more expensive than the Vera Bradley products.

I hope this Spring 2009 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale price list is helpful!


  1. Thanks!!

  2. Could you give us a little idea on what patterns they had available, much appreciated!

  3. How efficient was the barcodes upon entering?? Did they seem to scan or did it take a long time for people to enter?

  4. Thanks! Looking forward to another post from you today!

  5. so excited about attending Saturday!! I am also curious about pattern selections at the sale. How much should the prices drop by Saturday? Thanks :0)

  6. Leaving at 6am tomorrow morning and I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonite! We have about three hours to drive. Thanks for the info!

  7. Did they remove the tags at checkout? That does make it hard to give as a gift if there isn’t a tag on it.

  8. Hi Paula,

    They did not remove any tags when I checked out, but my purchases were under $100…

  9. Has anyone seen the Laptop carrier at the sale?

  10. has anyone seen price list from today?

  11. Hi Tracy,

    I saw a couple styles of laptop bags there – or totes that could be used for that purpose. A local radio station, 95.1, is reporting from the sale – around noon today they reported that nothing had been marked down yet. Of course, by now, that might have changed…

  12. i really would like to know says:

    so how is the barcode working out………. do you still see people buying in bulk???

  13. A friend and I happened to be there this afternoon around 4:30-5:00 when they announced the first 6 items to be marked down. Super deals which included the Curvy Tote, $20 down to $10; Little Betsy, $18 down to $10; Belts, $4 down to $2; Purse Cosmetic, $11 down to $3. I can’t recall what the other two were right now. I wanted an umbrella and they said they were out of those yesterday and wouldn’t have any more. They were also out of the Curling Iron Covers.

  14. @ i really would like to know: Yes, I did see some people buying in bulk. It looks like they are dragging their family members along to increase their buying limit. However, the majority of people are just going for the fun of it – I suppose it’s really no different than prior years.

    @ Linda: Thanks for the update!

  15. Spring/Summer of 2009 – there was a transparent beach tote and lotion bag. Could you tell me names of these items and if you have them? If they are available to order on the web, please send me a link.
    Thank you!