Vera Bradley Outlet Sale Registration – Spring 2009

Hey everyone, I recently registered for the Vera Bradley Spring 2009 Outlet Sale. It’s relatively quick and painless. Here are a few more details if you are thinking of doing the advance online registration…

The fee to do this is $5.00 per person. Only one registration per individual will be accepted. It’s good for the entire five days of the sale, whether you plan to attend once or to attend multiple times.

Registrants must be 14 years of age or older, although children younger than fourteen can attend the sale. Actually, anyone (registered or not) can attend the sale. However, only those people who are registered can make purchases.

To avoid lines at the Outlet Sale, you may want to consider registering in advance. This can be done online by visiting:

PLEASE NOTE: Online registration is no longer available, but according to the Vera Bradley website, there is registration available on site at the Allen County Memorial Coliseum during the sale.

Step five of the pre-registration process does allow you to sign up other attendees. At this step, you will see your name (that you just entered), as well as a button that states “Add Additional Person”. This will take you to a screen where you can add their information. You will need their full name, address, age range (i.e. 35-44), and e-mail address.

The final step of the online process will generate a barcode for each registered individual. Make sure you have ink and paper for your printer, because you will need to print this barcode and take it with you the sale. It will be checked against your identification at the the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, which is scheduled from April 29, 2009 through May 3, 2009, at the Allen County Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Vera Bradley Company has a few incentives for those who do participate in advance registration:

  • a gift at checkout
  • a coupon for $10 off your purchase of $50 or more (valid only on Friday, May 1)
  • e-mails regarding special deals during the sale
  • coupons for other Fort Wayne area vendors

Overall, the Vera Bradley outlet sale advance registration process was rather easy. It took only a few minutes. I also signed up my mom, and can confirm that the “add additional person” feature was simple to use.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below. Due to time constraints, I do not always get around to answering emails on a timely basis, so it’s better to leave a comment here to get my attention – that way anyone else that has the same question will also have it answered too! Also, even if I do not know the answer, maybe one of our other visitors will be able to help…


  1. Connie Knapp says:

    looking for some help. i did not receive an e-mail after registering but I have printed the barcode. Was wondering if it was due to me making an error when trying to register someone else and i think my name went twice. Is there any way for me to check to see if I am registered?

  2. Hi Connie, I’m sorry I’m a little late with a reply. Hopefully, you have received your confirmation email by now, but if you still have not received it, I would recommend calling Vera Bradley’s customer service department at (888) 855-VERA.

  3. Marlene P. says:

    I registered for the Sale and I also did not receive a confirmation email after registering? $5.00 was taken from my account three times as I added two more people to attend plus myself. Please send me the email confirmation and the coupons when you find my registration. We are looking for a Great time this year at your Spring Outlet Sale

    Thank You, Marlene P.

  4. Hi Marlene,

    You will want to contact the Vera Bradley customer service department at (888) 855-VERA. I’m not actually affiliated with their company – I just like to chit chat a lot about them here on this website!

  5. Barbara Unger says:

    I very much like to be at the outlet sale and to use Vera Bradley purses.

  6. I have been trying to register all morning long. The first time, the site took all my infomation, then said it was to busy.
    Now the site won’t even let you on.

    Has this been a problem for anyone else?


  7. Janice Hull says:

    I have completed the first 2 pages twice and then it comes up they are busy and to try later. Why doesn’t it
    go through when I complete 2 pages. Janice Hull

  8. WHAT A PAIN !!!!

  9. I have been trying to register for three days and still cannot get through. The message I receive says they will extend the deadline to Friday, but I’m concerned I won’t get registered by then.

  10. i cannot get through either i only got to step one and try to click next and it comes back busy as bees… and well i only got that far 3 times compared to the probably 15 or 20 times i couldnt get through at all. does someone know if we could call to register? getting a little worried myself that i wont get to go!

  11. Glenda Davis says:

    Vera Bradley bags are the only bags that I carry. I absolulely love them!

  12. Hi! I was having the same problem registering as everyone else. If you get the busy as bees…message, keep hitting your refresh button until it goes to the next step. I had to do it after each step (sometimes 7 or 8 times) but I was finally able to complete the process. Good luck!

  13. Earlene Smith says:

    I am trying to register on-line? Is there something wrong with the website?


  15. Shana, no you cant register on line because I tryed.Sorry

  16. Ladies, they have extended their registration to midnight Saturday. If you follow the directions I gave above, it will work. You just have to be deligent and keep hitting your refresh button. You can also register at the sale.

  17. im still at it 6 hrs later an still nothing.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I too have tried numerous times to register online. It now says the deadline is open until midnight Sunday. Since I am driving 2 hours to get there I am hopeful registration will be available on site as posted since the online option is not working. Maybe next year they will have the bugs worked out!

  19. I too was having problems registering but someones advice about hitting the refresh button worked and I WAS able to register. So just keep hitting refresh!

  20. elizabeth fansler says:

    trying to register not having any success

  21. It sounds like there are definitely some bugs in their system. If you were unable to preregister online, I do know that they are taking registrations at the sale. I know – it’s just one more line I’m sure no one wants to wait in, but hopefully it will move along quickly. I guess we will find out more later this week!

  22. If anyone is going to the sale on Wednesday, could you please post the price list and what colors they have this year? Thank you very much, and happy shopping!!

  23. Hi Shannon,

    I will be posting the price list tomorrow. Are there any particular colors or styles you are wanting? If so, I will keep an eye out for them when I go…

  24. Dawn,
    As far as colors I like just about everything that has come out in the last year. I am going on Friday, I would like to get a baby bag for sure, other than that I usually just wait and see what is a great deal. Thank you very much for posting a price list! I really appreciate it… Sooooo excited for the sale!!!

  25. i have also been trying to register but with no luck i guess i will just have to wait !!! is anyone going today that can post pictures or prices and colors i would like to have an idea of what theey have before i go thanks

  26. also if we were planning on pre registering for the sale to get coupons and the other goodies how will that work at the sale?

  27. I can’t wait to see what all they have this year! My friend is coming from out of town tomorrow to go with me. I hope they still have some items in the newer patterns available when we get there. :) Happy shopping everyone!!!

  28. Shannon,

    I’m working on typing up the price list right now, although I can tell you that the baby bags were $45 and the microfiber oh baby bags for $50. By Friday, they may be marked down even more. Today (Wednesday), there was a good selection of 2008 fabric patterns available.

  29. KC,

    It look like the registration process at the sale was moving fairly quickly. They had a little spot off to the right before you go into the sale where you can register. It did not look like there were many people waiting over there when I went into the sale. I’m not sure about the coupons, etc. When you get there, you may want to mention the problems you had and maybe they will do something to make up for it. I will keep my fingers crossed for you – let us know how it goes…

  30. Sooo excited!!! Thanks!!!!

  31. Can anyone let me know when registration will begin for the 2010 outlet sale? Thanks!

    • Hi Andrea,

      I have not heard anything yet about registration, but as soon as I do, I will post it!

  32. Please do pass along any information you may receive regarding pre-registration. Thanks!! :-)