The 2011 Vera Bradley Quilt

I was just on Twitter and came across the picture of the Vera Bradley quilt that will be on display at this year’s outlet sale. One of a kind and handmade from the beautiful Twirly Birds Pink pattern, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I have posted a picture of it below, so make sure you check it out…

I believe the drawing for the quilt will be in June. It usually costs a dollar or two to enter your name for the drawing, but it’s well worth it, considering all the proceeds benefit the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

This year, there will also be a drawing for an adorable playhouse. The playhouse was donated by Window, Doors & More, a home improvement company here in Fort Wayne, and features a handpainted mural by local muralist Deb Miner. Proceeds from this drawing will also benefit the Foundation.

Of course, I couldn’t help but play a little “I Spy” when looking at the quilt picture. Based on this snapshot, the setup of this year’s outlet sale looks very similar to previous years. I spy a table of t-shirts (based on their close proximity to the quilt, I am guessing they are Foundation tees), tables of microfiber bags and totes on the left, and way over on the right, the color-coded balloons that help us manuever our way around the sale. I also spy some signature pattern bags, but I can’t tell what colors or styles they are.

Here is another “I Spy” picture – this is a photo of large duffels that the outlet team from Vera Bradley posted on Plixi about 23 hours ago.

Let me know what you “spy” in this picture. Also, leave a comment letting me know what you think of this year’s Vera Bradley quilt, and whether you plan to enter the drawing – and if so, how many times, so I know what kind of competition I’m up against!


  1. Did they have any pajama bottoms or rolling luggage at the sale?

  2. Leah, They did have rolling luggage. I don’t remember seeing any pj bottoms though.

  3. Do you know the dimensions of this quilt? It is beautiful. I have flat fold fabric of a Vera Bradley pattern that I want to make into a quilt for my grand daughter and this pattern would be great!

  4. Do you know where I can purchase fabric? I am looking for yardage of Petal Pink. I need about 6-7 yards.